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Backlinks With Bob and Alice!

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When you open a single post in any blog on Blogger you will find at the bottom two sentences which may mystify you. See picture below :

Click on picture to enlarge it. The first sentence is : "Links to this Post". The second is a link which may follow it closely : "Create a Link".

So you say to yourself "OK! Let's create a link!" and you click on the "Create a Link" link. Instantly a popup window comes up which mystifies you further. See picture below :

"Now what the #$@%&*##?" you say to yourself......................

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This is the "Blog This" window. It opens the post editor in your blog with the Title and Link fields already filled in with the Title and the link of the post on which you clicked the link. Also a link to the post is present in the body of the post along with the correct anchor text.

All you have to do now is to type in your opinion or comment on the post and select the blog (if you have many blogs) you wish to publish the post in. Then on clicking the Publish button below the post is instantly published to your blog. You do not have to go through the usual route of login at and clicking on +New Post link on Dashboard.

What you have just done is put a link in your blog post instantly, instead of going through the normal route of coding it in. The advantage is that you do not have to leave the post, on the blog which has caught your interest, to blog about it on your own blog.

Now after publishing the post Google will index it and show the original blog that you have talked about him on your blog by putting a backlink on his blog. That backlink will point to your published post.

So the "Create a Link" link does indeed create a link but not on your blog. It is instead a backlink on someone else's blog pointing to your blog. The official Blogger Help page gives a nice example :

"For instance, suppose Alice writes a blog entry that Bob finds interesting. Bob then goes to his own blog and writes a post of his own about it, linking back to Alice's original post. Now Alice's post will automatically show that Bob has linked to it, and it will provide a short snippet of his text and a link to his post."

See picture below explaining the process :

Click on picture to enlarge it.

There is a difference in Blogger blogs. There is no short snippet as happens with trackbacks in Wordpress blogs. There are only Backlinks. See picture below of the current backlinks on How to put a picture in the Header post on this blog :


1. You cannot create a backlink on your own post unless you put a link to it in another post.

2. You can add a "Blog This" link to your browser Toolbar. Drag this link to your browser's Links bar. Now you can instantly launch your Blog Post Editor from any site.

3. Backlinks are seen only after you enable them in Settings----->Comments----->Backlinks Show and also check "Backlinks Default for Posts" and Save Settings.

4. You can turn off showing backlinks for individual posts by clicking Post Options link in bottom left frame of the Post Editor.

5. Backlinks are shown after the link carrying post is indexed by Google BlogSearch. If you find that the post is not indexed by it you can ping Google Blogsearch manually. Copy and paste the URL or Permalink of the post carrying the link in the text box and click on "Submit Blog' button.

6. You can choose to delete the 'NO-FOLLOW' tag on your backlinks.

7. You can show the link of the post you link to as a separate 'Related Article' Link in your post footer.

8. You have to wait for a few seconds after the blog page is fully loaded before the backlinks will show up.

9. Snippets are seen on Trackbacks which are present in Wordpress blogs. At present Blogger has only backlinks. CORRECTION and UPDATE : Sorry Folks! My Bad! As Jose Lamas Rios has pointed out :
Backlinks in blogger do have snippets. Next to each backlink you'll see a triangle pointing to the right (the same one it's used for archive entries in the sidebar). When you click on it, the triangle will point down and a snippet will be shown.
Thanks for the correction Jose. Only thing is that in Wordpress the snippet is immediately seen and you do not have to click any arrow to expand it!! Thanks anyway. Much Obliged!

10. Lastly do not expect to be notified every time a backlink appears on your blog posts. There is NO backlink notification feature.


Unknown said...

Backlinks in blogger do have snippets. Next to each backlink you'll see a triangle pointing to the right (the same one it's used for archive entries in the sidebar). When you click on it, the triangle will point down and a snippet will be shown.

vin said...

Thanks Jose! My bad. Don't know how I missed it!! Have put it in the post above.

Unknown said...

No prob. Glad to be of help. Keep up your good work.

Free Money Maker said...

Thanks joe for nice blog post.i want from you have a look on my site htt[://
I have readyour site feeds post and have implemented it in my blog.But when clicking on that a default file are coming to save.And it wont opened.What to do?

vin said...


Have you followed the instructions in this post :

Install Feed Icons

and By The Way the name is Vin and not "joe"!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I have had my blog up for about a year and a half, and for most of that time, the backlinks have worked (for the most part--not every blog that linked to my posts showed up, but most of them did). Recently, though, backlinks are not showing up at all, despite the fact that I still have them enabled. Any ideas how to fix that?

Vin said...


Have a look at :

Known Issues

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks, Vin--I'll see if I can figure something out, using that.

Thanks again.

Pushhyarag2000 said...


As usual, I'm being a little dumb-I couldn't figure out how to implement the following instruction in your post: 'You can add a "Blog This" link to your browser Toolbar. Drag this link to your browser's Links bar. Now you can instantly launch your Blog Post Editor from any site'. Can you describe a little more?-particularly the step-by-step instructions. I am keen on implementing this & waiting to see your reply.


Vin said...


What part of the instructions you are having difficulty with?

Pushhyarag2000 said...


That was the silliest question which you may have encountered-I realized it and you may treat the question as terminated. It was a simple instruction to drag the highlighted link straight on to my Links bar, which I simply got 'mystified'. Done it. Thanks for the patience.

However, I've posted two more sensible/burning questions under a relevant topic/post elsewhere.

Angie's Recipes said...

Hallo Vin

Doesn't that mean if I want to blog 10 posts, and everytime I click "create a link", then that would be 10 more new posts appear on my page?
Say now I want to link this post to any one of my existing posts, but when I clicked to "create a link" , it created a new post on my page. Did I do anything wrong?

Vin said...

Angie's Recipes,

That is what "Create a Link" does. It creates a link to this post in YOUR blog on a NEW post. You then have only to click Publish at bottom of the post editor.

To put this post link in an OLD post just use the permalink of the post to construct a link after opening the old post in post editor.

Angie's Recipes said...

Thank you Vin, clear now. :-))
I really really appreciate your immediate reply and help!

MandM said...

When I click on create a link on my blog the wrong anchor text is showing up. Instead of the post title I am getting the title of my blog.

This problem does not stop here.

It is affecting my popular posts widget which now only shows the title of my blog even though the url still points to the individual post and I am finding the same problem in my twitter gadget - the title of the blog comes up when I try to tweet the post.

My blog is nearly 3 years old, this is a recent problem, the anchor text for the post title used to show up in every instance above until recently.

I assume I have inadvertantly mucked something up in my html. Please let me know what to look for and change so I can fix it.

(Also, I have suddenly lost spaces between things in my post footer - if you know how to fix that that would rock too - my labels have no spaces between then and there is no spaced between the date and the the "posted by name at" text.)

Vin said...


First backup template.

Then backup widgets.Then click on 'Revert widget templates to default' link at the bottom of the Template code box on Layout---->Page Elements subtab.

MandM said...

Argh that sounds scary. When I changed the template fixing the widgets that malfunctioned caused many grey hairs.

Are you saying though that backing them up is a precaution, that all I should need to do is click on "Revert widget templates to default"?

Or will I then need to put them all back in too?

Vin said...


You have to re add widgets after changing the template unless you followed steps in Keep widgets and change Blogger Template.Only after widgets are added you can change them to default.

wasim khan said...

Hi, Great article for back links. Thanks for nice work.

Alessandro said...

Hi ! I think your site is one the best resorces to a blog owner. I´m a begginer and using your informations posted here. Thanks a lot !


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