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Google Friend Connect the new social network from Google is out. To join The Blog Doctor Community via Friend Connect, please click the Join This Site button in the Members gadget in the middle column at the top :

The advantages of Google Friend Connect are.........

Advantages of Google Friend Connect

1. Increase Blog Traffic.

2. Interact with others who are interested in the same subject.

3. Make Posts on the Wall.

4. Make more friends.

5. Invite friends from other networks like Orkut.

6. No need to create new account. Use your Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or other OpenID account.

7. Each site you have will have it's own separate community.

8. Add social gadgets to your site to enable more interaction between members.

9. Add the Wall gadget to allow visitors to post comments on your site.


1. Go to Google Friend Connect.

2. Login with your Google account.

3. Click the "Setup a New Site Button".

4. Under Overview tab click Continue.

5. Type in Site Name and Site Address and click Continue again.

6. If your site is not hosted by Blogger add the two files to it as shown.

7. If your site is on then click Continue.

8. Click "Test to Finalize Setup".

9. Add a Members Gadget once your site is confirmed. Click the link to Add a Members Gadget.

10. Click Generate Code in Step 3 after customizing gadget.

11. Copy the code and paste in a Html gadget in your blog.

12. Once the new site is setup click on Social Gadgets link under your site name on the Friend Connect site. Click on Wall Gadget. Then customize it and click Geerate Code button. Copy and paste code in a Html gadget. Now members can make posts or comments within the gadget. See picture below :

You can moderate posts before they appear so as to prevent spam.



Anonymous said...

Hi, doctor ...

Please review this site the author place the GFC Comment/Review Widget not only on the sidebar, but also on below of each post.

I've tried to place the code on below of my post, but failed. Did I missing something?

ps. its works only on my sidebar


Vin said...


That is a Wordpress blog!

Where exactly did you add your code?

Christian Roy, aka Leroy said...

thx vin, those two HTML files really threw me off... :)

slk said...

Thanks for the information. I have tried your trick on my blog Telugu Babes.Let me hope I may get good Traffic.

Unknown said...

thanx doc it worked pls visit my blog for suggestions

Bijay said...



when i going to add Google Friend Connect..
erorr ...message is..


Add the following files to your site

Upload to:
You need to put this file on your web site server for Friend Connect to work.

Upload to:
You need to put this file on your web site server for Friend Connect to work.
We were unable to locate required files at the Home URL:

* Confirm that is the correct Home URL of your site. If not, go back.
* Confirm that rpc_relay.html is at your Home URL:

Please correct the above issues.


why its happen..
please help me...

Vin said...


Get a Custom Domain. Then you can add Friend Connect gadget to your blog.

prashant said...

I don't understand how yo add Google friends to my site i tried but fail no traffic

Vin said...


Login at and click Remember Me button while logging in.

In another tab of same browser login at Google Friend Connect with same account.

The blogs n your Dashboard will be seen listed on right hand side at Google Friend Connect.

Click the Blog Title for the drop down menu.

In drop down menu click Members gadget.

Customize widget and click Generate ode button.

Copy and paste he code in a HTML gadget in your blog.

blogdarma1280 / darmacahyadi said...

hi doctor. finally i find what i need in this page. thank you so much doc.

Anonymous said...

This is about the best use of an overall ugly widget designed by google. I never really supported the google friend widget because I couldn't customize it, but this is a great way to show it off.

Princewillejims said...

Helo, thanks for this information, it has really helped me. Now i can get traffic to my blog.


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