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Put YouTube Video Playlist in Blog.

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You can put a YouTube video in your blog posts. You can also use Google Video in your blog posts. Recently Blogger introduced two new Page Elements - the Newsreel and the Video Bar. Today we will see how to put a YouTube Video Playlist in your blog post.........


First you will have to create a video playlist. To do this login to your YouTube account. Then if you have your own videos upload them to YouTube. For this click on My Account link at the top. Your email address will be confirmed before you are allowed to upload videos.

If you want to show other videos in your blog enter the subject description in the search box. Forexample I wanted to show a playlist of Blogger videos so I entered "Blogger" in the search box and hit Enter. You will get a list of videos tagged as 'Blogger' in the Playlist box at the right. See picture below :

Right click the videos you want to include in your playlist and choose 'Open in New Window/Tab'. The video will open in a New Window and start playing. Next below the video is a link 'Add to Favorites'. See the bottom arrow in the above picture. Click ti 'Add to Favorites' link and the bottom part will expand to show "Add Video To a Playlist". Click down arrow besides 'Select a Playlist' and then click on 'Create New Playlist'. See Picture below :

Name your playlist and select OK. Your playlist will appear under the Playlists column. Click on the playlist name and it will open in new window/tab with all your videos in it. Select all the code in the box under 'Embeddable Player' and copy it. See picture below

Click on picture above to enlarge it.


Login to your Blogger Dashboard and click on +New Post. In Post editor click on Edit Html tab and paste the playlist code there. Then click Publish at bottom. See the Blogger Playlist below. You can select which video to see by clicking on that video frame in the right playlist and it will play in the player.

Click on the arrow at the bottom of the playlist column to scroll the videos upwards. Click on a frame to select that video and then click the play button in the player window to play the video.


PaulFXH said...

Thanks for this guide. I'm new to blogging have been trying to figure out how to include videos on my blog. This worked perfectly apart from one problem.
If I click on the second of the two videos in the playlist on my blog, the video just keeps playing over and over.
Is there any way to stop this?

vin said...

What is your blog url? For detailed help use the email address in the left column.

blogger enthusiast said...

Hi Vin,

You have nice navigation tabs on top of your blog. How did you create that?

vin said...

blogger enthusiast,
Take a look at CSS Navigation Tabs in this post :
Post Book in Blogger

Ellen said...

Hi There. I am having trouble viewing my blog it doesnt load and I cant see it but I can see the two other blobs I linked to it. Do you know why one out of three blogs would not be loading. Hope I am not annoying you!

vin said...

What is the blog url? You can use my email address in the left column for more detailed help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the EZ instructions. Is there a templet or EZ way to set up the upper tag navigation?


IceRyder said...

I want to use the rss feed URL for my playlist... how do I find it? or do you know how to create it?



vin said...

Why do you want a RSS feed url for the playlist? Use my email address in the left column for detailed help.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to put a YouTube video on my blog and it's not a video that I've made. How do I do that on Blogspot?

vin said...


If the video has an embed code next to it as shown in post above just paste that in your blog post.

Marty said...

How does one reduce the size of uploaded video in posts? It takes up too much real estate.

Vin said...


Check if the code has width and height parameters.

Anonymous said...

Nice tip! I am going to try this soon. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I tried it. It works nice, but sadly, the player lost the full screen button!

Vin said...


Try increasing width of blog.

Biết KHÔNG said...

I discovered this code by accident, which keeps the full screen button. Just replace the player ID with yours - the segment between "p/" and "&amp" The comment form did not allow my embed tag to publish. Vin, if you are interested, you can email me to get the code for others to see.

Also, Youtube have changed its format. So in order to get the embed code, I have to go to my playlist in my Youtube account, click on "play all". Then in the new window, at the right column, click on the name of the playlist. A new window will appear with the embed code.

Vin said...

Mai Trâm,

Thanks! Check your inbox. :-)


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