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Create Thumbnail Albums in Blogger with WLW.

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To create thumbnail albums in Blogger posts we create tables and insert images in each table cell.  The process of coding a table in HTML is cumbersome and prone to errors.

In Windows Live Writer (WLW) this can be done with a few mouse clicks......


Start WLW. From the top menu click 'Insert'------>'Table'.  Choose how many rows and columns the table should have and it's width. Remember to keep the table width smaller than the post column width or this may break the template. Also you can choose whether to show table borders and/or the padding between cells.  Here I have inserted a two column-three row table.

Next click in each cell and choose 'Insert'----->'Picture'.

lion duck  
beaver cat  
smallanim RedPanda  

All Photos by law_keven

Select the file from your disk and click Open.  You can even select pictures from the web.

To add more pictures right click the last cell and choose 'Insert Row Below' to insert a new row in the table.


After inserting the pictures select each picture by clicking on it. In the right sidebar the Image Properties dialogue box opens. Here you can :

  1. Resize pictures.
  2. Rotate pictures.
  3. Adjust picture contrast.
  4. Frame pictures.
  5. Add drop shadow to pictures.
  6. Link each picture to any webpage or source picture.
  7. Add watermark to pictures to deter copiers.
  8. Add special effects like sepia, emboss, sharpen or blur pictures.
  9. Add ALT text to the picture code. (This text appears if picture fails to load)
  10. Adjust picture temperature.


If you are creating a photoblog you can create such a thumbnail gallery on the Main Page of the blog. Then link each picture to a post containing more pictures of the same kind.


For example first create a post containing a gallery of images like the one above.  This will be your animal gallery post.  Change the date of the post to a backdate so that the post does not appear on the Main Page. 


Then in your Main Gallery insert a small picture of an animal and link that picture to the post above containing many animal images.


Repeat the above two steps to create a whole photoblog containing picture-posts on various subjects all linked to the Main Gallery.




Leisurely Lesley said...

Thanks so much. Now downloading WLW.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vin thanks a lot for introducing Live Writer in your previous post. I've heard about it several times, but you really nailed it very well for Blogger users.

I've downloaded it immediately last week and already published a post from my local computer- thanks to you, now posting on Blogger would be as good as on WP.

Anonymous said...

This post was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing such a beautiful tool , iam now working on WLW

Linda said...

Some good relevant info here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin.

I am struggling with Windows Live Writer and wondered if you could help me. I downloaded Windows Live Writer and the Photo Gallery. When I log onto WLW I can't find anything that likes to the Photo Gallery. In fact, I have never seen the Photo Gallery. It does not say INSERT at the top or anywhere.

I don't know what I am missing.

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer me.

Vin said...


Please go through above post carefully. I have not said to 'download photo gallery' anywhere!

You have to create your own Photo Gallery post in Windows Live Writer by following steps shown above.

Anonymous said...


I know that you answered my question and I should be able to figure it out with your original post but for some reason I am not doing it correctly. (I'm very embarrassed.) I googled for more directions and have searched WLW.

During the past two years I have always gone to your blog for answers and I haven't had any problems understanding your directions. Thank you very much. I do appreciate you being willing to help everyone. Please see if you can understand what I am doing wrong.

This is your first step in creating a thumbnail album.

Start WLW. From the top menu click 'Insert'------>'Table'.

Now...This is what I did.

I logged into Windows Live.
I'm at a page that says the date on the top left, the city, temperature, messages, and calendar. Above that it says

Windows Live Home Profile People Mail Photos More▼

If I am understanding your very first step I need to find a link that says 'Insert'------>'Table'.

I don't see that link.

Am I on the wrong page of WLW? Am I such a moron that I haven't even started WLW correctly to be able to find the 'Insert'------>'Table'?

sigh... I can't believe I'm having difficulties trying to do this. I know when you tell me what I'm doing wrong I'm going to realize just how dumb I am!

I apologize for my brain-fart.

Vin said...


Windows Live is different from Windows Live Writer. Download WLW and install it on your PC first.

Anonymous said...


I sat here wondering what I was missing. I knew that I had already installed WLW and clicked on Run but didn't know where it was. I went to My Computer and searched Windows for WLW, found it, right clicked on it, and viola... realized I needed to install it.

Everything I know about computers and HTML I've learned on my own or from you. Now I know one more thing!

Thank you for your patience and your wonderful website.

OtherHalf said...

Hi Vin,

This was exactly the kind of stuff that I was looking for. I did some html coding to achieve these effects but then it really was quite cumbersome and I will definitely give this a go.

Your website is also great and organised very well.



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