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Easy Blog Backup for Bloggers!

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Blog Backup has always been a bit of a problem for bloggers ever since the advent of the New Blogger. In Classic Blogger it was easy by using the Httrack utility from httrack.com.

In the new Blogger data was separated from template/layouts. XML was introduced. Hence one could backup blog by saving each post via browser or by using feeds. Now with Blogger introducing import-export facilty backup has become easier..........

Here are the steps to backup your blog :

1. Login at Blogger in Draft : http://draft.blogger.com/home. Soon this feature will be out of draft (testing) phase and you will be able to login at Blogger.com to backup your blog.

2. Go to Settings---->Basic----->Blog Tools----->Click Export Blog link.

3. Click the Export Blog button.

4. In popup window click Save.

5. In explorer window you can rename the file and choose location where to save it on disk. It is saved as an XML file.

6. NOTE : You can use this file to restore the blog usng the Import Blog feature. This feature to restore blogs was not available before.


Cecilieaux Bois de Murier said...

But you only get a few of the posts, not all of them.

Vin said...


Since this is a Blogger in Draft feature it is still being tested.

Mary Sargent said...

Thank you for this. Is there any way to include photographs?

Vin said...

Mary Sargent,

Probably it will be included once it is out of draft stage. Also see How to Backup Blog?

jim palmer said...

Hi Guys, don't know if this is the forum for this,,, in fact I don't know much at all, guess I'm a sliver surfer, I was told that BLOGS could help my website. HOW? if you can help this 'old man' I would surely be grateful. Just Keep It Simple for me. OK

Vin said...

Jim Palmer,

What is the address of your website?

Alberto said...

Vin, could you tell me if it's possible to change the link in the bottom of my blog "Older posts" to whatever I want? I can't manage it! Thanks...

Vin said...


Have a look at How to Customize the Post Footer?

Alberto said...

Vin, thanks a lot. As always you were super helpful and solved my problem. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It's really help

Neil adit said...

can i know where to paste the xml document downloaded.
Please reply fast.

Vin said...

Neil adit,

It depends on what you want to do?

Canlı said...

Thank you for the very useful information.
İm very much new to blogs and website things,and i was very much worried about losing my data.
And the other methods to backup blogs seems complicated to me.
İ just did as you instructed and went fine
So thank you again...
Seems i will learn alot from you :)

Alan A said...

Hey Vin,

Is this really that easy? That's it & the entire blog, including the template, is backed up?


Vin said...

Alan A,

This facility backs up the blog posts only. It does not back up the template.

The advantage is you can import your backup into a new blog and recreate your old blog posts.


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