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A rootdigger said...

I saw your name at google group.
so I came to your site. Too much to look at at this site and google group. As I have little time. It is hard to know what to put in search. It is really a question for help.

I hope you will see it.
My windows is corrupted. I am able to access my blog at another computer. Before windows is finnished or rerun on the computer the blog is on, should I try to save something? What should I save.? Or do I not need to do that.

He is going to try and save my pictures and documents stored elsewhere.
thanks. I shall have to view here tomorrow, unless you email me.

Vin said...

A rootdigger,

What is your blog address?

Please give more details of what you want to do next?

Charlie Federman said...

for the corrupted windows system you may want to go to

Mugito Guido said...

Thank you for valuable articles. It is great help for a newbie blogger like me.


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