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Add Post Title to Read More Expandable Post Summaries.

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A reader has asked "Instead of using READ MORE! after the summary, how to change it to Read More On "Post Title"? ".

He wants to incorporate the Post Title in the Expandable Post Summaries Blogger Hack..............

The expandable post summaries hack is one of the most popular Blogger hacks as it reduces the length of the Main Page. It also provides a 'teaser' summary of your posts which the viewer can quickly scan many posts before deciding which post to read in it's entireity.

The implementation of the expandable post summaries hack which I have detailed in an earlier post consists of three steps :

1. Adding conditional CSS to your template. This ensures that the Main Page of your blog displays only summaries of posts.

2. Adding the 'Read More' link in the expanded widgets template.

3. Changing the Post Template so that every new post created can be divided into a Summary part on the Main Page and the full post on the Post Pages.


To modify the 'Read More' link at the bottom of your post so that the Post Title becomes appended to it you have to change the code in the second part above.

To do this login to and click on Layout link on the Dashboard. Then click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab. Put a check in the Expand Widgets Template box and scroll down to this code which should be present if you have added the Expanded Post Summaries hack :

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<span style='font-weight:bold;'><span style='font-size:120%;'><a expr:href='data:post.url' target='_blank'>Read more!</a></span></span>

Change this code to :

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<span style='font-weight:bold;'><span style='font-size:120%;'><a expr:href='data:post.url' target='_blank'>Read more On "<data:post.title/>"!</a></span></span>

The code in RED has been added. Click Preview to approve change. Save Template. Clear Cache and View Blog.



Olgy Gary said...

Thanks for this particular blog. It's just what I needed to add the RSS feed comment/button to the top of my blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the dummies guide. Have been really helpful.

Anonymous said...

I love you... you're awesome... you make it so simple -- THANK YOU!!

Talia said...

Hi Vin

This doesn't work for me

I tried your code and followed the instructions but it inserted a read more link at the top of existing posts even though I hadn't put anything into old posts.

Then it had the full content below it anyway.

I don't know why it did that as I hadn't put that span class in the content of old posts.

I ended up taking out the code just before data:post.body/ because it was mucking up

Any help appreciated!
I tried it at
but I took out the second part of the code.

Vin said...


You have to first implement the Expandable Post summaries hack.

Karina said...

I love your guide, it's absolutely so easy to undarstand. thanks VIN!

mhrmasum said...

hi blogdoctor all of your post is awesome and helpful for all the blogger. Thanks a lot for such kind of website of your. Day by day i will be great fan of your website. keep it up. and i also subscribe to your blog. take care dude

kostasg said...

Is there a way to make this "read more" feature sparkle or blink in some way?

Vin said...


Add <blink> tag before the code for the link and </blink> tag after the link code.


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