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Put a Digg Widget in your Blog.

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You can now put the latest Digg news in your blog. Digg has launched a widget which you can add in your blog. You can customize it to fit the look of your blog and configure it to display whatever you want to show from Digg............

So what are widgets you ask? Widgets are portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation. In Blogger they are called Page Elements when they make up parts of the web page and the code executing these is the widget. You can move these to rearrange the appearance of your web page or blog through the Page Elements subtab of the Template tab. To access them directly click on Layout of your blog after logging in to the Blogger Dashboard.

Blogger has it's own stable of widgets. You can also add third party widgets from other sites. Widgets like the Poll widget add interactivity to your blog. You can add pictures and other multimedia elements through the Picture and Video bar widgets. You can display the contents of another site in your blog by converting the site feed into Javascript code. The widget is published on your blog and pulls content from other sites to display on your blog.

To display the Digg Widget in your blog go to http://digg.com/add-digg. Here you can choose the styling of the widget and what content it will display. There is no need to register or even login. Just choose from the choices : See picture below :

After selecting your choices copy the entire code at the bottom. Login to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Layout. Then click Add Page Element link in sidebar and choose Html/Javascript option. Paste the code from the Digg site in the content window and save. See the Digg Widget at the bottom of the right hand column in this blog. This is a Javascript widget so the only disadvantage is that it will not work if Javascript is disabled in viewer's browser.



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