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Here is a very easy method to deliver your podcasts through Blogger feeds. There is no coding required. You will have to switch your blog feeds to full to take advantage of this method. Blogger does not allow you to edit your feeds but with Feedburner Smartcast you can overcome this difficulty............

A Podcast is a feed containing a audio/video/pdf file which you have published in your blog posts. The feed delivers these files to a client like iTunes which then starts downloading the file to your PC. You can then transfer them to your iPhone, iPod, PDAs, Cellphones so you can listen to them on the move.

The first step
is obviously to have your media file ready. You can create one using your PC's multimedia capabilities or even online at some sites over the telephone. After creating such a MP3/video file you have to upload it to a freehost and copy down it's link.

The second step is to create a new blog specifically for podcasting or use your present blog itself. After creating the blog go to Settings------>Site Feed and Enable feeds to Full. Also in Settings----->Formatting enable title Field and Link Field. Next you have to burn your blog feed at Feedburner and copy down the new feed url. Feedburner connects to your Blogger feeds and modifies them and sends them out with a new URL.

Blogger does not give Feed Statistics or allow any Feed modification which is the advantage of using Feedburner.
Since Feedburner has been acquired by Google it has made some features like Feed Stats and Feed Branding free. More of that later. With Feedburner you can even display how many people are reading your blog feeds.

In the Third Step you have to enable Smartcast. For this login to your Feedburner Account and click on your blog name. Click the Optimize tab at the top and then the Smartcast option in the sidebar. See picture below :

In this select what type of files you have and what category do they fit in. Type a description you would like potential listeners to see when viewing your podcast listing in iTunes. Also enter keywords for your podcast so that it can be searched from iTunes. Lastly activate Smartcast and save your settings. You do not have to copy and paste any code.

In the Final step insert your media file in your blog post's link field and then add your feed url obtained from Feedburner (in the second step above) into your podcast aggregator like iTunes. To put your file in the post paste the link obtained in the first step in the link field below the title field. Publish the post.

Also click on "Show Enclosure Links" link next to the Link Field while creating your post. Copy and paste the link to your audio file in the URL field and click "Add enclosure Link" below it. Then publish post.

As an example I have added a MP3 file here. You can add this url to your iTunes/iPodder/Juice. The file will start downloading immediately.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vin said...


Why draft blogger? and did you enable the Smartcast option in your Feedburner account?

Unknown said...

Well, draft blogger has the enclosure link field. My SmartCast is activated and I triple checked the info I put in there.

How can you add a mp3 file url in Blogger? Rather, where do you paste the mp3 file url?

I really don't want to use Wordpress, so I am hoping I can make this work with Blogger or Draft Blogger.

vin said...


I am using Blogger and I have the enclosure link. Are you using the Classic template.

Create a new test blog in Blogger and check out the enclosure link when creating a new post after enabling Settings---->Formatting---->Enable link field and save settings.

All instructions in post above are for Blogger.

Unknown said...

Ok, so for now I will stop using Draft Blogger and log back into my new Blogger account, create a new test blog, setup a new test feed at feedburner using SmartCast and follow the instructions in your blog post.

THANK YOU so much for your help. I'll try this later and let you know if I am successful.

Unknown said...


I signed into Blogger and inserted the mp3 file url and tried resubmitting my podcast to iTunes and IT WORKED!!!!! Thanks for your assistance. I've subscribed to your blog because you have some really good blogger tips on here.

Thanks again

Ralphie Dee said...

Wow, finally!!!! An explaination, amazing. Bit let me ask this, I created a blog on Blogger, I understand changing the settings in Blogger and Feedburner.In the first step it says to upload it to a free host and copy down it's link. Podbus.com hosts my feed so are you refering to podbus in my case? Second step I understand but the 3rd step it says "publish the post" Does this mean publish thru Blogger? I think so but just checking. thx


Vin said...

New York grooves,

Yes and Yes to both questions. :-)

Anonymous said...

what feed url?
i dont get the last part...

Vin said...


Do you mean this :



Anonymous said...

Vin, excellent explanation very easy to use. However, I needed to know, is it essential to have a separate blogger account altogether just for the purpose of podcasting? Is it not possible to do written blogs, as well as podcasts on the same blog? I am asking as someone who is only going to podcast maybe twice a month, but write almost daily. Extremely sorry if this is a very simple question.

Vin said...


No need for a separate blog or even a separate account. You can podcast intermittently in same blog.


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