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Put Powerpoint and Pdf Files in Blog.

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One method of putting Powerpoint presentations and Pdf files in your blog is by uploading them to a free host and putting the file links in your blog. This method does not allow you to actually display the files in your blog. Viewers can download the files and then view them on their PC.

Another method uses Google Presentations where you can create your presentations and show them on your blog in an iframe. This is not a very optimal method.

You can also convert Powerpoint presentations into Flash and then embed them in your blog post.

Here is another easy method with which you can embed powerpint presentations, word documents, pdf files and audio files in your blog..................


Create your powerpoint presentation or have a file ready.

Create a free account at Scribd.com. Scribd is a site which lets you publish and share your files online. You can publish, convert, embed, analyze, and read documents using their custom Flash document viewer. Upload your file there and in the sidebar you will get the code under Embed. Copy and paste the code in Edit Html tab of post viewer. If you want to resize the presentation click the 'advanced' link to customize the height and width. See below :


After uploading your file to Scribd click the download link in the sidebar and choose whatever option : pdf, doc, powerpoint etc. The file is downloaded in that format


I converted the above powerpoint presentation as a pdf file. Then I uploaded the pdf file and pasted the EMBED code below :

Above is a pdf file containing one slide of the presentation per page.


You can upload Word (.doc), PDF (.pdf), text (.txt), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Postscript (.ps), or LIT (.lit) file and even MP3 podcasts to Scribd containing information about your blog. You can tag these files with relevant keywords. You can also join Groups of your interest within Scribd and publicize your blog or site. After login at Scribd click on the Groups link at the top.

When you view your document at Scribd relevant documents are also shown on the same topic. For instance you can check out my presentation at BBD BLOG. Scribd also gives Traffic analysis of your document by clicking the link at the bottom of the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Vin. It works really fine.
I used it with two files and their flash versions are workink ok, but now I can't put any more files in scribd. I know it's not your problem but maybe you know what is happening.

vin said...


What error message are you getting? Try contacting Scribd.

Anonymous said...

No error message. Upload finishes ok and then in the Conversion step, the queue of pending documents reaches 0 and stays there forever.
I've sent an email to scribd support.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Vin. I've the answer from scribd.
They are overloaded and planning a new design for optimizing the conversion process. They expect to be ready by New Year with an instant conversion without limits of users. In the meanwhile they recomend to be patient.

Souheïla said...

Thank you very very much, this post is very useful!!

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Vin, does your first reference to scribd.com ("free account at Scribd.com") need an http:// in the link so it goes off to the web site?

Vin said...


Thanks! Have corrected it.

Unknown said...

Funtastic. Scribd rocks.

Anonymous said...

Scribd.com is not working.
I am not able to load ppt,doc files. Getting server(IO) error.

Vin said...


Scribd is working fine as you can still see the examples in the above post. Try any/all of the following :

Clear the cache.

Use Firefox browser.

Change browsers.

Test your connection by going to some other site/s.

Try from another computer in a friend's place or cybercafe.

Do not use Office computers as they are usually behind firewalls.

Try after some time.

Try at different times of the day/night.

Reboot and try again.

Google for a 'web proxy' and try to go through that.

Look at the Help/Support page on Scribd.com for solutions.

Lotus from Asia.... said...

WoW..thanks so much VIN. I got to put my powerpoint on my blog. You can see me at www.bigheaddolly.blogspot.com..Cheers guys!

Bonms said...

Thank you very much VIN.
I will try with Scribd .
Hope it work.

Anonymous said...

i love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vin, totally cool to be able to share these files with my readers! Grazie mille!

Unknown said...

how do you convert powerpoint or even word files?

Vin said...


What do you want to convert powerpoint or Word files to?

At zamzar.com you can convert files.

Slayt said...

the information provided is quite helpful for anyone...


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