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Make Money with Inline Adsense for Bloggers!

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Blogger has now made it possible for you to make even more money! You can now add Inline Adsense advertisements between your blog posts.

As we have seen before you can add Adsense Ads. by selecting the Adsense Widget when adding widgets to your blog. If you want to include channel information also copy and paste the Adsense code into a Html Page Element.

Now with this method (Inside AdSense: Get inline) you can add Adsense Ads. between your blog posts inline with them. To do this login at and click on 'Layouts' link for your blog. In the Page Elements tab click on 'Edit' link in the Blog Posts widget. Scroll down in the popup window and check the box next to Show Ads Between Posts. You can then select how often you'd like your ads to appear, such as once after every post or once after every other post.

It also allows you to Customize your Adsense Ads. After customizing save the changes. At the moment search boxes and referral units cannot be added in this fashion. Since the optimum method is to have most of your Ads. above 'the fold' ( which is the viewable area of the screen when you open a site without having to scroll down ) use the Expandable Summaries hack to show only a summary of your posts on the Main Page with a 'Read More' link to the full post.

Using this method your posts on the Main Page will only contain a sentence or two and thus more posts and Adsense will be seen above the fold.


Auto Finance Insider (AFI) said...

Very good blog. Thanks for all the advice! I clicked a few ads.

Viswa said...

This is very helpful tip. When I saw many blogs I tried to put adsense in between the posts but failed. Today I found it in your blog how to do.


Anonymous said...

Very useful for me..most of the information that i got from this blog is very help me in some way

Better Than Coffee said...

i vin i have a problem with my adsense ads, i hope you can help me.

i cannot see my ads for almost 5 days now. this is the first
time i encountered this. please help me.

i went through the adsense troubleshooter but it did not help me.

this is the situation

-my blog is three months old
-my ads were working fine until 4 days ago
-its a fairly new blog, so my adsense earning has not yet (reached
$10, which is going to be one cause for adsense ads to display public
service ads accdng to google)
-i even change templates today to refresh everything, but it did not
solve the problem
- worst, i can see the ads on different pages of my blog, BUT NOT ON

heres my link

i dont know what to do already, its seems like no one can answer my question.

Vin said...


Adsense Ads. are targeted to textual blog content. Each blog post should consist of at least 250 words. Also see Top 10 SEO Tips for Blogs.

Better Than Coffee said...

gosh, this is going to be hard for my blog since its photo blog-ish. :)

i guess ill have to transfer to bidvertiser.

oh well, i have "wordy" blogs under adsense. so ill better concentrate on them. :) thanks vin!

Free Online Credit Score said...

Very useful info - I plan to use this on my blogs.
I've got a YouTube info and tools blog that I just started. Check it out if you get a moment.


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