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Increase search rank in Country specific Google Search.

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Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Better geographic choices for webmasters
now gives your blog the chance to appear in country-specific Google search results. For instance if you have a blog in Russian you would want it to appear in the search results when viewers search If you have a blog in Hindi you would like it to appear in searches.

To do this go to Google Webmasters Tools and after you have verified your blog and added it, click on Tools heading in the sidebar and then on 'Set Geographic Target' subheading and check the radio button to Associate a geographic location with this site. Then select your Country, Street address, City/Town/State and Zip and Save. If you are targeting the whole world select 'Do not associate a geographic location with this site' and Save.

At the moment this feature can associate your site with a single country and location only. If no information is entered here then geographic associations will be made largely based on the top-level domain (e.g. or .ca) and the IP of the webserver from which the context was served.


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Anonymous said...

now i know hos to get specific geo. traffic. thanks buddy for this valuable information

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Thank you for sharing.


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