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Cool Blue Web 2.0 Fluid Template for Blogger.

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Here is the Cool Blue Web 2.0 Template for Blogger. The main features of this are :

1. Widget Ready.

2. Layout Template.

3. Rounded Corners for columns Header and Footer.

4. Fluid Width for any resolution.

5. Graphics provided in WinZip file. Create an account at Googlepages or Photobucket. Upload images there and copy their link and paste it instead of these links in the template :

div.rounded {
background: #c3d9ff url( no-repeat bottom left;

div.rounded * {
background: #c3d9ff url( no-repeat bottom right;

div.rounded h1, div.rounded h4 {
color: #356aa0;
background: #c3d9ff url( no-repeat top right !important;
display: list-item;
list-style-image: url( !important;

You can do this by clicking on Layout on Blogger Dashboard after login at Then click Edit Html subtab of Template tab to make above changes in template box and save.

REMEMBER to Backup Previous Template to PC and also Backup Widget Template data before changing templates.

6. Web 2.0 colors.

7. Three Columns with posts column first for better SEO.

Checkout the Demo Blog.

Download template Link : Cool Blue Web 2.0 Template. Do keep the credits intact.


Tradewinds Water said...

Hi Vin:
If I upload my template images to Google Page Creator and then decide to use rather than, will I loose my template images? Thanks a million. Nice template.

vin said...

Tradewinds Water,

That should not be a problem. Just remember to change the code in the template and clear cache :

before viewing blog.

Bhairavi Andrea said...

I like it...I'm just worried about losing all of my widgets, etc. when apply this. I don't feel like searching for all of them again. :)

vin said...


Before changing to any template always backup the widgets template data :

Cix said...

Hi Vin:
Nice template!
It's possible to change the color of template?

vin said...


Have a look at :

Change Background Blog Colors

Shane said...

Perfect this is what I was after ... Thank YOU for doing the work for all of us to make life so much easier!

Expect Miracles...

Shane said...

Thank YOU so much again for this been playing with it and need a tad bit of help .....

As you can see made some changes ... for some reason I can not for the life of me get your text on the footer to show up .. How do I fix this? Messed with all the code in the footer section and it just stays like that. This is my very first time with XML use to HTML.

I would also like your link to open in a new tab or new window so not to leave my page completely ... How can I do this? kept telling me my code was invalid.

Thaks again so much I LOVE THIS Template. Oh and your other post today helped me with my eheader.

Expect Miracles...

Vin said...

Hi Shane,

Great blog! Do not worry about the footer text. For links to open in new window add a target="_blank" to the link code. Also see :

Open Links in New Window.

Shane said...

Sweet! I was placing "new" ... Thank YOU much!

Shane said...

I am back ... smiles.
Things are moving along very well thank YOU again for getting me started with this great template.

Question now is several of my widgets in the 2 right hand collums get cut off and don't show the whole thing on down. I asume this is in the template area but can not figure out what needs changing. Thanks for your help yet again.

You can see what I meam Disney Vacations Blog The Blog Rush one in the middle collim and the ads right next to that should have 3 not the one only.

Expect Miracles...

Vin said...


Seems OK in Firefox!

Thomas Pluck said...

Very nice template Vin. I was unable to get a Header pic to work in it- kept showing blank. Any ideas?
I'm using an image map at but I tried just putting the image in this template and couldn't get it to show up.

Thanks for a great, informative site.

Vin said...

Tommy Salami,

What is the blog address? Try it on a test blog first.

Thomas Pluck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomas Pluck said...

The test blog is at

The columns work beautifully. Great job. I need to put an html/javascript item in the Rounded header for an image map is all. I think you already wrote about how to add items to a header so I'll search.

Any way to make the text size in the bottom widget adjustable? It's very tiny. Other than that everything works great.

Vin said...

Tommy Salami,

Have a look at How to add Background Picture in Header in CSS part of Template.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog page new to blogging would like to add a swf file to my blog page is there a simple method of doing it without having to visit 1 million websites to find no answer

Vin said...


Have a look at Flash for Bloggers.


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