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Monitor Blog Health in One Glance.

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Google Webmasters is a very useful tool to see how your blog is doing in Google. To use this tool you have to add your blog to it by pasting a verification metatag in your template. After doing this you can login to Google Webmaster Tools and check out the various pages to see how many pages have been indexed and so on.

For newbies this may be a bit confusing. Google Webmasters Tool has now provided a means of checking all your important blog parameters on one page............


After you have added the verification metatag in your template and added yor blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools you can add all the Webmaster Tools to your iGoogle personalized web page. To monitor your blog you then just have to open your iGoogle page.

To do this login at Google Webmaster Tools. Click on your blog link (This will be present only if the verification metatag has been added successfully). In the sidebar click on Tools and then on Gadgets below it. Click on the "Add an iGoogle Webmaster Tools homepage" button. If it does not open right-click the button and select "Open in New Window/Tab". On the next page check all the Gadgets you want to add and click the "Add to Google" button. Your iGoogle page will open with all the Gadgets on a separate Webmasters tab.


The Crawl Errors shows the errors Googlebot encountered when crawling your site. The number of HTTP errors, Pages not found, URLs not followed, URLs restricted by robots.txt, URLs timed out and Unreachable URLs are shown on both Web and Mobile versions.


The Content Analysis Gadget shows Title tag issues, Meta description issues and Non-indexable content issues.


This gadget shows the top search queries used by people to find your blog.


This shows how many people have subscribed to your blog through your various blog feeds. Only the subscribers using Google products are shown here. To check the rest of the subscribers login to your Feedburner account.


This gadget shows your sitelinks.


This Gadget shows how many have linked to your blog pages. The top eight pages with the maximum amount of links are shown. Since Google takes some time to index all pages the latest links to your blog may not show up here. For this you have to check the backlinks to your blog.


This Gadget shows the amount of links you have set up to other pages in your own blog. At present these are the only gadgets and more are promised in the future.

Happy Blog Monitoring!


Alan A said...

Hi Vin,

My wife is getting some duplicate title tags as seen below...


They are related to the comments listed for that particular post. Not sure what to make of this. Can you explain?

Thanks, Alan

Vin said...

Alan A,

The comment page has same link as the post page and different comments on same post have the same URL except for the comment number at the end.

Hence title tags are same for each page. Thus they are reported as duplicate tags by Webmaster Tools which thinks that they are different pages having same title tags.

While actually they are the same page only differing in the comment at the end.

Alan A said...

Thanks Vin,

Is this a problem? I thought dup titles could create a problem with the robots.

Alan A

Vin said...

Alan A,

Since there is only one template applying to all pages blogspot blogs cannot have separate title tags for each page.


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