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List all the posts in alphabetical order in Blogger.

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PROBLEM : How can you list all the posts in your blog in alphabetical order?

SOLUTION :................

We will use Yahoo Pipes to solve this problem as we did in How to Display Combined Labels in Blogger?


First we get the blog feed URL. In this case we will use :

Then to include all posts we add this parameter to the above feed url :


This will fetch 1000 posts from the blog. Now the complete feed url is :

To get your feed url simply replace 'betabloggerfordummies' in the above url with your blog name.


Next get a Yahoo account and go to Yahoo Pipes. Click Create a Pipe to open the interface. In the sidebar click Source and from drop down list drag and drop a Fetch Feed module onto the Interface. In the Fetch Feed module paste the URL for the blog feed shown in above step. See Picture below

Next click on arrow next to 'Operators' in the sidebar. From the drop down list choose 'Sort' module and drag and drop that onto the interface. See Picture below

In the Sort Module choose Sort by "item title" in "ascending" order. Drag the blue circle on the bottom border of the Fetch Feed module and connect it to the Sort Module. Then connect the Sort Module to the Pipe Output Module.

Wait for the results to appear in the bottom grey Debugger pane. Click Save Pipe at the top right of the interface. Give it a name and OK it. Next click Run Pipe link at the top center of the interface. You can see the pipe I made here.

Open the pipe by clicking the link above. Click Clone link at top and a copy of this pipe will be added to your Yahoo Pipes. Click Edit Source link and it will open in your interface just as shown in above diagrams. Then in the Fetch Feed Module paste in your Blog Feed url as shown in first step and you have your own pipe. Save it with your own title/name. Click Run Pipe and you will see the output of all posts sorted alphabetically from your blog.

At the top click the 'Get as Badge' link and in popup window click Blogger and the Add Page Element window will open and you can add this list to any of your blogs.


To sort Label Posts alphabetically paste the Label Feed url in the Fetch Feed module. See the Sort Label Posts Alphabetically Yahoo Pipe I made for the label Template in this blog. Clone it as shown above. In the Fetch Feed module text box replace 'betabloggerfordummies' and 'Template' with your blog name and label name to make your own label pipe.



Unknown said...

how a list of post titles shown in ur blog when i click on your archive and labels plzz tell me

Vin said...


I am using a complicated hack which cannot be posted here. I will make a post on it soon.

Ariane said...


I am from Brazil and I am loving your blog. I have a blog where write on blogspot:
I followed all the steps to list the posts in alphabetical order by Yahoo Pipes but at the end of the process will not display all posts, only the twenty first. It may not have understood the first phase, because use google translator, did not speak English. Could you help me? Something needs to be change in the feed of the blog before starting the process? I await a help.
congratulations on your blog! Forgive my errors, used a translator. hug!


Vin said...


Can you give the URL of the Yahoo Pipe?

Ariane said...


Vin said...


When I click on "Run Pipe" I see 58 items listed!

Ariane said...

yes, I know, but in my blog I see only 20! url of my blog where is the widget:

Vin said...


Paste this code in a Html Page element :

<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<a href="">View RSS feed</a>

Let me know if it works.

Ariane said...

Unfortunately it did not work, you can see:

Vin said...


This method lists ALL post titles but without alphabetical sorting!

Barry said...

thanks for this. How do you get yours to show only the titles? Mine shows titles and full text (unformatted) of the articles.


Vin said...


Add a Filter module from the Operators list. Connect the Feed module to the Filter module. In the drop down menu of the Filter module choose Title.

Connect the Filter module to the Sorts module.

Admin said...


Your instructions work great, but I cannot at the "Badge" to my blog, because I am using an old version of blogger, which is not "layout-enabled".

The problem is, I cannot "enable Layouts" because I am hosting my blog on my own server. I would have no problem hosting my blog on Blogger's host space, but if I do so, I do not believe I will be able to maintain the custom graphics and look of my blog.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Vin said...


What is your blog address and what do you wish to do? Which badge do you want?

Admin said...


Pardon the mis-communication.

My Blog address is: At Last! Gourmet Foods

I want to add the Blogger Badge (alphabetize entry titles) to my blog, but I need to updated my blog to "Layout-Enabled" before I can do so , apparently..

I would rather not mess with changing the CNAME of my website, in order to enable this Badge. Any suggestions?.


Vin said...


Paste this code in the sidebar section of your template :

<script src="">{"pipe_id":"Biidjokk3RGrgANMmLokhQ","_btype":"list","hideHeader":true}</script>

Anonymous said...

I am having the same problem regarding display of description with the titles. I tried the filter and it does not work.

Has blogger changed the way it creates feeds? my site is ramparivarbhajans

Admin said...


Since I built my blog's layout from the ground up. I do not have a Sidebar area...

Here: I have uploaded my site's Source code so you can take a look and hopefully tell me where to insert that script.

Thanks again.


Admin said...

If the text file I just tried posting does not load properly, I am sending the same thing as an attachement to your GMAIL.

Thanks for your patience, Vin.


Vin said...


What is the link of the Yahoo Pipe you made?

Anonymous said...

Hello Vin,

I followed the steps carefully and saw the list of my post titles in Debugger section, but at the final 2 clicks: "Blogger", "Add Page Element", I got the error message:

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
The following errors were found:
sectionId: Required field must not be blank

...* error code and additional information.

Additional information
blogID: 3827238450609898575
uri: /

I don't know what went wrong.

Vin said...


The bx-errors are connectivity errors and not due to wrong coding.

Try connecting at less busy times/from another PC/from a broadband connection.

Lotus from Asia.... said...

Hi Vin

I follow ur instructions to Yahoo pipe but nothing showing on the Debugger. I waited for a long time. I am currently using another but it did not show all my titles. Can you help please?

what did I do wrong?


Vin said...

Lotus from Asia....,

What is the link/address of the Yahoo Pipe you made?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin

Sori took so long to come back. My link is
I am not able to see 'clone'. Got stuck here. Please help!

As always, thanks Vin.
my blog:

Vin said...

Lotus from Asia,

Please give correct link of the Yahoo Pipe and not the link of the edit page.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Vin, below hopefully is what you need..


Vin said...

Lotus from Asia,

That appears to be the link of your page. Please save the Yahoo pipe you have made to get it's link.

Rodobodolfo said...

Very nice tip, but im having a little problem, if the xml change the embeded pipe would not... but the pipe in the yahoo page is updated. The embeded pipe no matter what I do is always the same... (first try) What do you think?

Vin said...


Each Yahoo pipe generates a unique code for pasting in blog. If pipe is changed the code has to be reinstalled.

Kerry said...

My pipe is displaying the first paragraph of each post, but I want it to display only the titles (like yours does) so I can use it as a menu...any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
Thank you so so much!!
Pipe Web Address:

Kerry said...

AH, I just noticed that you already answered my question. Sorry! And thank you again!

Kerry said...

Actually...I reinstate my question. The filter isn't working for me, it doesn't seem to be the right thing...I want to display all posts, but only the titles.

Vin said...


Your feed is set to full in Settings----->Site Feed---->Posts---->Full.

Set it to short and save.

Kerry said...

Thank you thank you thank you! You just helped me do the impossible, thank you so much. :)

Onsoft Technologies said...

Hello VIn,

Thanks for your grate explanation on listing the posts with pipes.After I followed all the steps you explained but I need some info from you.

I am seeing all the posts in the widgetsalong with the content of each post which I dont want to .

Could you please give me an hint how can I list only titles of the posts, not at all the content of it.Here is the blog :, Please suggest me.

Thanks in advance,

shvtrix said...

i tried it and works fine ,and i want to write a post of this in my blog,and can this be implemented directly in post's

Vamsi said...

Very nice post. Thanks a lot. Check the pipe output here

Lorenzo's Boil said...

I created an index for my blogger posts using yahoo pipes, but the default for the list type is 25 entries. It won't show the rest of my blog posts. Is there a way to fix this.

Anonymous said...

i created one but it only shows 25 posts even tho i did the 999 thing in the url
please help me

David Andrews said...

Hey buddy, my feed is a feedburner feed, and when I add the tail end of the parameters '?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=999' Yahoo only detects the first 27 posts, not the 570 of them.

Please advise

hotnwildxx said...

hi ....thanks for the script.......but there is a problem with the length or height, it required to display 1000+ titles... need to scroll more........would please help me out... how to show the post title in multi columned format..


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