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Direct Upload Video to Blogs.

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Blogger has now enabled Direct Video Uploading to your blogs. There is now no need to first upload video to Youtube and all the hassles of pasting the Embed code in your blog post.

You can directly upload videos without leaving your Post Editor in Blogger and the videos are uploaded to Google Video and the code placed in your blog post automatically............

This is a birthday present from Blogger. Yes Blogger celebrated it's eighth bithday Blogger Buzz: Happy Eighth Birthday! on 23 August and unveiled direct video uploads the next day. Previously you may have noticed Blogger testing it out in Blogger in Draft.

Now you need not worry any more about creating an account at google Video and uploading video there and then all the problems with getting the video to show on your blog by arranging the code in a continuous line. Blogger does it all for you.
Morever after uploading the video it is automatically converted into a video podcast! It will help if you enable the enclosure links for podcasting.

However if you don’t have the enclosure links visible (i.e. “Show Link fields” is set to “No”), we auto-add and auto-delete the enclosure links for your video uploads. If you do have the enclosure links visible, we’ll auto-add but not auto-delete.

To turn on enclosure links, just go to Settings > Formatting and set the “Show Link fields” option to “Yes.” This will add the enclosure link fields to your post editor. From there, just paste in the URLs of your recorded media, and your blog will instantly become a podcast.

To add a video to your post login to Blogger Dashboard and click on +New Post link. Then in Post Editor click the new square 'Add Video' icon in top frame. This is what it looks like --->
To see a video go to Blogger Buzz: 3, 2, 1, Action!

Some points to note as quoted by Pete in Blogger in Draft: Enclosures and Video Podcasting:

1. Videos are provided for download in MP4 format.

2. Blogger supports adding multiple enclosures to a post, but for maximum compatibility with popular podcatchers, you may only want to include one enclosure per post.

3. By default, Blogger feeds are in Atom format. If certain podcatchers require RSS 2.0 format, have them subscribe to

4. The MIME Type is auto detected for common podcasting file extensions.

Now to figure out how we can use a Playlist Video feature here, or perhaps it is to be eagerly awaited.


Mnk said...

ive been trying to post a video but it says that has an error. i tried from google video that takes hours and hours and nothing happen, and direct in the webpage of my blog but as i said before it says that has an error number x..what can i do?

vin said...


Try the Youtube Method :

Unknown said...


Please excuse this dumb question, but how do I load a video I made? I have my video on a DVD. I have MacBook Pro.



vin said...


If the above method does not work for you see :

Sandra Montgomery said...

So trying to follow the steps above but I don't have the 'Add Video' icon anywhere that I can see.

vin said...


Try clearing the cache. See :

Refresh Cache

Use Firefox browser.

Sandra Montgomery said...

I used Firefox and it worked! Thanks so much!

Barry M said...

I have tried to upload a video directly to Blogger. If I preview in the Edit Post mode I can see the video perfectly.
On the actual blog, all there is is an X in the top left corner of the video box.
I first tried in December. I now gave it a second try and uploaded the video again.
There must be a way round this?

Vin said...

Bee Jay Em,

Try the Youtube method :

Put YouTube Videos in Blog

Barry M said...

I discovered the answer. Upload the video, then preview. Right click on the video image and select the allow option. The flash player is set to deny.


hawk said...

I want to upload a video but its a large file. Does blogger automatically compress it so that it is view-able by visitors, or do I somehow have to compress it?

Vin said...


Blogger does not compress files.

Cindy said...

I also can not get a video to upload. It starts like it will, then eventually (after a long time) gives an error message. I tried to upload it to google, but couldn't do that either. I do have dial-up. Could it just be too slow to upload video? Thans for your help!

Vin said...


Try the YouTube method.

mikelle said...

I uploaded some videos but the sound doesn't work. I know the videos are ok because the sound works outside of blogger. Do you know what the problem could be and is there any way to fix it? Thanks.

Vin said...


Have you tried the YouTube method.

Catterick Sunday Market said...

I had alot of posts with one directly uploaded video in each. I've looked at my blog today and the videos are not viewable - there's just a space. I've reuploaded the video to one but it hasn't worked. I'd rather not have to go the youtube route - is there something |I can do to make them viewable again? When I look at the html they are still there. I've searched the help but can't find any answers.

Vin said...

Catterick Sunday Market,

I had a look at two of your videos and both are from Youtube. For example open this link in browser :

Then click Menu button at bottom right of video. Video will become smaller and show the EMBED code in right side. Click 'Copy to Clipboard' button. Paste in Edit Html tab of Post Editor.

LRay said...

Hi! Vin!! needd help from you. How can i post the animations from this site ( to my blog post or sidebars? Hoping for your response asap.

Thank You

God Bless

Vin said...


I don't see any animation on that page! :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin:
How large could be my video file if I use direct uploading to the blog?

Vin said...


Right now direct upload is problematic. I wouldn't bet on anything larger than 100MB!

Try Youtube.

Anonymous said...

thax, so useful!

Mike said...

When I try this I get about 2m out of a 14m video file and it gets an error saying it could not reach blogger? Any ideas?

Anonymous said...


Try the Youtube method.

Chinese Culture Society said...

Dear Vin,

I'm trying to upload a quicktime format clip to my blog and blogger only displaying "Uploading Video ( of ) ", any idea wat happened?

I don't want the youtube method bcuz it's a 30min clip, 85mb.. need a lot time to split. Thanks!

Vin said...

Chinese Culture Society,

Youtube has a new web uploader that enables you to simultaneously upload up to 10 video clips in one go and each of these clips can be as large as 1 GB in size.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to change the thumbnail image that appears on the video? It uploads and posts just fine and works and everything, I just don't like the random image from 4 seconds in to be the thumbnail. I can't find any info on changing it though so I think I'm out of luck (and I know you can do it with the you tube method, but I was wondering if there was a way with blogger) :)

Vin said...


Use It offers the feature to choose a particular frame in the video.

Anonymous said...

I get the sense that blip is the same as youtube (upload the video there and then embed it in your blog page). The trouble is I have people who read my blog who cannot view embedded videos from outside sources (like youtube). They can only see videos directly uploaded on blogger. So is there a way to do it directly through blogger?


Vin said...


Nopes! Sorry.

Anonymous said...

help me plz!
i've already uploaded video to my blog.. but it didnt layout anything yet... i dont know what's the problem.. could u tell me plz..


Vin said...


Try the Youtube method.

Van said...

Thanks for taking questions. I have been trying to upload a video onto my blog and am unsuccesful. I have tried going through You Tube and my video is rejected - failure notice there also! I am frustrated and this is supposed to be fun! I appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Vin said...


Google Video

there are many others out there...

Anonymous said...

thz for ur information...i will try.

mithu said...


i've been trying the direct method, but i keep getting an error message and am told to contact support with the video i.d. and, adding insult to injury, there doesn't seem to be anyplace to post my particular problem. i'm always told to refer to the discussion threads where others may be having the same problem. sometimes i really hate blogging because of nuisances like this...

Vin said...


Use the Youtube Method.

IWS said...

What about videos that are Real player format?

Vin said...


What is exact error message? Try

Rajesh said...

hi ,..
i want to upload quick time format ,how can i do it ,becouse i am animation student we watch videos frame by frame



Vin said...


Create a Custom Youtube Video Player.


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