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Best of 2007- A Blog Snapshot!

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I know what you did last summer! How did we do in 2007? What were the best posts and the best moments of 2007?

We present to you a Blog Review of 2007...........

When 2007 started this blog was only two months old. There was already a good amount of content in the blog. These were the most popular posts published in 2006 :

How to Add Picture to a Beta Blog Header?

How to Change Width of Blog?

What are Widgets?

How to Add Content with RSS Feeds?

How to Add Picture to Background?

How to Customize the Header?

How to Submit Site to Search Engines?

How to Submit Site to Google?

How to List Previous Posts by Title?

How to Backup your Blog?

How to Add YouTube Video to Blog?

CSS Tips and Tricks for Bloggers.

In January 2007 we compiled the first list of error messages and their correction in the new blogger Layout Templates :

Error Messages in New Blogger Layout Templates.

We also made the first Book Layout Template for the New Blogger :

Post a Book in the New Blogger.

We also tackled other subjects like :

How to Use the Link Field?

How to make Links Open in New Window and Mail To Links?

How to Make Image Links?

In February 2007 we solved problems that had been bothering Bloggers using the new Blogger Layouts like :

How to make Expandable Post Summaries?

How to put Music in Your Blog?

How to put Flash files in Blog header and posts?

How to Add a Third Column to your Blog?

How to put Social Bookmarks in your blog?

How to Upload files to Blogger?

In March 2007 we tackled :

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs.

How to Backup Widgets before changing Layout Template?

How to make Thumbnail Albums in your Blog?

How to Install a counter in your blog?

In April 2007 we showed how to Increase Traffic using attractive content and other offline methods.

Some posts for beginners like How to Construct Blog Links and Uploading Pictures to Blogs were also made.

In May 2007 we compiled the first Ultimate Blogger Wordpress Comparison. How to put a YouTube Video Playlist in your blog became an evergreen popular post.

Tips on how to increase Google Page Rank and Google Search Rank also got quite a few hits.

Making a faster loading blog was described in How to speed up Blog Loading Time.

In June 2007 we made the first Minisite or eStore in Layout Blogger Templates.

Also everything about Labels was discussed threadbare

In July 2007 we conducted a poll on whether our readers preferred Layout Templates or Classic Templates in which the former was an overhelming leader.

How to put a Podcast in Blogger is still a popular post.

In August 2007 we compiled a list of 50 types of Links a Blogger may need to make.

We also showed how to Create a Google Gadget and how to use them for free publicity.

In September 2007 we released the Three Column Fluid (STRETCH) Template.

We also showed how to put Streaming Audio in Blog. and how to Monetize your Google Gadget.

In October 2007 the popular posts were :

How to put Transparent background in Blog?

How to put Blogger Title to right and Picture to left in Blogger Header.

The Rounders Three Column Template.

Four Strategies for Successful Bloggers.

In November 2007 we showed how to display PDF, Powerpoint and DOC files in your blog.

We also compiled the first list of what you CANNOT DO IN BLOGGER?

The first hack in Layout Templates to make Show Hide +/- Links which shows only post titles on the Main Page linked to their post pages.

How to use the Link to this Post function was shown in Backlnks with Bob and Alice.

In December 2007 as the header images of bloggers went haywire and shrunk we showed how to install them properly.

We also posted a solution to prevent widgets being lost when you change from one layout Template to another.

We used conditional tags to put a widget on a specific page/post in Blogger.

We also compared two prominent PRO BLOGGERS who used two different methods to move from blogspot to their own domains.

That in a nutshell is what we did in 2007. We will continue to bring you innovative solutions to blogging problems as well as the latest blog news and updates as they occur.


Frank Brill said...

I've been on your site before and subscribed to your updates by email. But I had no idea how much valuable information was available here until you added this wonderful "snapshot." I can tell you that I'll be spending a lot of time in the future trying out many of your tips. Thanks for your efforts.
Frank Brill


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