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The Ultimate Blogger Wordpress Comparison Guide.

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Beginners to blogging are attracted to the two platforms : Blogger and Wordpress as both are free. They are however confused as to which one to choose? To help them I have compiled a feature by feature comparison of the two blogging platforms. This is not to decide which is superior but to provide a comparison so that bloggers with different needs may choose between them............


I have not included since that is a software which you have to install and hence is different from Blogger and where all the work is done for you behind the scenes.

The fourth column "What It Means" explains the significance of each difference in the features of both. You will have to scroll the spreadsheet horizontally to see it.

You can make your decision based on what features you require. I have refrained from giving 'points' or a total 'score' as that is not the point of this exercise. Both have their pros and cons and I only wish beginners to make an informed decision before stepping into the blogging world.


Here is a comparison in Google Trends for the terms 'Blogger' and 'Wordpress'. See picture below : Click picture to enlarge :

Note that Wordpress started at rock Bottom in 2003 and has managed to cut in front of Blogger by early 2007. On the other hand when we compare '' and '' this is what we get :

Here Blogger is the clear leader and looks a pale imitation of its bigger brother : Wordpress.


Geoffrey Philp said...

This was a great post. Thanks!

Joseph said...

Very helpful.

Difficult to read, as 3rd column is not showing unless you drag it out.

Sam said...

I like Blogger. May be we can expect more features in Blogger soon

Rangan Badri said...

What a timing! I was about to ask you which would be ideal.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I DO need this post's information, but trying to read it on a 17" screen is just about impossible! Your right column is far too wide, and your center column far too narrow! Also, there is far too much flashiness while trying to load - remember that people who use a FREE blog template and service would probably be operating on dial-up because of cost, so you need to get down and dirty and tidy up your site. Otherwise, you posts and information to help Bloggers is really valuable!


ShellyS said...

I have many Blogger blogs and one blog. I do not use Haloscan. Blogger sends me notifications for all comments, ones for moderation and notices of comments on the blog without moderation. also has comment moderation and automatic spam control. I should get notices but rarely do and the spam control isn't perfect.

BTW, I have a widescreen monitor and couldn't see the whole post. I don't think readers should have to click and expand or whatever to read something. Bloggers should make things as easy as possible for readers. You could have made it a graphic, posted the smaller version, then linked to the larger one. You could have used a smaller font and abbreviations to make it fit your post width. With a 3-column template, the posts should have enough room. Posts are typically more important to readers than sidebars.

vin said...

Hi Shelly,

What I wanted was a list I could add to if I discovered new things which wouldn't have been possible with a graphic. But you and all the others are right. I will try and find a better template with wider posts. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great post.

I guess Blogger has made several changes since you made this post but there are some corrections I want to points out.

COMMENT NOTIFICATION Yes. But not automatic. you need to put in your email add.
BACKUP Yes. Automatically now.

Anonymous said...

i definitely like the adsense feature on blogger. It made my blog look better and with all the affiliate program that available around for blogger, i can still participate using blogger. I can never do that if i use wordpress unless i get my own domain name. But i think blogger should make a move now and improve their weaknesses such inability to use timestamps which i feel really attractive if it available for blogger user.

L8o said...

Thanks for the helpful comparison post, Vin. One quick question:

- Is that 300mb for pictures 'per page' or 'per post'?

- You said '1mb per page': that published text content, or does it include the background code? ..And is it 'per post', 'per post page', or 'per what appears to be, on a photoblog showing say 50 posts at a time, to be one blog page'?

I'd like to know how to tell whether I've reached my maximums, and wonder if hanging load performance might be an indicator.

Thanks again,

vin said...


Have a look at :

Anonymous said...

Wordpress now has a sticky post function. It's easy to use.Just simply check the box "Stick this post to front page".

Also, Wordpress you can use a password to lock up a particular post(if you don't want it private), which is something not availiable in Wordpress.

For those who love to play around with the Design of the blog, I would suggest Blogger. As for those who want to keep some post private or password protect a particular post at times(more personal to yourself), wordpress would be a better choice. (:

Vin said...


Have the best of both worlds. Eat your cake and keep it too!

See How to have a Wordpress blog and a Blogger blog on same domain!

Rose said...

great post, great chart - (I copied it into mail and was able to read the full columns)

I'd note that Blogger has recently added future publishing (use it all the time), comments notification, and import posts.

I have both, created a duplicate wordpress blog which I import blogger posts into periodically, just in case blogger ceases to exist (the perils of using a free service)... maybe it is like the Mac/PC thing, but I like Blogger alot better. Much more user friendly, I feel like I have a lot more design flexibility...

Wordpress has a couple of advantages - the most useful is that each comment comes to you with the IP address, email address and optional url attached, so you know exactly who made each comment, don't have to guess and extrapolate using counters and visitor paths. This is useful in controversial political blogs. Of course the IP doesn't tell you the actual name, and the email address submitted can be phony, but it would be nice if Blogger added that someday.

In Wordpress, you can also edit comments - correct typos or take out bad language and leave the rest of the comment. This of course brings with it a great deal of responsibility and could be misused in the wrong hands.

In Wordpress you can block people by IP.

Being able to upload pdfs is nice, but I use scribd and it works great.

Much as I like those features, I still prefer Blogger.

And, re: spam control - I think I have only had 5 or 6 total spam comments posted by bots - and word verification puts a stop to that if it is a problem. So I really don't understand the HUGE numbers of supposedly blocked spam comments Wordpress claims (thousands and thousands).

Again, THANKS for this post, I have wondered what the side by sides would show.

Both a re continually making improvements, and I am very very grateful for the free service I am able to take advantage of.

Vin said...


Thanks for visiting. You are right about those Wordpress features and I am sure The Blogger Team will be adding them to Blogger one by one.

Best to have Wordpress and Blogger both like I have at :

Kaye said...

if blogger compared to, then I would have to choose Blogger. But if compared to, I would have to choose Wordpress.

Vin said...


That is because Blogger charges only 10$ for Custom Domains while charges more and also for CSS styling which is free in

Metadata Removal said...

Very Well Comparison between blogger & Wordpress. Thanks Sharing information.


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