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Delete Comments Without Trash Can Icon!

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To delete a Blogger comment first click the '4 COMMENTS' link below the post on the Main Page to open the comments page. Then click the Trash Can icon below the comment.

Sometimes the Trash Can icon is not present. In such cases follow this method to delete the comment..........

The Blogger Help article on deleting comments suggests using the following methods to see the Trash can icon :

1. Refresh the Cache repeatedly.

2. Use another browser.

3. Check that you are logged in at

4. Temporary disabling of Firewall or Security software on PC.

Here is the method by which you can delete the comment even if the Trash Can icon is not there or does not appear even after trying above methods :


1. Find your Blog ID - Login at and click on NEW POST button on Dashboard. The post editor will open. Look in the address bar of the browser window for the URL of the page :

Copy the 'BIG_NUMBER' at the end of the url. That is the ID Number of the blog.

2. Find the Comment ID - Open the comments page bu clicking on COMMENTS link below post on Main page. Or open the Post Page which has the comment you want to delete. Below the comment is the TIMESTAMP of the comment. It is linked to the permalink for that comment. Right click the timestamp and choose 'Copy Shortcut'. Open Notepad and paste it there. It will appear like this :

Copy the 'BIG_NUMBER_2' at the end.

3. Create the Delete Comment URL - Copy the URL given below and paste it in same Notepad file :

In above replace 'BIG_NUMBER' with the Blog ID number from Step 1 and 'BIG_NUMBER_2' with the Comment ID number from Step 2.

Then copy the whole link and paste in address bar of your browser and hit Enter key on keyboard.

You will see the confirm Delete Comment screen. Check the box to Delete forever and OK it. Now you will need no Trash Cans to delete comments!




hi vin
hope you remember me,
a long time fan of yours,
a very basic question was bugging my mind,though this was not place to ask but asking any way,
when we click on the menu content or the lebles in your blog, the result is not a new blog, but just a post from this blog only,isnt it?
so is it true that what you do is you have only one post for one page?
i hope you understood the language of newbie like me

Vin said...


In Blogger if you have Layouts template than each post is on it's own page. The Main Page carries as many posts as you want. See Pages in Blogger.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this for a very long time! My comments feed went all messed up when I did an import from another blog. Tried googling on it just to delete these unwanted comments but all I got was info about Blogger API which was too complicated to follow. With your simple steps, I was able to correct this. Thanks soo much! This entry is really helpful! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin,

You are the greatest. I have been looking for this for 2 days and trust me I am smart with Google :) With your help I finally managed.
Maybe another easier possibility.
Select the comment on the blog site then select "source" ("view page source" in Firefox) and copy paste the link in your browser as
Then delete "amp;" and select Enter.
This is quicker and just an alternative.


Anonymous said...

hi Vin..
thanks for the useful information.i'll bookmark you!


Diego F. said...

Thanks, this was quite helpful. Still can't get the trash icon to come back though, but at least I got read of the comment I wanted to delete.

Lana Gramlich said...

This still doesn't help. The timestamps aren't linked, so there's no "copy shortcut" option when I right click. Thanks anyway, though.

Vin said...

Lana Gramlich,

Are you using Firefox 3 Browser? I can see the links on the comment timestamps. Which comments do you want to delete?

Mrblahblahblah said...

Thanks, this helped me out a lot.

Chuck said...

I can't get this to work. I keep getting an error message "bX-jlna93"

Chuck said...

Does this work if you posted a comment as a guest without a blogger account? I cannot remove my comments.

Vin said...


Try it out. The bx errors are due to connectivity issues. Try connecting from a broadband connection or at less busy times.

DINKS said...

Awesome, thanks! For some reason your way didn't work (could have been copied & pasted wrong)

BUT commenter John's DID! so thanks to all of you :) freakin' love the internet.

Roberto said...

Hi Vin,

This question is related although I have no problem with completely deleting a comment. I would like to know how to delete or edit something out of a comment- an e mail address, for instance? Is it possible through Blogger?

Vin said...


Have a look at List of No Can Dos in Blogger.

Liv said...


This post was very helpful, however I still am having a problem. My comment was deleted, but the time stamp and link back to my blogger profile remains on the blog post. Can this be deleted? Thanks!


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