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15 Reasons to Use Windows Live Writer for Posting to Blogger.

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Windows Live Writer is a client software used to post to blogs on various platforms directly without using a web browser. Here wre the advantages of using it for creating posts on your blog................

1.   It is free.   You can download it here.

2.   Insert tables without coding :

A table made with Windows
Live Writer .


3.    Make image gallery easily by inserting images in tables :

seal sunset2
Photo by MousyBoyWithGlasses. Photo by Pier Biter.


4.  Customize hyperlinks to open in new window and add nofollow and title tags to it without coding it in the html for the link :



5.   Post to multiple blogs.

6.   Save bandwidth by publishing post once only instead of continuously saving posts as you make them in a web browser Post Editor.

7.  Add Technorati/ Delicious/Flickr/Live Journal/Ice Rocket etc Tags to posts.

8.   Add Labels in Blogger or Categories in Wordpress using the post properties toolbar below the main Writer window.

9.   Insert Maps/Videos/pictures in post

10.  Set the publish date for the post

11.  Publish Post as draft or as a post directly

12.  Ping as soon as post is published. Go to Tools---->Options----->Ping Servers and copy the URLs below and paste them in the box and save :


13.   It has plugins to enable you to add more functionality.  Be careful of third party plugins.

14.   Makes you more productive.  You can add more posts and also create your posts offline as soon as ideas strike you.

15.  Can be used to publish posts to  private blogs also. If by some reason your posts got deleted you can republish them from the copy in Windows Live Writer.


Mike said...

Thanks, Vin. I just started using Live Writer and your post highlights many of the helpful features I haven't discovered yet. I wonder if you might consider a future post on the plugins you've found useful? All the best,

LilaTovCocktail said...

I tried using Live Writer several months ago and was stymied by the fact that when I published a post, only the text would be published. If I recall correctly, I was told that it wasn't possible to use a 3rd party application to upload images to Blogger. I had to upload them to Picasa separately.

Has that changed at all?

PS I've always found your blog amazingly helpful. Thanks!

Fransiska Ike said...

Where can I download full version of this? The link you mentioned above is for web installer, I suppose. My connection can't do a good job for that kind of installer. Besides, it will be a waste of time to redownload it again if I reformat my computer.

Vin said...


WLW is extremely versatile software and there are a lot of features I will be exploring in it. Stay tuned! :-)

Vin said...


The above post was created in WLW and published as a draft. I then had to just do some minor edits (for my expandable post summaries hack) before publishing.

You can create a post in WLW by putting in as many images as you want and then with just one button click you can publish to Blogger!

Vin said...

Fransiska Ike,

Try this link :


Reformatting the computer will also lose the full version if you have it saved!

Anonymous said...

good post... i came across this software earlier but did not use it that much.. may be i will use it there after..
keep up the work!!

thiruthiru said...

Sri Vin,
I am the one eversince WLW beta was introduced few years back. But recently it gives more trouble. I am unable to update my blogger's style. After posting and publishing, it is not published in the blog. The same case with Live spaces and word press also. Their forum is also silent even after repeated messages.I used it to my fullest satisfaction. Whatever you have written about it is true 100%. This sudden failure has put me to great trouble. You must add another point. It effortlessly supports unicode.

Vin said...


Thanks for the 16th reason! :-)

Check your posts list. It may be getting published as a draft.

Defense of the Republic said...

Well, Doctor,
You sold me, so I downloaded and gave it a try.
Why I have not learned with all my searching is how to use Expandable Post Summary.
Can you point me in the right direction and I'll become a camp follower.

thanks . . . ..

Vin said...

Defense of the Republic,

Have a look at How to make Expandable Post Summaries?"

Anonymous said...

Hello Vin,

I normally never uses any software from Microsoft other then the the software comes with windows installation. Here i would like to know,
1. is this software is free to use.
2. can i use this software to update one of my blog, which contains adsense from Google and some other advt. from other site. Because then it becomes use for commercial purpose.

Please suggest...

Vin said...


It is free and as far as I know it can be used. You can check their site for any restrictions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vin..
I will will verify and post here, may be helpful top others as well

Gayla said...

I just had to shout out a big THANKS for this entry on Live Writer. I downloaded a few days ago and it's really great!
And my compliments to you on a truly great blog.
Keep up the great work-you help so many of us,myself included :)


Anonymous said...

NOTHING but love for Live Writer.

Dawn said...

I like WLW but it drives me mad because I have to keep selecting my font every time I want to post - it doesn't hold the font style!! Grrr!

It also appears that it doesn't schedule posts for future days - would this be correct.


Vin said...


Try the Windows Live Writer forums.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Great blog.

Beach House Living said...

Hi Vin
I'm new to blogging and use blogger. For photos I use Picasa web albums and Live writer to write posts. I have only written 3 posts and really liked that it was so easy to click on the image icon and get to my Picasa web albums. This evening I have spent some 3 hours trying to figure out what has gone wrong. I can't get to my Picasa album anymore, live writer is now giving me to choices, from my computer or from the web. Even if I enter the URL from picasa its says preview not available and a blank frame shows up with a red x. I tried downloading the live writer plug in for picasa even though I have no clue what I am doing tried changing FTP settings but kept getting a cannot contact remote server message. I do not wish to use Windows live to host my photos but its asking me for my windows live id which it never did before. I do work at home sometimes for my job they have a windows live ID I access from home. It is almost as if my live writer account is thinking I use windows live for my blog but I dont. Any suggestions how I can go back to Picasa with Live writer? Thanks

Vin said...

Beach House Living,

Can you login to Picasawebalbums account?


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