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Put Streaming Audio In Blog.

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Streaming Audio or Streaming Video, both also called as Streaming Media is multimedia that is continuously received by, and normally displayed to, the end-user while it is being delivered by the provider.

It is a method of transmitting files so that a part of the file starts playing in your Media Player while the rest of the file is being received. The file is not saved to your disk or PC. Part of the file is received into a 'buffer' from which it is played while the rest of the file arrives. Hence the viewer experience depends on the speed of your Internet connection. The file may freeze while playing if due to a dial-up connection enough of it has not arrived in the 'buffer'.

We have already seen how to put Streaming Video in your blog. Here is how to put Streaming Audio in your blog...........


First you will have to create your Audio file. For this you can use your PC Multimedia and software such as Audacity which is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds in Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems. For this post I have taken a demo MP3 file which is a short music file.


After creating your MP3 file you have to upload file to a free host. This will enable viewer's to access it at any time. I have uploaded my demo MP3 file to my account at Googlepages where free hosting is provided upto 500 MB at present. After uploading the file copy down the link of the file (Link 1). My link to this file is :


Do not attempt to access this link as the file will simply download to your machine without playing. To play the file we have to create a pointer file.....


This is the file which will point to your MP3 file. For this open Notepad and paste the link (Link 1)of your file at Googlepages in it. Then save the file with a M3U extension. That is call it MYDEMO.M3U. Upload this file to Googlepages. Copy down the link to this file (Link 2). This is the link of my pointer file :


Notice that the file names are not the same.


In your blog post create a link to the pointer file. Type in "Click here to play Streaming Audio". Highlight the phrase and click the link icon in top frame of post editor. Paste the link of the pointer file (Link 2) in the popup window and OK it. You can also create it manually by pasting this code in Edit Html tab of Post Editor :

<a href="LINK 2">Click here to play Streaming Audio</a>

You can also paste the code above in a Html/Javascript Page Element in the sidebar. Here is what it will look like :

Click here to play Streaming Audio

If you click on the above link you will be prompted to save the file or play it in the default Media Player on your PC. Choose to play it instead of saving it and the Media Player will download and play the file while buffering it. The file will not be saved to your PC.

Advantages of this method is the file does not start playing automatically while loading the page. The viewer has the choice to view/play the file or save it. Many viewers are turned off by embedded music blaring from their speakers when a web page is loaded and may not return.



Bob said...

Hi Vin:
I would like to have the audio play in a player. There is an mp3 player available on Google gadgets, but I don't like it. Where can I find some cool looking players that I can add to my blog post please? Yes, I do want to give my listeners the ability to play the file without it playing automatically. Thank you

vin said...


Just Google for a myspace resource site. Plenty of Flash players there.

Martoni said...

Hi Vin, until two weeks ago all workt perfect this way. But now my links don't work anymore.Do you know what happened?

Thanks Martoni

See: http://www.martoni-formaeelenco.blogspot.com/

Vin said...


Try clearing the cache. See :

How to Clear Cache.

Use Firefox browser.

TSHusker said...

I have a blogspot blog and would love to allow others to hear a song via a blog posting, but I don't necessarily want to put a link on my blog that would allow them to download the song (you know, copyright and all). Your suggestion re: m3u is good, but it still allows them to download the file. Do you have any suggestions of what I can do?



Vin said...


You need a site like fandalism.com where you can upload music and they give you the EMBED code to paste in your blog. Just Google for other such sites.

Mishka said...

I am using google page creator to host my music.. sometimes, i cant play my songs from my playlist... Google pages says i have exceeded bandwidth.. what does it mean? Are there any other file hosting websites like googlepages? need help!!

Vin said...

Lady Vamkovic,

Try Fileden.com or hotlinkfiles.com or mediafire.com.

G4Guitar said...

Does anyone know how I can upload mp3s to a website so I can use the player?


Vin said...


Which player are you referring to?

Scott said...

Hi - I followed all the steps but it's not working. When I click on the pointer-link, I get a "404 File Not Found" message. Any advice?

Vin said...


Where is the pointer-link in your blog? I don't see it!

Scott said...

I'll put it back in - thanks!

Even when I click on the "uploaded stuff" on the Googlepages site I get the same message; it's as if it's trying to "view" the link.

Scott said...

I didn't use Notepad but TextEdit for the m3u file (I have a Mac); don't think that's the problem, but not sure?

Anonymous said...

If this is a guide for dummies, I must be a sub-dummy. I want to put a song in a post. I have the code from a third party. Is there an easy way to do this? Can I put it in a tag? Do I really need a player for this? The instructions on blog help are incorrect. I do not have a tab called Template Elements, nor widgets, etc. Help!

Vin said...


Login at Blogger.com
Click Layout link on Dashboard.
Click ‘Add Gadget’ link on Page Elements tab.
Popup window will open.
Scroll down in Popup window.
Click Html/Javeascript.
Paste code in contents..
Save Html gadget.

Live Brass said...


But what about multiple files in one player? Do I need some flash player or could I still use the one I have now(windows media), cause it has the buttons for 'next' and 'previous'. Or does it just come that way? I don't want to have 5 diferent players for 5 diferent songs. If possible, I'd like to keep it simple :)
Thanks in advance!

Vin said...

Live Brass,

Try playlist.com or imeem.com or last.fm

Joé McKen said...

Hey Vin! Thanks for the awesome site, couldn't ravamped my blog from default to slightly-less-noob-in-appearance without your wonderful articles. I really can't thank you enough.

Anyway, I got a problem with this streaming audio thing. I want to show my songs I write to viewers via playable links like you say, so I uploaded my .mp3 files to MediaFire.com, copied their individual links and made .m3u 'pointer files' with them (copied the links in the files with Notepad, saved the files). I then uploaded those .m3u files to MediaFire.

But whenever, on my blog, I link to one of those pointer files, it brings the browser to the download section of that file instead of playing the song, as you can see from my Test Post.

Test Post URL:

Any help would be really appreciated. (Not that you haven't done so already. :P ) Thanks.

Vin said...


Try some other host like fileden.com. Just Google for "free file hosting"

Joé McKen said...

Yes! Once again you've prevailed, Vin. You should make this into your job or something, you're pretty dang good at it. :)

I'm currently using FileDen, and although I find their features to be lacking and the site to be overrun with bandwidth-sucking ads, at least it works now. Thank you, once again.

icastico said...

If you are posting/streaming original music...the internet archive is a good place for hosting. Simple interface, and stable servers.

I like your site...some tricks I will have to try on my site.

DM said...

Hi Vin,
I got it working perfect in Google Chrome so that when embedded link on my site is clicked another tab opens quick time player and audio begins. But when I try the same thing in Internet Explorer, I get a page showing the .mp3 file in my google files. It plays only when clicking the hypertexted link. This time it opens in media player. Can I streamline this so I get the same action each time?
Thanks so much.

Elliot Margolies said...

Hi Vin,
I uploaded my audio clips to archive.org and pasted the embed code directly into my blogsite at:
My site has a lot of clips that are each from a longer interview with a particular person. Each person is a separate blog entry but there may be 12 audio clips per person.

The problem is that blogger is loading all the clips from all the interviews before it stabilizes. It is not waiting for a user to click a particular audio clip before it starts loading that clip. Consequently it takes several minutes of loading before you can navigate around the site and it will only get worse as I add more blog entries with their respective audio clips.

Should I have inserted the embed codes into the "html-java" gadget instead of directly into the blog text? If so, can I still put a text description just above each audio clip? Or is the playlist function that you mention above a possible solution to the problem?

Thanks so much for your time and EXPERTISE. You provide an awesome resource.

Vin said...

Community Media 2.0,

Which browser and version are you using?

CommunityMedia said...

Hi Vin,
I am using Firefox V. 3.0.10
I have a Mac iBook G4

I have read the excellent post you have for streaming audio but I get stuck on the step called:


This is the file which will point to your MP3 file. For this open Notepad and paste the link (Link 1)of your file at Googlepages in it. Then save the file with a M3U extension. That is call it MYDEMO. M3U. Upload this file to Googlepages."

If all I've done is created a file name with an M3U extension, then what do I have to upload? Or am I supposed to open up my mp3 audio clip and do a "Save As" with the M3U extension and then upload that version of the audio clip?

Archive.org (the host site of my audio clips) automatically provides you with an M3U extension to every clip you upload. I thought perhaps I could just create the link to the M3U that they provide. I've tried all sorts of URL constructions with what they provide, but none have gotten me to the audio clip. Some get me to Archive.org but it says the specific page can't be found. (I'm not including the URL's because your notes ask us not to do that. But maybe you could see what I mean if you go to http://www-dot-archive-dot-org/details/22_Soule_Localism. There you will see the M3U listing. Next to the M3U filename, is a link called Stream. When I click it, the audio clip plays in my iTunes library.

Thanks for your guidance.

Vin said...


Try working on a friends PC and all your problems will disappear. Sorry to say but Macs are friendly with everything except Blogger!


Kiki said...

When i upload the M3U file when i click on it I dont get the song, I get a page full of gibberish. I originally uploaded all files as Mp3 or M4a and thought everything was working fine, but when clicking the link in my blog it redirected me to the google groups file and would start playing (for like half a second, then quit) What i Would ideally like o have is one of the players where you can individually play each song (like on this site http://www.noiseporn.com/ )
Is this possible on a blogger blog???
Thank you,


Spoor said...

I'm having problems with posting music directly into my blog post. I'm using blogger and I can't seem to make a link that you click on to play the full song that I've uploaded to google groups. How can I get this to work properly?

Ken said...


Thanks for your help. I did what you said, but with Box Net instead of Google Pages. My mp3's are playing now. Ken

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