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How to Change DNS Settings for Custom Domains?

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Blogger offers a great method to change your blogspot address to a DOT COM address by buying a Custom Domain for only 10$ US.

Using a Custom Domain gets your blog a brand new address without losing traffic, search engine position or Google Page Rank (Page Rank is only lost temporarily).  Your blog is still hosted by Blogger free of charge with unlimited storage (for posts) and unlimited bandwidth and no security worries.

Your new domain is managed by or and the 10$ US is paid to them. Blogger does not manage domains..........

Email From Google Apps.

After successfully completing the transaction for buying the domain you will get a confirmatory email from Google Apps. This is what it will say (For domain XYZ.COM) :


Hello Abcdef xyz,

Welcome to Google Apps!

Congratulations on completing your purchase of Your new domain has been registered with eNom/GoDaddy and will expire on Month  Day, Year. Your domain will be automatically configured to work with the Google Apps services you select. We're excited to help you offer powerful communication and sharing tools to all your users.

If you haven't already created an administrator account for your domain, click the following link:

Once you have set up an admin account for your domain, you will have access to the Google Apps control panel. Here you can monitor the status of your services, manage your user accounts and email lists, create web pages, and customize the interface and services to your organization's needs. Through the control panel, you can also view and edit all your DNS settings, update your WHOIS information, and renew your domain before it expires. Please keep your WHOIS info up-to-date so that eNom/GoDaddy can contact you with important domain registration information. To access the control panel in the future, you can bookmark :

Your services will be activated shortly. You can now create user accounts to give your users access to all the great services you have signed up for, including email, IM, and calendar. As services are activated, your users can immediately start sending email and setting calendar appointments. It's that easy.

At any time, if you get stuck or if you want to tell us about your experience with this service, you can find more information and get in touch through our help center :


The Google Apps Team


First Login at Google Apps.

To change your CNAME and A records for your domain you have to first create a Google Apps account. To do this click the link in the above email :

You will get the login screen at Google Apps :


For Username and Password enter the same as those you used for login at when you bought the domain.

Then select a username and password for your administrator account, and review the Terms of Service.

If you cannot login go here to reset the password.


Login to Domain Manager.

After successfully logging in at Google Apps. Dashboard click the Domain Settings link and then the Domain Names link. Lastly click Advanced DNS Settings to find the information to login to your GoDaddy or account.

After login at GoDaddy or change the CNAME and A records for your domain.


Free Google Apps. Goodies.

Google Apps. is free for use and offers the following goodies for Bloggers :

1.  Free Gmail email for your domain. For example I created one at  vin[at]blogdoctor[dot]me.

2.  A Start Page for your domain which is an iGoogle personalized page. Here is my start page.

3.  Google Sites.

4.  Google Talk :

To chat with me click above button and add :


as contact.  To add such a badge to your blog go to :

Replace 'MYDOMAIN.COM' with your actual domain.  Customize the badge and copy and paste the code in a Html page element in your blog.

You can also add the Google Talk Gadget to your blog :


To add this gadget go here, customize the gadget and copy and paste the code given in a Html gadget or in Edit Html tab of Post Editor.


Now visitors to your site can chat directly from your web page.



Lisa H said...

I recently bought my domain through Blogger and it was super easy! I just had to wait a couple days for the complete change-over and Blogger took care of everything!

Prawnik "Renegat" said...

OK. Fine. And how about moving to the domain that was bought from another registrar (other that Google's direct partners)? Is it as quick, easy and pleasure as above procedure?

Linda said...

I changed to a shortly after starting blogging but it was not as easy as Blogger says to change.

The change over did not happen and I had to republish backwards and forwards to make it happen.

I got a lot of help from Blogger help forum to make it happen though so that was good.

Vin said...

Prawnik "Renegat",

That depends on the procedure available at each domain registrar site.

Google or Blogger does not manage domains.

Anonymous said...

this information is great to me!!
thank you guys for your awesome posts
As Nick says, i´ll re-read it again, and again ...

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Just bought my own domain a few days back.

My primary concern is that is not redirecting it to

I thought Blogger would re-direct it automatically. Are my page views being affected if people are going to and not


Vin said...

Reel Advice,

What is the blogspot address of the blog and your custom domain?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin!

The custom domain is and the blogspot address is

I didn't put it before as you said to avoid putting in links.

hope you can help me!


Vin said...

At present your DNS settings are : A IN A IN A IN A IN CNAME IN

Go to :

Settings----->Publishing---->Click Switch to>Type in
Word Verification correctly----->Save settings.

Check by clicking View Blog link at top. It should go to the address.

Then click Custom Domains on same tab------>Click Advanced
Settings----->In Your Domain field type '' without
quotes and then the word verification correctly and save settings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin,

Unfortunately that didn't help.

Are my settings okay?

Vin said...

Reel Advice,

Your settings are correct. What was the error message?

Anonymous said...

Actually there is no error message. The problem is still that my address is not redirecting to my .net address.

Is there an outside provider that can redirect my address to the .net one?


Vin said...

Reel Advice,

For your blog I am getting :

Checked link:

Type of link: direct link

Have you changed back to blogspot in Settings---->Publishing?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin,

I tried what you suggested. Yesterday it did not work. I tried it again today and it worked!

My old link is redirecting properly already! Many thanks for the responses and help! :)

Anonymous said...


I switched to a custom domain I purchased with Godaddy (not Google) back in August 2008.

Ever since I made the actual switch from blogspot to .com I notice I get a 404 error message every time I sign out of my blog site. It seems there are no problems with finding my site, only when I log out. This is the case in using both Firefox and IE. I have also discovered that I have a non static IP address.

I'm really new to the DNS stuff so please tell me exactly where to put changes if this is the case. What could be the problem?


Vin said...


Your A record : 3600 IN A

needs to be changed to : 3600 IN A 1800 IN A

Also you need to set the CNAME record as follows : 3600 IN CNAME

Anonymous said...


Bear with me here, Vin, I'm almost there. In other words, when I'm in my DNS CP, I go to my A record which has two entries; one says @...; the other says blog.... replace these two entries with the settings you give me? Is this the same for the CName?- there are 2 columns there HOST and POINTS TO- Do I add these settings?


Vin said...


Yes change the A records. The CNAME is a different record.

Anonymous said...


I hope I'm not testing your patience here but, I'm having trouble in knowing what all to include of the settings you gave me.

Do I include the "3600" and "1800" in A record and "3600" in CName? If so, I tried it and the godaddy cp response was Invalid include a valid A record; for the CName I got that the name was not unique so I included the www. before and it seemed to accept it. I left out the 3600 and 1800 from the A records and it seemed to accept it.

Of course I won't know if it works til tomorrow sometime. Did I understand you correctly?


Vin said...


You may have to take the help of Godaddy support. Ask them to set these DNS records for your domain : A IN A IN A IN A IN


Replace MYDOMAIN with your actual domain name

Anonymous said...


Just wanted you to have some feedback on my problem. I asked Godaddy support to adjust my DNS settings the way you suggested above and they sent me a no can do message back that goes something like:

“You are using ‘custom DNS Zone file settings,’ and unfortunately we cannot set custom DNS settings. You would want to contact your hosting provider for more information regarding the correct DNS Zone files settings you should be using. Also, you may consider removing one of the “” A Records as this may be causing an issue.” Blah, blah, blah.

By now in a bit of a panic as I couldn’t get my page back, I removed one of the A records and set the IP address to my own computer IP (it’s been static lately) and set the CName to By evening I had my page back although I still get the 404 error message when I log out of my blog. I suppose my settings are still off and I still need to get it right.

Question: I went into my Blogger publishing…..settings and I get my settings page that says, “You’re publishing on a custom domain.” Right below the “Advanced settings area (in orange)” it reads “Your domain”....”

Right below this there is a small box next to the message:

“Redirect... to” (with a small box you’re supposed to tick).

If I tick this setting (the redirect), would it make any difference in the way my URL is being redirected? Or, should I leave it unticked? Is this small issue important?

Again, thank you,

Vin said...


In my last comment I did say :

"Replace MYDOMAIN with your actual domain name."

If you can email me at :

we may be able to clear this up faster.

system said...

Hello Vin

I have purchased a domain from blogger in $10 but it doesn't let me login to the google apps. Is there any other way i can move ahead. I purchased a hosting from But eagerly waiting to change the DNS

Vin said...


Did you not get the email confirming y domain purchase? Check your spam folder in your email.

Do you want to host your blog outside Blogger? Then you have to use FTP publishing and not Custom Domains.

With FTP publishing you have to use Classic templates and you cannot use widgets and Layouts.


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