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10 Quick Tips for Smarter Blogging.

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Here are some tips and tricks I have amassed during my blogging forays. Many of them are too small to make a single post by themselves so I have put them all together in this post. I will also be adding to them as I discover new ones so make sure to bookmark this page. Also do not be surprised if you get this post repeatedly in your feed as Blogger sends out a new feed every time a post is updated......


The URL/PERMALINK of your posts contains the first four or five words of your post title. So make sure that you include the main keywords of your post in the first four or five words of the title so that when the search engines crawl your blog they are included in the index. The Permalink is the link of your post by which it can be accessed in a browser. It is different from your blog link.


Blogger now has a facility to upload image in the header directly. However your image after uploading may appear off-center. To center your image in the header resize the width of the image to fit the size of the header.
You have to resize the image in a image editor on your PC and then reupload it to your blog header. Use a free program like Irfanview for this. Google for it to download and install it.
To find the width of the header go to Template------>Edit Html and scroll down to the header or header-wrapper code and look for the width parameter. If not there look for outer-wrapper and see it's width. It is denoted in pixels (px). It will look something like this :

#outer-wrapper {
width: 965px;


Your Archives widget in the sidebar shows the latest posts first. If you want to show the oldest posts first click Edit link in Blog Archive widget in page element subtab of Template tab and deselect (uncheck) the option to show oldest posts first.


To show your post titles in your Archives click Edit link in Blog Archive widget in page element subtab of Template tab and select (check) the Hierarchy option. The post titles are not shown in the other two options. The latest month post titles are shown and the other months titles are available on clicking the expand arrow next to the month.


When you started the blog you selected your keywords. Do not make a post containing all these keywords. Instead put one keyword in one post and use associated (sub)keywords in it. This will help you to make your posts detailed and focussed on one subject.


There is no way you can prevent copying on the Internet. Even if you disable right-click people copy from the source code of the page or by pressing the Print Screen key on the keyboard and then pasting into Paint program. To prevent copying DO NOT PUT PERSONAL OR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION on the Internet. Use thumbnail images instead of full sized images. Put a watermark on your images using Irfanview - a free image editor.


There is no limit to the number of widgets you can add in your blog. However most Blogger templates have a built in limit. To get around this limit go to Edit Html subtab ofTemplate tab and scroll down in Tenplate box till you see the widget code line with the maxwidgets=x parameter. There is one such line in each section : Header, Sidebars, Main column and Footer of your blog. It looks like this :

<b:section class='main' id='main' maxwidgets='2' showaddelement='yes'>

Change the number of maxwidgets to whatever you want and save template. You can now switch to Page Elements tab and click the 'Add Page Element'ink to add more widgets in that section.


Most Blogger templates do not have the ability to add widgets or page elements in the header or the footer. This is because they do not have the "'showaddelement='yes'" line in their section. To do this go to Edit Html subtab of Template tab and add this line in that section like this :

<b:section class='footer' id='footer' maxwidgets='2' showaddelement='yes'>

Save Template and switchto Page Elements tab. You will now see an 'Add Page Element' link in the footer. You can click that link to add more widgets to the footer.


Some bloggers would like to do away with the blog header altogether to make their blog stand out. Blogger templates make it difficult to do so because if you click Edit link in the header section of The Page Elements subtab of Template tab there is no 'Remove' link in the popup window. To restore that link go to Edit Html subtab of Template tab and scroll down to the header code :

<b:widget id='Header1' locked='true' title='MY BLOG. (Header)' type='Header'/>

Change locked='true' to locked='false' in the above code and save template. Then switch to Page Elements tab and click Edit link in Header. You will now see a 'Remove' link in the popup window. Clicking that will enable you to remove the title widget altogether.


As we have seen before Blogger does not give you the ability to add a static page like the Profile page. Wordpress has this advantage. There is a workaround for this. Go to Settings----->Archiving------>Enable Post Pages----->Yes------->Save Settings. This gives each post you make it's own separate page. So now to create a new page just create a new post by clicking on +New Post on the Dashboard.

This is not a very elegant solution. So another solution is to create your own account in Googlepages. It is free and you can have free space also for hosting your files (upto 500MB). Create a page there and put the link of that page in the sidebar of your blog.



thanks for tips
it's very help full tips for blogger like us..

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is very helpful.
Thank You so much for posting
this valubale tips.


Ginny said...

Great post, had a lot of great tips!

Anonymous said...

Its too bad that blogger doesn't have the profile page like wordpress, however I was wondering if its possible to have the new page not show up as a post to the blog and have it set up differently? I don't want to have to move to wordpress just because that option isn't available.

Vin said...


Have a look at :

Create New Pages In Blogger

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

how can i figure out my background banner



vin said...


What do you want to do exactly? Please provide more details.

Kaje said...

hi vin!

thank you for your reply to my email. i checked my html and didn't find any width parameter for my header, header wrapper or outer wrapper, as you noted above
:( should i just change my template altogether?

vin said...


You have the fluid width stretch template. Look for this code :

#header {
margin: 5px;
border: 0px solid #ffff00;
img-align: center;

Paste the code below immediately after the above code and preview :

#header-inner {width:850px;margin:0 auto;}

Save Template. Clear cache and view blog.

Kaje said...

super thank you! now I got it :) you're an angel vin :)

峖霓 said...

hi, 10q for your helpful article. i create the correct size of image and upload into header, but it end up like this, refer antan79.blogspot.com. may i know why? appreciate your reply. 10q very much.

Vin said...

峖霓 ,

I do not see any image in your header at all! Also see :

Honey, Blogger Shrunk my Header

峖霓 said...

Hi, I am sorry for removing it.
Here you are the header image on my blog, antan79.blogspot.com.
My image size is 847 x 240.
Fyi, I am using TicTac Blue template.
Appreciate your reply. 10s.

Vin said...


The problem is your blog has too many posts on Main page so it takes too long to load besides wasting ny precious bandwidth.

Go to Settings---->Formatting--->Show 4 posts on Main Page and save. Also turn off any music if you have any.

It just does not finish loading!

峖霓 said...

Too long to load? My company line consider the worst and slowest but still can load the page.
Nvm I changed to less posts per page and btw I don't have any music on my page.
Could you pls have a look again. 10s.

Vin said...

In your template code change this :

#header {
margin: 0;
padding-top: 25px;
padding-right: 60px;
padding-bottom: 35px;
padding-left: 160px;
color: #FFFFFF;
background: url(...) no-repeat bottom left;

Change only the padding-left from 160 to 55px. Preview and save template.

峖霓 said...

Hi, 10s. At least it displayed much more better now.
A question again, the header image, how to make it perfectly fit (the current one, the size decrease to center)?
You are helpful... :-)

Vin said...


Just increase or decrease the padding top and bottom numbers in the header code in my previous comment.

Everytime you change something click the Preview button to see the effect. Save when it is centered to your liking.

峖霓 said...

Hi 10s. Now the header position better.

azzul said...

hey vin, thanks for all the tips.i just started a blog and wanna make sure everything is ok b4 i start posting. on my header, there is a small space to the left which i am not able to remove. please help. here's the url: http://banattan.blogspot.com/


Vin said...


Add this code to CSS part of the template :

#header img {
width: 700px;
margin-left: 0px;

azzul said...

much thanks for the tip vin. tried it but small space still there, unless i placed it on the wrong part of the html. pls take a look. http://banattan.blogspot.com

thanks again!

Vin said...


Change this code :

#header-inner {
background: transparent url(http://www.blogblog.com/snapshot/header-01_left.gif) bottom left no-repeat;
_height: 0;

TO :

#header-inner {
_height: 0;

VK said...

Hey thanks a lot Vin..
I'd added this pic from my recent Himalayan trek, but it was not perfect... Thanks to your help, now it is! I loved the way it looks now..
Check out http://www.vinayak-k.blogspot.com

Thanks again! :-)

Pictures of Portugal said...

Great stuff. The first perfectly clear tutorial I have come across. my Pictures of Portugal

PJ said...

Thanks, Vin. There's so much to learn and you're a great resource with really useful information.

Allison's Blog Boutique said...

I love your blog...it is so helpful. I have a question,my blog is:

I have a jpg as my header and I have created another image that has such information as "home" "about me" etc. It is horizontal and I want each "tab" to be clickable to another page that is what it describes. "home" would take you back to my blog home page and "about me" to a page about me, etc.

I know how to add the image under the header but how do I make it so I can click on each individual part of the image and have it take me to the pages I want? Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Allison's Blog Boutique,

If you have a single image you can use Clickable Image Maps for Blogs to make parts of it link to other pages.

Or you can make separate image buttons to make CSS navigation links.

Jake and Julie said...


I would like to move the header description lower in my header box as some of the letters sit on top of part of my photo. Where in the code can I do this? http://nutaday.blogspot.com/


Vin said...

Three's Company,

In this code in your template :

#header .description {
margin:0 5px 5px;
padding:0 20px 15px;

Change the '0' in the padding line to '30px'. Click Preview to adjust.

Dee said...

I figured out another way to make static pages for my blogs. I create another blog using the same blog title with maybe a (.) or some other character. I give it the blogger URL of www.myblog2.blogspot.com or www.myblogabout.com. Then I can write my posts and link to them on my main blog. If I use #2 in the URL I can write as many static pages as I want and link them to my main blog as indivudual pages.

I don't know if this has any affect on PR but so far I've kept the same PR I had before doing this and it's been about 8 months now.

Vin said...


A static page is one which is not updated. At present in blogspot you can only make posts. Since each post is on its own page by default when you publish a post you create a page.

BUT it is not a truly static page.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Vin,

In this post you have given tips for protecting the copying of the images. How can one protect the contents on the blog from being copied. Please guide.

Vin said...


You cannot protect anything as it can always be copied from the page source. Do NOT put anything you do not want copied on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Vin,

You are right that one can copy from page soure. But it also contains all codes about template and a bit difficult to get the content from it than copying with right click of mouse. I understand that there is some javascript code by which we can protect copying by right click of mouse. What is your opinion. Please guide.


Vin said...


Try this code :

<script language='JavaScript1.2'>
function disableselect(e){
return false
function reEnable(){
return true
document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false")
if (window.sidebar){

Anonymous said...

Hallo Vin,


However, pl. guide me where should I place this code ?

Vin said...


Paste it between :



Anonymous said...

Hallo Vin,

I shall try it. Thanks.

Ryan Casey said...

Hi Vin,

Sorry to pester you since it looks like you get a lot of requests for help, but if you have a moment I have a quick one too. I've already try Google as best I could.

On my blog http://littleryanbigworld.blogspot.com/ I'd like to center the header image. Currently, there is a lot of white space to the left of the image.

Thanks Vin.


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