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Interchanging Templates and Layouts in Blogger.

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The advent of the new version of Blogger introduced the term Layout instead of Template for the new blogs. If you had started a blog in the old Blogger then you had a template. The new version of Blogger migrated your blog while retaining the old template. You then had the option to upgrade to the new layouts or keep to the old template.

The new Layouts are responsible for the new features in Blogger and since they require dynamic publishing cannot be used on ftp blogs. Old timers prefer to stay with what they know best and can edit easily like the old HTML templates. Newbies on the other hand love the Labels and new Archives features of the Layouts which enable them to categorize posts easily. However those wishing to interchange easily between Templates and Layouts are stumped. Here are some diagrams to help these Blogger users..............

If you start a new blog now you automatically get a new Layout for your blog. Layout is a term used to refer to the Graphical User Interface Blogger has introduced to enable bloggers to edit the template using click and drag rather than making changes to the XHTML code of the template. Here is a Web definition for "Layouts" :

Put visual elements into a pleasing and readable arrangement.

To access this login to your Blogger dashboard and click on Layout link next to your blog name. This will open the Page Elements subtab of Template tab where you can see all the sections of your blog and can drag and drop widgets to wherever you want. You can also add other widgets to any section of your blog from this page.

However there are some who wish to use Classic Blogger (HTML) templates. These people have to first revert to classic template in their blog and then load the classic template they wish to use. To do this login to Dashboard and click on Layout. Then click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab. Scroll down to end of this page below the template box. There you will see a "Revert to Classic Template" link. Click that link and your blog will revert to classic template. See picture below

Follow the instruction on the left to revert to classic template. If you wish you can download this diagram and use it as a flash card to remind you of the method. Just right click the picture and choose 'Save Image as' to save it to your disk.

If you attempt to paste a HTML template into the new Blogger layout you will get an error message :

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please
make sure all XML elements are closed properly.

Error messages in Blogger Templates explains the error messages and their correction.


Those people who wish to take advantage of new Blogger features like Labels should upgrade from classic template. To do this login to Dashboard and click on Template for your blog. Then click on Customize Design subtab. This page contains the Upgrade link to upgrade blog to Layouts. See picture below :

Follow the route on the right to upgrade to layout. You can steal the above graphic to keep as a reference.

Remember the two : HTML templates and XHTML/XML layouts are incompatible with each other and do not try and paste one into another.


Smriti said...

Hi Vin,

You've a great blogging tips out here and it shows how much hard you've put into it. It really helped me understand how to change the layout/design of my blog. Thanks!

rouel said...

Hi, I'm already using the new layout design of blogger. What if I download a new design say a 3-column layout, will it affect my existing posts and widgets. I am currently using Harbour template which is a 2-column design. Thanks

vin said...


You will have to upload widget contents again as data and template is separate in the new Blogger :

Max Ride Fan 13 said...

OMG!U RAWK!! u just solved the problem i was trying to solve for the last three months! THANK YOU!!!!

Shinygrape said...

I'm completely torn. I want to keep my blog on my FTP to track my traffic, but I don't like the classic template because it doesn't have an "older posts" link at the bottom. Is there any way at all to put an "older posts" button into the HTML or do I need to just convert to blogger all the way? What the heck happens to the people that are subscribed to my "Atom" through my website if I convert to blogger?'s so sad..I thought I knew a little something about computers, but this web 2.0 is kicking my butt and I feel like a dinosaur!

vin said...


Try this link :

Anonymous said...

"Revert to Classic" - this option not coming. What to do? I want to change my template into 3 columnar.

Crystal Ramos said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you :) I knew there was a way to make my own template but I couldn't figure it out. You page was an super big help.

Ciobotaru Ana-Maria said...

i don't havethe upgrade lyaout tab, please help! my blog is pls help

Vin said...

3 pentru copaci,

Login at and click Layout link on the Dashboard under the blog title.

Muhammed said...


Tiffany said...

Hello vin,
Thank you (:
It really help me understand hw to change the layout of my blog.

ana margarida said...

Hello, I have a problem, I switch to Classic Template and I lose many things of my blog. I Want to revert backt to the oder template, but i don`t have de icon "revert widget templates to defalut", it`s missing.
How do I solve this? to revert to the initial template.
Thank you

Vin said...

Ana Margarida,

Login at and click Template link on Dashboard.

Then click Customize Design subtab. Then click Upgrade.

ana margarida said...

Hello Vin,
Thank you very much, my problem is solved.
Great tool this blog!

Unknown said...

Thank a lot.This website was a great savoiur for me. Thanks for guiding the dummies

Clases de Mr. Courel. said...

i changed my template but the layout has changed too!The widgets move to bottom. I tryed to go back to the original template but it kept desorganized. Do i have to install again the widgets? Please help!

Vin said...

Clases de Mr. Courel.

You have to install widgets again when you change layouts. Either Backup your widgets first or try this method of keeping widgets and installing layout template.

Unknown said...

thank you for saying how to revert to layout from classic.thank you

Dato' Y said...

how to edit the templates. Compare to layout there has page elemants. Anybody can help me please...

Vin said...


Have a look at Parts of the Template.

eliana candra said...

dear vin, i'm so glad to find out your site. it's really amazing and helpful for someone new like me.Anyway, i got a problem with my template and lay out. recently, i tried to change my template.then it failed.then i click revert to classic,and i lost my page element.though i've tried to follow ur 'up grade lay out' explanation, still it doesn't work 'coz after upgrade template, i can't find 'layout'.there it's stated 'select a new template for your blog'only.indeed,it drives me crazy.
thanks vin

Vin said...

Eliana Candra,

Right now your blog has the Layout template.

Login at and click Layout link on the Dashboard.

Unknown said...

Thanks! Your advice made my day! Kudos to you!



Anonymous said...

Vin, I don't have a layout tab at all. Just Post and Settings. This isn't an old blog needing an update. Just set it up a couple weeks ago. Please Help.

Vin said...


Request the blog Administrator to change your status to Admin.

Xuyan said...

Hi Vin,

I would like to change my 'Template' to 'Layout' but on the tab 'Customize Design' I don't even see the button of 'Upgrade', what should I do?

Vin said...


Have a look at Upgrade Classic Template without the "UPGRADE YOUR TEMPLATE" button.

Anonymous said...

My problems is i accidentally to put in classic templates. But now, i wanted to upgrade the templates back! I follow all the instructor that given, but the problem is, i couldnt found the tab "upgrade the template".....Any ideas?

Vin said...


Have a look at Upgrade Classic Template without the "UPGRADE YOUR TEMPLATE" button.

Becky said...


When I revert to "classic" and then copy in a layout and save, my blog page is complete nonsense. What am I doing wrong?


Vin said...

Parry Particulars,

After reverting to Classic you cannot paste in a Layouts template as it is incompatible.

Also see Classic Template and Layouts differences.

Eve said...

Hi Vin,

How can I go back to the new blogger for Minima template without losing the changes I made in the edit html on the Classic Minima Template (3 columns and adsense under the header)?



Vin said...


First copy all in your Template Code box to a Notepad file and save it. That is backup for your Classic template.

Next upgrade to Layouts as shown in above post. Look for what is missing and then copy that from your classic template backup and paste in Html gadgets.

The Prestons said...

What do I do if the "upgrade" link is not there when I open the "customize design" subtab?????

Vin said...

The Prestons,

Here is the workaround :

Upgrade Classic Template to Layouts Template without the Upgrade button.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Hi Vin,
Thanks for the info, but I am still having trouble. I "accidentally" clicked revert to classic last night and thought I lost all of my layout. When trying to upgrade again to layout, I don't get the button to do so. So I found your post about that issue. When I get to layout mode using the big number I can see the info on my layout version, make changes, save them, and even preview it, but that's it. I can't get the layout version to come up when I go to my blog - it's still in classic version. I've been checking blogger for help, but every post I find that will fix it says to click that upgrade button that I don't have. It's driving me MAD! If you have thoughts, can you please help?

Vin said...

Pumpkin Delight,

Your blog still has Classic Template.

Carefully follow method given in How to Upgrade to Layouts without the Upgrade Button?

Anonymous said...

hye..i'm a new user..and i have some problem with my templates.
i wants to change my templates but i can't. i tried to look for my setting but still it cannot go. i look for revert yet this option not coming. i dunno what have i been click until i cannot change my templates likes before. can you help me? i really dunno what to do..and i need to learn lots. i'm really stuck with this. give me some advice. thanks for your kindness.

Vin said...

fydah awg jemat,

Your blog has the Classic template.

If you want to upgrade to Layouts template click the Customise Design tab and then click the Upgrade link.

After that you can load any Layout template.

keeley said...

This is really helpful! Ok, so what if I'm now 'upgraded' and I want to add graphics to the left and right of my blog using photobucket? Before, I could copy and paste the graphic's html code from photobucket into the blogger html section. I just tried that but it's not working. Any ideas? Thanks!

Vin said...


Add picture gadgets to your sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for much! I have been working for two hours trying to figure this stuff out so I just looked it up on the Internet and BAM! There is this post. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vin,

"vin"out you it couldn't be done so easily. you are the vinnning factor

thanks a lot.

Snow. said...

Hey Vin,

I have no Layout tab, nor Template tab, and am the only author on the blog so am unable to change the access to Admin. I have 2 other blogs on my dashboard which both show either template or layout. Do you know how I can see this tab on my 3rd blog?


Vin said...


Contact How Random. and request him/her to make you Administrator.

Russel said...

I have changed from template to layout .But I can't use my old template.Plz help.

Vin said...


What do you want to use the old template for now? Customize the new Layout to look like the old template.

Snow. said...

I am unable to find out who the administrator 'How Random' is because the profile is not public. It should be me but my profile is public. Is there any other way of finding the administrator of a blog?

Vin said...


If you go to :

and fill it out the admin. will get the email and if you are Admin. check all your email accounts.

farniez_teddy said...

help me!!
i've got this error when i want to change the template...please help me...i dunno what to do..
We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

* Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
* Provide the following error code and additional information.

Additional information
blogID: 2244561984839744570
uri: /html

This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.
Find help

See if anyone else is having the same problem: Search the Blogger Help Group for bX-bliced
If you don't get any results for that search, you can start a new topic. Please make sure to mention bX-bliced in your message.

Vin said...


The bx errors are due to connectivity problems. Try connecting at less busy times or from a broadband network.

Anonymous said...

i've saved a classic template. can i use it on new type of blogger format? i really love the classic template. and how could i insert my friends' blog links into the template?

Vin said...


You cannot use a Classic template on the 'new' Blogger if by 'new' you mean Layouts.

You can use either a Classic template or a Layout template on your blog.

Unknown said...

im trying to change my template from the typical MINIMA classic, to some wacky design, ive extracted otno my hardrive, but when i upload the file it gives me the following error

"Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The element type "div" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "

i also notice there are some images in the folder the file was in and i was wondering if the fact he images are not geting uploaded is contributing to the error..

thank you for your time

Vin said...


If it is a Classic Template you will need to revert blog to classic template first as described in above post. Then load the template.

You have to upload the image files separately to a free host like and copy their Direct Links and paste in template.

Kat's Custom Kreations said...

Hello! I am having an issue with comments not posting (not even getting the comment text box) when I "update" to a new template so that all my widgets will show up...Can you take a peek at my blog and let me know what the deal is?
Thanks so much!

Vin said...

Kat's Kreations,

First enable all comment settings.

Then backup widgets.

Lastly click on 'Revert widget templates to default' link at the bottom of the Template code box on Layout---->Edit Html subtab.

Drifting Moon said...

thanks so much for this! you really saved me a lot of time and headache. :) kudos to you

Leslie Archer said...


I'm totally lost. I go to my blog dashboard, I don't have a Template button/link nor do I have a Laybout button/link. I can't seem to get to where I need to go to move to the layout function. I've tried following the instructions you've noted for others above but only go so far with not seeing either template or layout options anywhere...Can you help me?

Thank you!


Vin said...

Leslie Archer,

This means you are logged into an account which does not have Administration rights over this blog.

Use another browser to login to correct account or request the Admin to grant your account Administration status.

thelady said...

I want to use back my old template, but by using that, i cant use certain stuffs(for e.g slideshows from photobucket) as it states that my Layout is not enabled.

When I upgrade to layout, I cant use back my old template. Please help.

Is it possible for me to edit the new template of the layout to my old template?

Vin said...


You can copy the codes for the slideshow from Classic old template and paste in HTML gadget in Layout new template.

naz said...

HELP! I had a a layout I really liked until I accidentally reverted to Classic Template.

Now, it has gone back to my old template and I don't know how to make it go back to my new template. Is there a way to re-revert? I didn't save anything. It all just happened and now I'm having a panic attack. It took like what felt ages to tweak the new layout.

Vin said...


You will have to upgrade to a Blogger Layouts template and then tweak it again.

When you revert to Classic template your Layout template is not saved. So remember to backup your template to PC always after tweaking it.

maalsansar said...

Thanks a lot for this post:
I am happy now..


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