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Checklist for Blogger Login Problems.

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Many readers have commented that this blog is getting more difficult to understand so I am experimenting with a new type of post which tackles problems one step at a time to simplify matters.

For this I have chosen the Blogger login problems which seem to be mired in confusion, in an effort to simplify it. Do let me know in your comments if I have succeeded.......

This is a checklist for anyone having login problems to For this first login at and :

Sign in to Blogger with your Google Account

On the first page you will get a form to fill in your Username and Password :

  1. Type in your Username.

  2. Type in your Password.

  3. Click 'Remember me on this computer' checkbox under it.

  4. Click Sign In button to open the Blogger Dashboard

Forgot Your Password.

If you have forgotten your Password....
  1. Click Forgot your Password link.

  2. Enter your blog URL or your Email Address.

  3. Click the LOOKUP button and the information will be emailed to you.

Check Email.

  1. Check your Inbox for the email.

  2. If not in your Inbox check your Spam/Junk/Bulk Mail folder.

  3. If you are using an email client login to your email account with a web browser and check your Spam/Junk/Bulk Mail folders.

  4. If no message seen check your other email addresses if they have been setup to collect mail from each other.

Forgot Your Email Address.

  1. If email address is forgotten go to Username Recovery Form.

  2. Click I am a Gmail user. Enter your Secondary Email Address you provided when creating your account and click Submit button.

  3. Check Secondary email account for information.

  4. If not a Gmail user go to Password Assistance Page.

  5. Type in full Email Address including part after @ sign and click submit.

  6. If a Gmail account is associated with that email address you will see "'To initiate the password reset process, please
    follow the instructions sent to your email address.'" If not you will see "There are no accounts in our system with the E-mail address which you entered."

  7. If you get the second message as above enter another email address to check it out.

  8. If you do not know answer to the GMail security question and do not have access to the secondary email contact Gmail Support.

Flashing Login Screen.

If you get a Login screen which is flashing continuously or a 'Session expired" message the problem is in your browser. Then....

Clear the Cache.

  1. In Internet Explorer: Go to "Tools ---> Internet Options..." from the main menu. Click "General" tab. In Temporary Internet Files section click "Delete Files" button.

  2. In Mozilla Firefox click the 'Tools' menu at the top of your browser, and select 'Options.'Click 'Privacy.' Click 'Clear' next to 'Cache.' Click 'OK.'

  3. In Safari go to 'Safari' menu on your browser's toolbar. Select 'Empty Cache.' Click 'Empty' in the dialogue box.

  4. In Netscape: Click the 'Edit' menu at the top of your browser, and select 'Preferences.'Click the '+' next to 'Advanced.' Select 'Cache' under 'Advanced.' Click 'Clear Cache.' Click 'OK.'

Delete Cookies.

  1. In Internet Explorer go to Tools menu and choose Internet Options. Click the Delete Cookies button. Click OK.

  2. In Mozilla Firefox go to Tools menu, and choose Privacy. In cookies section check 'Accept cookies from sites' box and
    click OK. Click 'Show Cookies' button and in popup window click 'Remove all cookies' and Close it.

  3. In Safari menu go to Preferences. Click the Security icon at the top right. At the bottom of the window, click Show
    Cookies. In the new window that opens, click 'Remove All' then click Done. Click the Red X button at the top left corner of the window to close Preferences. Open the Safari menu again and select Empty Cache. In the window that opens, click Empty (or Empty Cache) to remove the saved files.

  4. For Netscape: Locate the Netscape folder on your hard drive (usually located in c:/Program Files/Netscape/). Double click the Users folder within the Netscape folder. Double click your Profile Name folder (this will usually be your username). Click the cookies.txt file once to highlight it, then click the File menu and choose Delete.

  5. For Opera: Go to Tools menu (the Opera menu in OS X) and choose Delete private data. In the Delete private data window place a check mark next to all of the appropriate items. click Delete.

Check Cookie Settings.

  1. Enable Cookies in your browser by going to their settings as shown above.

  2. In Internet Explorer go to Tools ---> Internet Options ----> Privacy set the sliding scale to Medium-High or lower.

Enable Javascript.

  1. In Internet Explorer go to Go to Tools ----> Internet Options ----> Security and click the Custom Level button. Scroll down until you see the Scripting section and make sure that Active Scripting is enabled. Then click OK to all the windows.

  2. In Firefox go to Tools--->Options----->Content---->Check Enable Javascript--->OK.

Refresh cache

  1. Press F5 on Keyboard.

  2. Press Ctrl+F5 on Keyboard.

  3. In address bar of browser type a "?" (question mark) at the end of the URL and press Enter on keyboard.

  4. Keep <Ctrl> key pressed and click the 'Refresh' icon in toolbar.

Other Methods

  1. Close browser and restart it. OR Change browser to Firefox or Opera.

  2. Reboot.

  3. Log out of and then log back in.

  4. Check Windows Installation : Put your Windows Installer CD in cd drive and go to Start---->Run. Type in "sfc /scannow" without the quotes and hit Enter. This Scans all protected system files immediately.

  5. Check Internet connection by trying to access or or

  6. Try another computer at a friend's place or the cybercafe.

  7. Try another ISP or a different Internet connection.

  8. Contact Blogger support

  9. Inform Blogger


Unknown said...

Try the blogger in draft too, that's fu.

Steppin Stones said...

I too am having problems logging into from my google account.When I put my username and password and click nothing happens-or when I click continue! Have done all suggestions like clearing cache,deleting cookies,temp internet files,etc. Any other ideas?

vin said...

Steppin Stones,

Have you tried all the steps in the above checklist? What actually happens? Do you get an error message?

Try using another browser like Firefox or Opera.

s.c.f. said...

im trying to switch over to my gmail account because i stopped using blogger for about a year, and i now want to start again and when i type in my gmail account it says it doesn't exist, please help. thanks

Vin said...


I think if you have not logged into your gmail account once in nine months it gets cancelled.

Contact Google support to get it restored to you :


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