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How to Recover Deleted Blogs?

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Now Deleted blogs appear on Dashboard with option to Undelete them.

Due to a change in Blogger policy last year deleted blogs could only be reclaimed by the owner/account which deleted them. Now login to your Dashboard at and you will see the blogs you deleted on Dashboard with a link to Undelete them. DO NOT DELETE A BLOG TO RECLAIM IN ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Instead Transfer blogs.

Blogs may get deleted in a number of ways. Once deleted a blog is not lost forever so do not panic. However it is always safer to backup your blogs regularly so that there is a fallback solution.

Also remember to backup your template and to backup your widgets template data as further insurance.

There are a number of solutions to recover deleted blogs............

How do blogs get deleted? This may occur in a number of ways :

1. Accidental clicking of "Delete This Blog" button at the bottom of Settings--->Basic subtab. ( Login at>Click Settings link on Dashboard).

2. If you have contravened the Blogger TOS your blog may get deleted by them.

3. By hacking into your account. Make sure that you have a strong password and change it regularly to prevent this.

4. By deleting your Google Account. This does not delete the blog but deletes the Blogger service associated with your Google account and prevents access to your Blogger Dashboard.

5. Pseudo-Deletion. This happens when you cannot see your blog on the Dashboard after login at You think the blog is deleted. Actually it is in another account. To locate it login with all the email addresses you have, one at a time. If you have forgotten the password get it reset via : . If login is unsuccessful see the options at Checklist for Blogger Login problems.

Changing Blog Address (URL) does not delete the blog. Your original address may be picked up by spammers also the new address will not get your old traffic. Hence changing the blog address is not advisable for old blogs.


To recover a deleted blog along with posts and comments you should provide information about your deleted blog by filling up the form here :

Blogger needs to identify your ownership of the blog before restoring it to you. You cannot request a URL deleted by someone else.


If you have deleted your Google Account you can get it restored here :

Only after account is restored you can login at


If your blog has been deleted by Blogger first submit the official request at If no intimation after 7 business days have passed you can submit request here :


Deleted blog URLs are only available for reclaiming to the account which deleted them. Other accounts will get "Not Available" response when they request a URL inuse or a deleted URL. Even inactive URLs are considered as 'alive' and in use even though there may be no new posts on it.

To recover a deleted URL simply login to the account ( which deleted it. Click the Create a Blog link on Dashboard and type in same URL and follow the arrows to reclaim it. This will not recover your posts. To recover your posts go to and type in the search box :


Replace the CAPS with your blog url/link/address. Click Search button. This will only work if your blog has been indexed by Google. It will not work with blogs which have been created and deleted within 2-3 weeks of their creation. You can then copy the posts and paste them in your reclaimed blog.

Lastly DO NOT DELETE YOUR BLOG IN ONE ACCOUNT SO THAT YOU CAN CREATE IT IN ANOTHER. Instead Transfer blog from one account to another by changing owner.

Also deleted blogs do not disappear from the Internet instantaneously. They stay in the Google cache as shown above. To totally remove them you have to submit request at Google Webmaster Tools after deletion :


Rangan Badri said...

Thank you very much Vin. You are the best as ever.
I blogged it.

cloudfreesky said...

I'm just trying to start blog on blogger. Everything gets turned into all caps! How can i have something be NOT in caps???

Vin said...


You have added a Text page element to the footer. To make a post login at and click '+New Post' link on Dashboard under Blog Title.

Make sure CAPS LOCK is OFF and type your post and title and click Publish button.

Hellen H. said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I don't have my response back yet from blogger, but I'm hopeful.

Thank you very much.

from a newbie.

Nebz said...

I recently deleted my blog and had to redo everything. Good thing that I instructed Blogger to copy my posts to my personal email as they are published. Sadly, I need to re-design the whole blog including the widgets. Comments are forever lost.

Anonymous said...

what happends if you get your google account deleted by accident and now can't sign in to your blog????
im freakin out--don't know what to do!!
its a photography blog too--ahhh!
anybody know? email me at

thank you!!!!!

Vin said...


Try to Recover your Google Account.

Pilar Torres said...

I need help.
I have deleted the account associated to my blog and nos it appears as deleted.
Is there any solution? Thanks

Vin said...

CEP Córdoba,

To recover the blog try to recover the account. See link in my previous comment above.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doctor,
I've deleted my email account that was connected with my blog. Can't recover he account because its been 9 months now. Have sent an email to blogger about 2 - 3 weeks ago and still no reply (given them my new email addy). I am assuming there is no way I will be able to get my blog back, so I intend to start a new one. If thats the case, I would want to delete my old blog. Is there a way to do this? or.. Any way as long as I can close the old blog or take my profile picture off?

Vin said...


By deleting the account you lose access to your blog. Hence we advise never to delete account unless you delete everything in it first.

Dabin said...

thanks for your article..
it really helps me a lot !!

Lucie said...

I did delete my test blog. Decided I needed it after all. So, created a new blog with same title. I have gotten the new test blog going, but am using a different template (Sand Dollar with three columns). I don't want to overwrite this test blog with my old one. I just remember seeing on one of your help sites your Blogging4Dummies button and want to upload it again into my new test blog. While I am here, is it possible to get the header to go all the way across my whole blog. It appears this template has the header divided into two sections? I tried resizing the image to the same size as the one in my public blog, but only goes up to the edge of the second section of header. Hope I am making sense. Lucy

Vin said...

the lp's,

That is a Stretch Template. It will resize according to width of viewer's monitor. But your header image will NOT resize as it is a fixed size graphic.

What may look fitting on your monitor will not look same on wider screens where it will look like it looks now.

See how to center header in a stretch template at bottom of this post.

Anonymous said...

couple of questions

I've forgotten the url of my deleted blog and I want to recover my blog. how can I obtain the url?

If my blog has been deleted for a few years, am I correct to say it will not appear on my dashboard so I cannot undelete it?


Vin said...


Login at in same account which deleted the blog. Check if you can see it on Dashboard with option to Undelete it.

If not click Create a Blog link and type in same URL and see if it is available.

Anonymous said...

Please help me!!

i deleted my blogger service through gmail. is there a way to recover it? my blog is still there, i want it removed. please help!!

Vin said...


Try to recover your account. See link in above post under RECOVER GOOGLE ACCOUNT.

Anonymous said...

hi i am the anonymous that posted
Anonymous said...

Please help me!!

i deleted my blogger service through gmail. is there a way to recover it? my blog is still there, i want it removed. please help!!

i have followed your instructions. however, i have just realised something. when i type http://www.(MyBlogName), it says that it has been deleted. when i type http://(MyBlogName), it still appears there!! also, i would like to add on that i deleted my gmail, blogger and talk(i think) service through gmail.

please help me!! i am very scared. i dont want my unwanted blog on the internet for centuries and centuries. please help me..

Vin said...


Have a look at How to Remove Content from Google?

Anonymous said...

I recently deleted all of my 18 posts in a joint blog that I shared with a friend. There was a misunderstanding and I would like to restore those post. I read that it is possible, is that true?

Vin said...


See the paragraph titled "Recover deleted posts...." in above post.

Anonymous said...


I tried to follow your instructions to recovered deleted posts, however I have one or two problems. When I search "cache:blog_url" in google, it just takes me straight to my blog, does not give me search results. OR, I get search results, including the posts I deleted, but when I click "cached" next to those results, I am directed to my blog, but the deleted posts still do not show up. What am I doing wrong?

*krystyn* said...

thanks for this info, but I have a question. I did the CACHE search on my old blog, but none of the old posts came up. It was a blog I had for a while so they would definitely be indexed. Can you help?

Vin said...


If it is not in cache you are out of luck. Sorry!

anvesha666 said...

hey ...
i deleted my blog myself and want to recover it
u said something abt an undelete url or link or something on the dashboard which i cant seem to find
plzzzzzzzzz help me out
its very important !! thnk u

anvesha666 said...

hey i deleted my own blog
now i wanna recover it
i can c the deleted posts on my dashboard
but i cant find the undelete link/url ...
plzz help me out

anvesha666 said...

hey i deleted my own blog
now i wanna recover it
i can c the deleted posts on my dashboard
but i cant find the undelete link/url ...
plzz help me out


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