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Add Myspace Layouts to Blogger Blogs.

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If you have a Myspace site and want your Blogger blog to be customized with the same look you can easily put your Myspace Layout on top of your Blog Layout. See picture of Blogger blog with a Myspace Layout on it below :

This is for Blogger blogs with Layout Templates. Those blogs with Classic Template should first Upgrade to Layouts Template...............


The first step is to load the Minima Layout Template. This is because if your original Blogger Layout contains graphic images they will interfere with the Myspace Layouts which contain lots of graphics and prevent them from displaying properly.

To do this first BACKUP WIDGETS TEMPLATE DATA. When you change Layouts your original widgets are deleted and have to be added later after loading the new layout. You can also use this method to keep widgets and change Layouts Template.

Login at and click on Layout link on Dashboard. On Page Elements tab which opens click on 'Pick New Template' subtab of Template tab. Select the radio button for the Miima Template and click Save Template button at top.
The Minima Template is now loaded. Now add in the widgets code from the backup saved in the paragraph above. Paste the code in Html Page Elements.


To choose a Myspace Layout just Google for it. Go to the sites returned in the search results and choose the Layout you like. Copy the code for the Myspace Layout which is provided below the thumbnail preview. If you already have a Myspace Layout copy the code from the About Me box after login to your Myspace site.

Login at and click 'Layout' link on Dashboard. On the Page Elements tab click on the 'Add Page Elements' link in the top of the left sidebar. In the popup window choose Html/Javascript Page Element. In the contents window paste the whole code which you had copied of the Myspace Layout. DO NOT ADD A TITLE. Save.


To fine tune the Layout switch to the Fonts and Colors subtab of Template tab. The Minima Template has dark fonts which you may need to make lighter if the Myspace Layout is dark. You can do this on this tab. Also you can adjust the background color so that it blends into the Myspace Layout. After previewing and making changes save them.

View Blog. Enjoy your Blogger blog with the Myspace Layout!!


Ria Verdolaga said...

Can I use my Multiply layout for Blogger as well?

Unknown said...

Hi! I like the idea of adding MySpace templates to blogger. I have one problem though. When I access my blog site, it appears white and all out of whack before it switches to the current layout I have. My question to you is how can I stop it from loading improperly(I would say)or so my viewers and myself won't see the white background full of out of whack editing. I hope this makes sense.

Vin said...


What is your blog address?

Unknown said...

Vin said...


Your blog loaded OK in my browser. Try clearing the cache.

Use Firefox browser.

Alia Ramley said...

i cant find my popup windows..

where is it??..

Alia Ramley said...

where can i find the pop-up windows??

Vin said...

~Ms. Iva~ ,

Which browser and version are you using? Also disable any popup blockers on your machine.


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