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How to Hide Blog Title, Description.

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Your blog title and description is very important for search optimization. Search engines when indexing your blog use the title and description tags. Hence these are indispensable fields.

However sometimes you may require to hide your Blog Title and description. The new option to upload images to Blogger Header gives you one option to do this while uploading an image to your header. If you are adding a picture to the background of the header then you do not have this option. Here is another method.........


To do this login at and click on Layouts link on Dashboard. Then click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab. First backup your template. Then scroll down to this code :

#header h1 {
margin:5px 5px 0;
padding:15px 20px .25em;
font: normal normal 200% Georgia, Serif;
display:none; /*<---Insert this line*/

Insert the "display:none;" line in the code for the header as shown above. Click Preview button to see the effect. Save Template. Clear Cache. View Blog.


To hide the blog description scroll down to this code in the blog template :

#header .description {
margin:0 5px 5px;
padding:0 20px 15px;
line-height: 1.4em;
font: normal normal 78% 'Trebuchet MS', Trebuchet, Arial, Verdana, Sans-serif;
color: #999999;
display:none; /*<---Insert this line*/

Insert the "display:none;" line in the code for the header as shown above. Click Preview button to see the effect. Save Template. Clear Cache. View Blog.



Anonymous said...

thanks for good idea :)

Traci Bunkers said...

Thanks! I've spent the whole day pulling my hair out because blogger kept stretching out my image. So, I followed your other tip about adding a "page element" in the header to put my banner in, and then hiding the title.

Cron said...

Oh. My. God! You are a life saver! Your tip gave me the header i've meant to had for a while. Thank you very much!

Sara Moon said...

Thank you, Vin!! All your advice helped me resize my banner.

Anonymous said...

Lo sentimos, pero no hemos podido llevar a cabo tu petición.

Al notificar este error al servicio de asistencia de Blogger o al grupo de ayuda de Blogger:

Describe lo que estabas haciendo cuando recibiste este error.
Proporciona el siguiente código de error e información adicional.
Información adicional
blogID: 6438417010758351322
postID: 1205427359837302382
uri: /

Esta información nos ayudará a detectar tu problema específico y solucionarlo. Disculpa las molestias

I tried to post a comment.

Vin said...


This error is due to Blogger servers. Some remedies :

Clear Cache.

Restart browser.

Restart computer.

Clear Cookies.

Massy Biagio said...

Thank You , Vin. Your are the only best one. Ok. Now I'd li,e to know a thing. You said that for Google search engine and others search engine is very important our ttle and Description of blog. i know if someone use embeded text penalised by Google. I hope this method is right for search engines. i don't want my blog at the end of all search engine. i work one year to becomes my Blog at the top of all queries for more important "words".. In Your article you don't write if that method is good or not Good for search engine ( or Seo friendly).. Bye and thanks from Italy.

Mark Harris said...

Thanks a bunch, my header title bleed through my image, but I need the description which comes out below it. I also have a box as part of the design with a random number in it that I can't get rid of... odd.
Hopefully I can find the answer with folks like you around!

Vin said...

Mark Harris,

What is the blog address?

Mark Harris said...

I tried entering your code after each header entry as shown, but one at a time. I always get the error:
More than one widget was found with id: Feed2. Widget IDs should be unique.
I get that for every edit I have ever tried. I also tried importing templates and it will not accept them either.

Vin said...

Mark Harris,

The above post does not mention any code to be added after each header entry!

The code line has to be added in the CSS part of the template WITHIN the header code.

What code did you add? You seem to have added a Feed widget code! Also see :

Error Messages in Blogger Templates.

Have you added the Blog Description by :

going to Settings--->Basic---->Description--->Add Description and Save Settings.

kkkkkk said...

thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou s00000000000000000000000much you are the best!! newsLOL from the philippines

NightShadow said...

Hey vin, does following these instructions make my blog harder to find on google?

Because I only want the flash file as the header. There's a minor header on top of this flash header which I would like to hide:

Vin said...


Google does not index Flash files. To make blog easier to find on Google see Top 10 SEO Tips for Blogs.

Vapor Wisp said...

Neat little fix and it did the trick, but I still have a problem. My page title is part of the background image of the blog. When I set the header to display:none, my first blog post moved up and is now sitting on top of the part of my image that is the page title!

Can you help?

Vapor Wisp said...

I actually figured out a fix to my problem!

Instead of changing the header code to include display:none, I added a visibility toggle and set it to hidden, then I changed the font size until it was big enough to keep my posts from encroaching on my background image, like this:

#header-wrapper h1 {
font: normal 5em Tahoma,sans-serif;

It worked a charm, check it out.

Thanks for your tutorial, it got me pointed in the right direction.

i'm pleating with you said...

Thanks, that was very helpful!

super iota said...

THANK YOU! Worked instantly and your instructions were easy to understand.

I have been struggling with finding an answer to this problem after I edited some of the html code for the basic blogger Minama template to a 3-column layout. The usual manner of control this through customize – page layout – header – edit produced no results. I have been pulling my hair out over this, Thank you, now I can continue with my design plans!

Iskandar Dzulkarnain said...

thanx ... it's useful

Miah said...

Thank goodness for this post, I was able to hide my blog's description on Blogger... Thank you, your posts was such a big help, been searching for it...

Kelly said...

I was planning to place a flash header on the blog I'm handling. Thanks to your awesome tip my plan pushed through! :-)

buy essay said...

Well, this was such a great tip for us blog makers. Thank you for posting this thing.

Unknown said...

it worked and looks great!
Thanks so much for sharing


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