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Create Second Profile for Blogs.

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When you have many blogs in one account you may need to display a separate profile for some of the blogs. For professional blogs a profile showing only business information would look better. One way of doing this is to create another account and transfer your professional blogs to it.

All blogs under one account share the same default Blogger Profile. To have blogs in the same account showing a different profile you should delete the default profile widget and create another widget and also another profile page............


A default profile widget is added to a blog as soon as you create it. It contains your profile photo if you have added it in Edit Profile settings. It also contains the link to your profile page. To delete this widget login at and click on Layout link on Dashboard. Then click Edit link in the profile widget and click Remove button in the popup window. This does not delete the widget permanently. You can add the widget back to your blog at any time.


To add an alternative profile widget login at and click on Layout link on Dashboard. Then click on 'Add Page Element' link and choose the Html/Javascript option. In the contents window paste this code :

<a href='LINK OF PROFILE'><img alt='My Photo' class='profile-img' height='48' src='LINK OF PHOTO'width='48'/></a>

<dl class='profile-datablock'>
<dt class='profile-data'>YOUR NAME</dt>

<dd class='profile-textblock'>A FEW WORDS ABOUT YOU.</dd>
<a class='profile-link' href='PROFILE LINK'>View my complete profile</a>

Replace the CAPS and Save.


You cannot delete your default profile page but you can create a profile post and backdate it so that it does not appear on the Main Page. For this login at and click on +New Post link on Dashboard. Then in Edit Html tab of Post Editor you can put in whaterver information you wish to show in your second profile. If you want a profile similar to your Blogger profile you can download this file. Change the red code to your information. It is a Word file so do a select all and copy and paste into Notepad. Then copy and paste from there to Edit Html tab of Post Editor.

The code is arranged in a table so after pasting arrange it in a continuous fashion without line breaks. You can also try turning off line breaks in Settings---->Formatting. It will look like this :

Before publishing change the date of the post to a date in the past so that it does not appear on the Main Page.


You can also create a profile page at Google Page Creator. It is free and also gives free file hosting. Create an account. Then click on +Create a New Page. Give title as Blogger Profile. Click the 'Change Look' link on the Edit page and choose the first 'Simple' look. Then click the 'Change Layout' link and choose the first '1 Columnn-Left' option. Click once in the contents box below the subheader and then click the Edit Html link at bottom left.

Copy and paste the code from the Notepad file as done when you created the Profile Post above. Then save and pulish. See a sample profile page here. (Best viewed with Firefox).
Put the link of this page in your alternate profile widget.


If you want to customize your profile widget first delete the default profile widget and then add a Html Page element and put code in it to show information as you want it to be shown.


Peter said...

Hi! That's a great tip - very much appreciated.


SilverMagpie said...

Thanks a lot! I've been wondering how I can manage this. It's been very useful ;-)

Cool Blogger said...


Can u guide me on how to add alternative profile (description about me) for bloggers using the old blogger template? Appreciate it very much

Vin said...

Cool Blogger,

1. Create a post titled ‘About Me’ in your blog. Type in it what you want to reveal about yourself.
2. Publish the post.
3. Open that post in browser and copy the link from the address bar.
4. In your Template code box scroll down to this code :
<!-- Begin #profile-container --><$BlogMemberProfile$><!-- End #profile -->

Replace it with :
<h2 class="sidebar-title">What's Cool</h2>

<p>A Site Dedicated for Cool Blog Accessories</p>
<p>Type here a brief paragraph about you</p>
<a href=”LINK_OF_PROFILE_POST_FROM_STEP_3”>View My Complete Profile</a>

Replace the CAPS with the link of your profile post.

5. Save Template.

Cool Blogger said...

Tks a lot Vin...You really save the day :)

RMCI said...

Thank you - I'll give it a try and let you know. I'm a bit uneasy as I am somewhat technically challenged......

Anonymous said...

Hello Vin,

Thnx a lot for sharing all this information with us .....

Katney said...

This might work for some of us dealing with profile issues. Thanks.

هذيان said...

Hi I'm trying to change the profile image(icon) by the control panel but it can't changed !!
when I click to remove image its blinking for a second and return back again any help ?!

Best Regards

Vin said...

هذيان ,

Try clearing the cache.

Use Firefox browser.

The Prodigal Tourist said...

I'll give it a shot when the pubs are open. Thanks lots!

Mercedes said...

Thanks so much for all the work you do here to help us that are less fortunate :) Okay, so I've created a second blog and have inserted the html code for a different profile, but I am confused as to how I paste the picture link and the profile link. Help!?

Vin said...


Login at
Click View Profile link on Dashboard.
Profile page will open.
Copy the link from the address bar and paste instead of "PROFILE LINK".

Upload photo to and use the Direct Link of the picture.

saikiran said...

thanks vin this is a great information thanks for sharing !


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