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50 Types of Links for Bloggers and How to Make Them.

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Links, Links and More Links! Successful Blogging is all about creating links and getting linked to.

A link is a connection from one Web resource to another. It consists of a "source" anchor and points to the "destination" anchor, which may be any Web resource (e.g., an image, a video
clip, a sound bite, a program, an HTML document, an element within an HTML document, etc.).

Here are the 50 types of links we have seen so far along with the methods used to construct them................

1. Outgoing Links : These are links created by you in your blog to other sites and blogs. You need to be careful in not putting too many outgoing links in your blog lest it becomes a "Link Farm"!!

2. Incoming Links : also called Backlinks are links to your blog or your blog posts created on other sites or blogs. These are valuable because they reference your blog and contribute to your blog's Page Rank. You do not have much control over them unless you take part in a reciprocal link exchange.

3. Internal Links : These are links to pages within your site or blog.

4. Navigation Links : These are links constructed by you on the Main Page (usually in the Header) linking to important pages like "About Me', 'Contact', 'Home', 'Disclaimer'.......etc.

5. Image Links : These are images linking to other sites/blogs. These links can be optimized for the search engines by putting important keywords in their ALT tag. Do not however stuff too many keywords in there.

6. Anchor links : These serve to quickly take the viewer to another part of the same or another page.

7. Skip to Top Links : These are links placed on a long Main Page to quickly return the viewer to the top of the page. At the top of your blog in your header create a Html page element and paste the following code in it :

<a name="top" href="http://MYBLOG.blogspot.com/">

Replace the CAPS with actual blog name. Then go to Template---->Edit Html and put a check in Expand Widgets Template box.

Scroll down till this code :

<p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'/>

and paste the following code :

<a href="#top">Skip to top</a>

Save Template.

8. Email Links : When clicked on these links open the Compose Mail page to send mail.

9. Feed Links : These are links to your blog feeds which enable viewers to subscribe to your blog.

10. No-Follow Links : These are links which instruct the spiders of the search engines not to follow them. This prevents the Google Juice from leeching out of your blog. These type of links are found in Blog Comments and serve as a deterrent to would be spammers.

11. NO-NoFollow Links : You can say NO to the above No-Follow link and share the Link Love with your fellow Bloggers. This encourages viewers to comment on your blog. You can comment on blogs with the NoFollow tag and put your links there.

12. Banner Links : These are image links where the image is a Banner. You can exchange banner links with other blogs.

13. Button Links : These are image links where the image is a button. One example are the small orange RSS buttons you see on sites which are links to the site feed.

14. Affiliate Links : These are links where you will receive a commission on purchases made on the destination site or will be paid a predetermined sum for each person that clicks on the link (PAY PER CLICK).

15. Blogger Navigation Links : These are the links to Previous Post, Next post and Home placed by default under your posts. They are present by default in the new Blogger Layouts template.

16. Links that open in New Window : When clicked these links open in a new window thus preventing the visitor from leaving the site.

17. Links Offline : Used for promotion of blog and printed on books, visiting cards etc.

18. Directory Links : These are links obtained by submitting your blog or site to free or paid directories.

19. Signature Links : These are links to your blog or site below your signature in Forums or Groups which you frequent.

20. Profile Links : Generally when you comment on a blogspot blog your name is linked to your profile. This is a Profile Link. If you choose the 'Other' option. Paste your blog link in the 'Name' and 'Your Web page' fields which open up. Then you have your blog link in your comment. Do not forget to sign off with your name.

21. Header Links : The Header on your blog is linked to the Main Page to enable the viewer to click on it on the Post Pages so as to return to the Main Page.

22. Social Bookmarking Links : These are links placed below your blog posts to enable your viewers to add that post to their social bookmarks. For example Delicious. Instead of adding a lot of icons which increases the clutter at the bottom of a post you can add just one social bookmark.

23. Dead Links : These are links that don’t open a webpage and they don’t even show some error. This usually occurs when a server is down, the page has moved, or it no longer exists.

24. Broken Links : These are links which show an error when clicked.

25. One Way Links : These are links from a site which you have not linked to. These rank very important for Page Rank as they are a measure of importance for your blog especially when coming from a relevant site or blog dealing in the same subject as your blog.

26. Article links : These are links to your blog appearing at the end of articles submitted to article directories.

27. Press Release Links : These are links to your site or blog appearing in Press releases.

28. Deep Links : These are links on blog posts linking to other blog posts deep within the Blog Archives. For example I started this blog to help bloggers who were migrating from Old Blogger to Beta Blogger last year.That is a link to the first post on this blog.

29. Review My blog Links : These are links created to invite blog reviews.

30. Viral Links : These are links put in your blog to take part in Blog Memes or Blog Trains in an effort to increase your Blog rankings.

31. Script Links : These execute JavaScript code or call a specific JavaScript function.

32. Read More Links : These are used at the end of summary posts to expand them to the full post. They serve to decrease the length of your Main Page where you can show the summary of all your posts so that the viewer can quickly scan and choose to read only the post which piques his/her interest.

33. .Edu and .Gov Links : These are links from educational and government sites. These sites are trusted more and hence links from them are a prized lot.

34. Social Media Links : These are links to your blog posts on Digg, Stumbleupon, Myspace etc..

35. Non-Html file Links : These are links to your blog placed on Word Documents or Pdf files.

36. Optimized Links : These are links optimized for search engine spiders.

37. Natural Links : These are links providing visitors with a related resource that could be of interest to them. See my Blog Resources links in the middle column.

38. Artificial Links : these are links to improve the search engine ranking of the site. For example Links taking part in Viral Blog memes.

39. Organic Links : These are links to your blog which have been put on other blogs because the webmaster liked the content. They are a pointer to quality content and are highly prized.

40. Sponsored Links : These are links paid for being placed on sites. You will see their examples when you conduct a Google search and you will get sponsored links in the right column of the results.

41. Download Links : These are links to files. When clicked on you will get a prompt to save the file and then the download will begin to your hard disk.

42. Permalinks : These are permanent links to Blogger Posts. In the Classic Blogger template the post permalink was obtained by clicking on the post timestamp. In the new Blogger Layouts template the post title carries it's own permalink.

43. Screwdriver-Wrench Links : These are special links in the new Blogger Layouts Template. They are used to edit the widget instantly without having to go through the Dashboard.

44. Quick Edit Links : These are used to edit your blog posts with one click. You can remove them by going to Settings---->Basic. They are shown by the pencil icon under your posts.

45. Redirect Links : These are used to redirect the visitor to a different URL using the Meta Tag "Refresh".

44. Spam Links : These are links used to self-promote a blog or site. They are placed on Link Farms, Blog comments etc. and lead to undesirable content.

45. Home Link : Points to the main page of the blog. Placed on post pages to enable visitor to quickly return to Home Page.

46. Archive Links : These are links to your posts in the Blog Archives. They are placed within the Archive widget in the sidebar.

47. Label Links : These are links to your label pages. Clicking on them will bring up all the posts associated with that label.

48. Comments Link : This is a link placed at the end of your blog post to enable viewers to comment on your blog.

49. The 'CREATE A LINK' link : This link is placed at the end of your posts when you enable backlinks to your blog. Clicking on this link brings up the Blog This popup window with the link to the post placed in the Link Field and within the post. This is the counterpart of trackbacks used in Wordpress blogs.

50. Login Link : This is a link to Login to the site for members. It is seen on Wordpress blogs in the sidebar. Blogspot Bloggers can create a 'Create New Post' Link on their blogs.

If you know of any more links add them in your comments to this post.


Lynda said...

Awesome and most useful... about time I could find the whole list of such in one place... thanks for this...

Herbert Wong said...

Hi Vin,
Need your advise.I am planning to change my blog format which involves some .js and .css codes.I was planning to link from my template to these files on googlepages. However think googlepages do not allow hotlink and I do not have a server. How can I achieve what I wanted to do?Can I put the codes into my template and reference to them in the codes that I am going to insert? How do I reference to them- will be messy?
Thanks very, very much in advance.

Vin said...

Herbert Wong,

Googlepages does allow hot linking :

Upload files to Free Hosting.

Ugo Dosh said...

Thanx vin for this single hottie!...you rock! I have one problem: how to make my blog address my signature. I will love a reply to get2blogicon@yahoo.com .thanx buddie!

Vin said...


Do you want to put up a favicon in blogger address?

Priya Venkatraman said...

I am new to blogger?I just want to create links between my posts,like a website which has different web pages.Can you help me?

Vin said...

Priya Venkatraman,

Create a post and Publish it.
Get the Permalink of the post.
Create another post and paste the link of the previous post in it.
Publish second post.

VG said...

Hi Vin

Your site has been a saviour. I have built my blog on your tutorials and I am computer illiterate! Thank you.

I have a question. How do you put a link in a comment box? I found a code on one of the sites but when I use it, it says that:-

"Your HTML cannot be accepted: Reference " http:" is not allowed.

I could not paste the code I used here to give you an example as it gave me the same error msg again.

What am I doing wrong?

What I am trying to do is exactly like your response to Herbert Wong above - a link in the comment box.

Thanking you in advance.

Vin (yes, I am Vin too)

Vin said...


The same code used to create links in the Edit Html box of Post editor.

Look at the What HTML tags can you use instructions directly below the Comment posting box.

You can use the <a> tag like this :

<a href="LINK_URL">SITE NAME</a>

Replace the CAPS in above code and paste in comment box.

VG said...

Thanks Vin. It worked.


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