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Google Docs Presentations In Blog.

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Google has introduced presentations feature in it's Google Docs and Spreadsheets package. Now you need not use other methods of putting presentation in your blog.

You can organize, share, present, and collaborate on presentations, using your web browser. You can publish them and send the URL to friends. I was able to create a presentation in a jiffy and................

though at the moment there is no code given by them to embed it in your blog page, I used the <iframe> tag to put it in this page :

You can click on the arrow at the bottom to see the next slide. As you can see it has all features of any other presentation. You can upload images to it. There are a number of themes available to choose from. To see it fully in your browser go to :

Google Presentation

Though I didn't see some features like slide transitions they will possibly be included later on. To create your own go to Google Docs and click on New----->Presentation. You can also import your existing presentations from your PC (.ppt or .pps) files upto 10MB. When presenting it participants are connected through Google Talk and can chat simultaneously through the sidebar at the right.

More Information can be obtained here : Official Google Blog: Our feature presentation: "easily organize, share, present, and collaborate on presentations, using only a web browser."


Milind Phanse said...

Thanks for the information. I was able to put my presentation in my blog after reading this. But you could make it easier for us newbies by putting the relevant line of code in the article. I had to go to the page source and track down the iframe reference before I could use it.

vin said...

Oops! Forgot that code! Here it is :

<iframe width='575' height='400' frameborder='0' src='LINK OF PUBLISHED PRESENTATION'></iframe>

Change width and height numbers so as to fit in your blog.

Rutu said...

Hey :)
Thanks a lot for this. This presentation thing is really very cool and gave me a solution to make navigation on my blog easier!!

Thanks again ..... have a look



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