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Technorati Authority and Top Tags Widgets.

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Technorati has introduced a new index for blogs : Authority. Previously Technorati ranking was based on the number of incoming links from other blogs. The interface of the home page at Technorati has also been changed. Probably due to the immensely popular 'You fave me I fave you' meme going round in the blogosphere now the 'Favorited by' link is no longer prominently displayed on the home page..........


The Technorati Authority Index now appears first under the blog name. To check your ranking and authority you need to first claim your blog at Technorati. Then when you click onyour bloglink at Technorati OR type this inyour addressbar :

Replace BLOG_URL by the link to your blog minus 'http://'. My BLOG_URL would be :

You will get your authority in the green bar (See Picture below) :

At first glance Authority appears to replace the old 'Number of Blogs linking to your blog' index but further clarification is still awaited. The bigger the number the better is your 'Authority' since it means that more blogs are linking to your blog. Your Rank is the other way around : The lesser the number means better rank since it means that many blogs are ahead of your blog in the number of other blogs linking to them.


You can add the Technorati Authority widget to your blog's sidebar. Login to Dashboard and click on Layout. Click 'Add Page Element' link in the sidebar section. Choose Html/Javascript option and paste the following code there and save :

<a href=""
class="tr_authority_t_js" style="color:#4261DF">
View blog authority

Replace BLOG_URL in the same manner as before. It will take some time before it appears. See Picture below :


Here is an easy way to add a Label Cloud for your blog. This is by using the Technorati Top Tags Cloud. In the New Blogger all labels already have the rel='tag' attribute in their links which makes them act as Technorati tags. You can use this to set up a label cloud simply by adding the following code in a Html/Javascript Page Element :

<script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>
<a class="tr_tagcloud_t_js" style="color:#4261DF"
View blog top tags</a>

Replace BLOG_URL in the same manner. See the Technorati Top Tag Cloud at the end of this post. See picture below :


Anonymous said...

i have faved u in technorati..


my friend,

thanks for every thing that you have done for dummies like me.

i have some problem about technorati about my blog .
which is link by othr blogs or with other webs but in technorati authority there is no (0)authority.
showing can you plz solve this problem.
in the other side i have anthor blog has authority.
plz suggest


vin said...

If you go to :
you will see that your blog has 18 links to it. My guess is that you will need more links to increase your authority. To increase traffic to your blog see :
Methods To Increase Traffic

Unknown said...

Hey, I've faved your blog at technorati and would like the same in return :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello ;
my name is Grteaand im from Germany, more exactly Berlin .
Now i "found" your Blog and i will start q small question . maybee youfind some time for that and give me a feeback via email ?

ok - my question is :
How can i "deleted" the BLUE blogger banner in the head in my blog .
take a look .

i dont know where the code in my template . . .

i hope you know what i mean .

vin said...

Take a look at :
Navbar in Blogger Beta


Hi vin thanks for your answer.
i have tried as you have said in older post.
what i am curious about is there are 18 links to my blog but in my blogs rank(or authority)is still '0'.

i remember, In one post you said that even 1 link connected to your blog is make big difference (about 35%) and here i have links in my blog but does not show in Technorati Authority widget .
plz help me , may be now you understand what i mean

vin said...

dzi beads,
That post was about the old system. Since then Technorati has introduced the new Authority Index. The difference I had shown occurs in Technorati Rank.

Unknown said...

Congrats again on your great blog! I already posted on my blog my excitement on discovering it
Keep up the good work…

Vin, thank you for another excellent tip (on how to create tag clouds)
I was excited and I applied it on my blog and in the beginning worked fine…
Then I tugged more of my older posts, but –to my dismay, those new tags failed to appear on the tag cloud!
I decided to wait for a day, in case Technorati has some delay in the refreshing, but still no new tags!!
I pinged Technorati in hope, but again nothing…
I went in the Layout Dashboard and deleted the widget, saved the new layout and then again re-inserted the widget… but yet again nothing!!

Any words of wisdom?

vin said...


Try this other method also :

timeforu said...

Hey vin,
This is a great site and I have learned alot. I have added you as a fav. on technorati. wondering if you could return the favor, I also posted a link on my site to you. Keep up the great work. Have a great day.

vin said...


Which blog do you want me to add to my favorites?

timeforu said...

Vin Your Awesome!! the one I want is
Thanks again for faving me in technorati

Gaurav Maheshwar said...

i am a regular reader of ur blog & ur blog helped me a lot.

i hv one question - in my technorati, NO AUTHORITY is showing, what can i do to add authority.

i hav already added 3 blogs to my fav . u & me exchanged technorati fav.

how to increase authority

Vin said...


To increase authority you have to get backlinks from other blogs. Also see :

Backlnks Chart in Technorati.

Paras said...

hi,hw much time will it take to appear on my blog:...thanx

Vin said...


At the moment what is your blog authority? :-)

Paras said...

its 0 :( ...hw do i increase it??

Vin said...


When high ranking sites in the same subject that your blog deals with quote your blog and link to it your blog authority increases.

For this you have to add original and useful content which attracts attention from other bloggers in your field.

Candice DeVille said...

With my authority being 2, how long will it take for the Top Tags to appear? Also, do you recommend using this in place of the blogger label list if I am looking for something more dynamic?

Vin said...

Super Kawaii Mama,

Technorati Authority depends on how many backlinks you have got from other blogs. It is not related to your labels.

You can use the Blogger Label widget and your labels will still be indexed by Technorati since the rel=tag is present on them.

The Label Cloud widget just shows your viewer at a glance what are the most talked about subjects/topics in your blog.

Candice DeVille said...

Thanks Vin. For some reason, I keep getting that message that technorati has no tags at this time for my blog. Any idea why this is or how I fix it? (I've asked their help site too but haven't heard yet.)

Vin said...

Super Kawaii Mama,

You have two blogs listed in your profile. Which of these are you referring to?

Candice DeVille said...

Sorry. I want to get it working for the Super Kawai Mama blog, I use the other one to test out all these widgets before I put them up live.

Vin said...

Super Kawaii Mama,

I can see your post when I go to :

It takes time for indexing. You can hasten process by pinging Technorati at :

Fresh Writer said...

I've followed all top tags widget procedures on you blog, but it's failed. The message was as follows: "we do not currently have tag for this blog"

See the message in my blog at:

What's the problem? could you help me to fix it? I really like the top tags widgets.


Vin said...

Fresh Writer,

Your code is :

<script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>
<a style="color:#4261DF" href="" class="tr_tagcloud_t_js">
View blog top tags</a>


<script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>
<a style="color:#4261DF" href="" class="tr_tagcloud_t_js">
View blog top tags</a>

Fresh Writer said...

I have revised as per your advice.
However, the result is remained the same :(

Why does the top tags widgets not work on my blog? Please help me....

Vin said...

Fresh Writer,

You have only four posts! Create more posts and tags.

You can see the tag cloud in the sidebar on this page.

Fresh Writer said...


I think I will delete the widget, and put it in the future when I have lot of posts :)

Your blog is great, the best for newbie and dummies! lol

GOP Mike said...

Hi: My new blog is a blogger blog...

I have signed up for tecnorati, claimed my blog, pinged it several
times, have at least 11 links to me when I do a google blogsearch or
yahoo link search...

When I search for my blog in technorati using my tags, sometimes it
shows sometimes it doesn't... My post show up under my claimed blog
but still after 2 weeks - No Authority....

Can someone please tell me if I am doing something wrong....

I have the technorati widget in my blog, I no there are links to me
but I can't figure out why I still have zero authority...

Thanks for any help you can give...


Vin said...

GOP Mike,

Authority not only depends on how many are linking to you but also their own authority as well!

Do not worry too much about authority and page rank. Concentrate on adding more content and building up your traffic.

It is the traffic which delivers the daily bread! :-)

GOP Mike said...


Thanks for the quick response....

Your site is great - the best source on the web to learn about blogging....

I am working on creating great content everyday and will use your tips in the future and recommend your site to all the other bloggers I am networking with...

As far as the authoriy is concerned, I am just perplexed as to why my posts are indexed, I know of 11 links to my site and still no authority...

Just wanted to make sure I did not do anything wrong....


Vin said...

GOP Mike,

shows 0 reactions to your blog. This means that the blogs linking to you have not been indexed by Technorati OR their links are the NOFOLLOW types.

In the second case you can do nothing. In the first case get the permalinks of those posts which contain link/s to your blog. Then ping those posts at Technorati.

Online Information Blog said...

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