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Different backgrounds in each post!

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A background put in your blog serves as a sort of branding for your blog. For example if it is a travel blog a background picture of the Eiffel Tower can serve very well. You can also have transparent backgrounds in your blog over which the blog text scrolls.

What if your blog posts are on different topics? Then you can put a different picture as the background for each post.......


First step is to search for an appropriate picture for your post. Use Google to search for copyright free images.


Next step is to upload the picture to a free web host and copy down the link. You can use Googlepages or Photobucket.com for this.


1. Login at Blogger.com.

2. Click on Settings link on the Dashboard.

3. Click on the Formatting subtab of the Settings tab.

4. Scroll down in the Formatting tab to the Post Template at the bottom.

5. Paste this code at the top of the box :

<div style="background:url(LINK_OF_PICTURE) no-repeat;">

and paste this code at the bottom of the box :


6. Save Settings.

7. Click on Posting tab at the top.

8. The Post Editor will open with the code already in it.

9. Replace 'LINK_OF_PICTURE' with actual link of the picture uploaded to your free host. If you do not want the picture to repeat delete the "no-repeat" in the code line.

Type in your post before the </div> tag at the bottom, give it a Title and Publish.

See the example in this post.



Mishka said...

Awesome post. I was scared to try it because it was dealing with htlms but hey this was easy. Im a new blogger. My blog is awesome because I read all your stuff first. Youre great. Go Indians!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this idea Vin, these small things make a difference to newbies


Anonymous said...

I just sent you a email begging & as usual I stay & study your page!!
How do you figure all of this out?
Do you ever have a problem at all?

I need you to teach me since I am bringing 50 cases of BEER from around the world.)


pocket said...

Hey hi Vin!

I love the idea! And I love the spider even more! Huh!


Unknown said...

This didn't work for me. I get this error message:Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tags cannot enclose tags. I used photobucket and took the html code. It was really long. Any ideas?

what did I do wrong?

Vin said...

Kathy Anderson,

Use the Direct Link given by Photobucket.

Intuitive Catalyst Conduit said...

Hi Vin, I just started yesterday and wondered if this was possible. Those spiders are a bit too realistic for me - ugh - excellent though! It's not as difficult as I thought. Will definitely try it after I solve my current disaster, so thanks a lot. Would buy u a beer except I live in Switzerland right now.

yOS said...

THANKS again Vin...could you help me how too put "New Visitor? Like what you read? Then please subscribe to my Blog Feed or sign up for Free Email Updates. Thanks for Visiting! " avery posting..i like your style...please send me yosaadi@telkom.net

Vin said...


Have a look at Email Link below your posts.

Camera said...

This is the blog i have been searching for.I have many questions about blogger blog and i want all my queries answered.
I want to know is there any software for blogger programming?? how to customize our template??
I mean we do have various thing online through which we get benefit about blogging but some questions never get answered as each person thinks his own and everyone has different mentality.
May be what someone is thing, never covered in any topic on any site.
Hope you are getting my point.
Another question is that i saw a blog on which each post has a unique title and stylish designed.How it is possible to show title post stylish???

Looking forward for your response and bookmarked your blog.
Thanks in advance


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