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Link To My Blog Google Gadget.

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A reader requested me to convert the "Link to My Blog" Blogger Widget into a Google Gadget. You can create a similar Google Gadget for your blog and release it into the Google Gadget directory.

Also you can create one for your blog and install it in the sidebar. If readers want to link to your blog they do not have to copy and paste any code. It is a two mouse click operation to link to your blog for the code-challenged.........

We have already seen before how to create Google Gadgets. We will be using the same method here.

First go to the Google Gadget Editor Replace the code in the Editor with the following code : (see picture below - click on picture to enlarge it)

Replace the code in red with your blog link (BLOG_URL), the link to the snapshot of your Gadget (LINK_OF_SCREENSHOT), the link to the thumbnail (LINK_OF_YOUR_THUMBNAIL), Blog Title (BLOG_TITLE) and link of your button image (LINK_OF_BUTTON_IMAGE).

Then save the gadget and publish it. You can add the code to your blog sidebar in a Html page element where it will look like this :

Click the 'LINK TO THIS SITE' button at top to test the gadget. The Add Page Element page will open inside the gadget. You will have to scroll to select the options to add the image/button link to your blog.

Click the +Google button in the bottom frame to add this gadget to your personalized Google Homepage (iGoogle).


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, where can I find "add bookmark" icons like yours? I'd like to add a Blogger and Wikipedia icons too, but I have no idea about where finding such things. Thank you very much!

vin said...


Have a look at :

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your kind answer. I already read your useful explanation, but what I'd like to know is where I can find more icons. I mean, who makes those icons? Can I re-use them or are they protected by copyright?

Should I create them by myself? I have no idea on how I can make an icon which is the same of the logo of sites like Blogger, etc. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to bother you again, but I think it would very nice to insert an imagine in my post in place of the default "e-mail this post to a friend" icon, as you did. I tried, but, even if I can write the blog ID because it doesn't change, I don't know what doing regarding the post ID. I tried to find the answer in your blog (for example, in the posts section), but I couldn't. Really sorry and thanks a lot!

vin said...


Assuming you are one person I will reply in one message :

You can make icons online in icon generator pages. Just Google for "icon generator". On your PC you can use graphic editing programs to make them. Try Irfanview which is free. Again Google for it.

To change text of email icon see :

Anonymous said...

nice blog... nice posting... thankyou...

kh said...


I've customized my blog but I am having trouble with the spacing of my text in my middle section. Can you help me???

kumarmohan said...

Your blog is not for mere seeing for me. I have to understand a lot from it. I think this is true of many novices like me. I congratulate you.


Stacey said...

hey vin yeah tried what u said but change html code to what u said, saved it, says changes to html taken but then changes them back to what was?


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