Introducing The Blog Doctor! ~ The Blog Doctor.

Introducing The Blog Doctor!

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Many of the regular readers of this blog may have noticed that Beta Blogger for Dummies is now redirecting to

Yes, using the power of Blogger Custom Domains I finally bought and from now on you will find your favorite blog at this address.

I am also in the process of overhauling the blog template to make it load faster (a much repeated demand). So kindly bear with us while we change for the better. Do not forget to leave your suggestions in the comments.


P Maillet said...


Just the other day I decided not to visit your site anymore because it was just too frustrating. I'm SO glad you're doing this. You have SO much invaluable information and are SUCH a help to us.

Way to go! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin,

Congrats on shifting to custom domain. I have 1 question. Does the old permalinks of your blog lead to the posts in this new domain?

Vin said...


Try testing them out. If they don't please report them immediately! :-)

Azulnauta said...

I will be praying for the new layout :S


Corrine said...

Any time I want to make a change to my template or consider a new feature, I always check first to see what Vin has to say on the subject!

Thank you.

Kim said...

wonderful news Vin!!
I will change my links :) :)

Malinda777 said...

OMG! I was just updating my blog links tonight, and then I get your e-mail! You have been an invaluable tool for me since I started blogging 2 years ago and still today!

How LONG will your old blog link still connect people to this new one? I will delete the other link whenever that happens. For now, I have BOTH...that's how invaluable your information is :)

Jürgen said...

Gefällt mir sehr gut !
Glückwunsch "Herr Doctor", das wurde aber auch Zeit !

Vin said...


No need to change the links or delete the old ones as they will continue to link to the new Custom Domain.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love your new look!! I come here all the time to get help for my blog. I have referred you to many of my friends, too. *thumbs up*

Andy said...

Nice change. I guess they can't call it Ugly Betty anymore. The best thing is that loads faster.

Really, the best thing is all of the expertise that you share.

Anonymous said...


Congrats. I think this is a smart move. My only request is that in all your modifications, leave the background color white as it is much easier to read your extremely valuable information.


colorspeaker said...

Hello Vin.
I cannot tell u how much I am happy u changed the name of your site-the information is so needed, but I could not bring myself to go to your site simply b/c I just (and this is not meant as anything other than my own "issue" with it) felt oddly uncomfortable b/c of the title-and the "Dummies Guide..." thing. i now have it bookmarked, LOVE the new name, and even feel silly writing this...and I hope you still keep writing for the "un-informed" -& YES, even the overly sensitive types like me....
thanks for sharing your knowledge.
I have been on a domain with blogger as soon as it was a available-and combined with the info about customizing it u provide-I just use it as my website and I now save money, while making money.
Okay enough said.

Anonymous said...

Your site was loading so slower, this is really good... congrats and keep it up.....

Anonymous said...

All your work is AWESOME. You have helped me to save my mind & strangth!

I broke my back a year & half ago. Then fell 4months ago so I have tim to make web site's only!

Thank you my friend you give me something to do for family.

Maybe we might get together for a few cases of beer,



dr sahab
mubaraq ho
best wishes

Mirjam said...

Lookin' GOOD!

Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

Vin, I just looked at your site for the very first time. AWESOME! You have tons of fabulous, helpful topics, and I'll be subscribing right away. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

hey i want to place something to the last of all posts then i have to put it under this rite

div class='post-footer'

but this does not appear in my non-standard blog .What should i do ?

Vin said...,

What is the blog address?

Jacqueline said...

Hi Vin,
I'm absolutely impressed with your awesome site! There's so much to learn and digest! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise, truly appreciate your generosity!
God bless!


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