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The Blogging Tips Google Gadget.

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Here is a Google Gadget which provides a fresh tip on Blogging every time your web page is refreshed. You can install this on your page at Googlepages, on any blog or website, on your personalized iGoogle page and on your Google Desktop sidebar. The code for the gadget is in the left column and the gadget in the right column.

<script src=""></script>

To install it in your iGoogle personalized page just click the +Google button at the bottom left hand corner of the gadget. Add to Google

You can scroll down within the gadget to see the whole tip. To install the gadget in your blog paste the whole code in the right column into a Html/Javascript Page element in the sidebar. You can also install this gadget from here. Click on Embed this gadget link. To see a new tip just refresh the page. After creating your Google Gadget there are many places where you can place your gadget................


You can publish your Google Gadget to the following places :

1. Your iGoogle page.

2. Your friends' iGoogle pages.

3. Google page Creator.

4. Google Desktop.

5. Blogs on any platform.

6. Any website.

7. Publishing to Content Directory. Visitors here can pick up your gadget code to add to their sites.

iGoogle Publishing

To add your gadget to your personalized google page go to the Google Gadget Editor and using File--->Open command load the gadget you have created. Then click on File---->Publish----->Publish to my iGoogle Page. Your iGoogle page opens with your gadget loaded.

To load other gadgets go to the iGoogle content directory. Choose your gadget and click on Add It Now button at bottom of each gadget to add it to iGoogle.


To add the gadget to any other site or blog or Googlepages from Google gadget Editor go to File----->Publish----->Add to a Webpage------->Google Creator Page opens. Here you can change the width and height of the gadget so that it fits in your sidebar. Then click the Get Code button and copy the code given in the box which opens. Paste the code in Edit Html tab of your Googlepages or in a Html Page Element of your Blogger Blog.


To publish your Google Gadget on your Google desktop first choose to display the sidebar and then at the top of the Sidebar, click Add. Type the URL for a gadget spec into the Search gadgets text field and then click Search gadgets. If the gadget is found, its title is displayed next to an Add button. Click Add.


To submit your gadget to the Google Content Directory go to File menu in your Google Gadget editor and click on Publish----->Publish to iGoogle directory which takes you to the iGoogle submit page with your gadget URL pre-filled in the form. You can use the submit form to submit your gadget to the iGoogle content directory. Your gadget won't be submitted unless you click Send.

You need to add your gadget to the directory before you can add it to your Google Desktop.


h@n| said...

Do you have any top recommended gadgets?

vin said...


The popular gadgets are listed here :

Sister2brother said...

I just love gadgets and widgets. Thanks for the latest tip. I went to the google gadget site before after reading one of your posts but I just couldn't get the hang of it

but reading your post today - I'll give it another go!

Anonymous said...

this is really helping me to improve.. Now i need a help from u.. i need a post inserted with contents which gets updated automatically when i posts a new post (I want to make it as the table of contents) :)

can u plz help me?


vin said...


Have a look at :


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