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Shows All Posts Blogger Gadget Installer.

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The Blogger Archive Gadget shows only the post titles of the latest month (in Hierarchy mode). The rest of the months and post titles are hidden behind small black arrows which have to be clicked to reveal them.

The Feed Gadget shows only the latest five posts if used along with your blog feed. Here is The "Shows All Posts Blogger Gadget Installer" which when added to your blog enables your blog readers to add/show ALL your blog posts in their blog.

This gadget can increase traffic to your blog and also after installing it on your blog you can with one click add all your post titles as a blog archive on your own blog.........


Paste the code below in the place shown in Step2 after modifying it as follows :

Change 'MYBLOG' to the actual subdomain of your blogspot blog. That is if your blog address is put in 'example' in place of 'MYBLOG' in the code below :

<div style="text-align:left !important;">
<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<a href="">View RSS feed</a>
<a href="">Gadget by The Blogdoctor.</a>

This code converts your site feed (1000 posts) :

into Javascript code at this site.


The code generated in Step 2 is in HTML.  It will work if you paste it directly in a HTML gadget in your blog.  However we need to provide it to our readers in a gadget to place on their blog.  To do this we need to convert HTML characters like '&gt;' and '&lt;'.  You can do this the hard way by converting each character or the easy way by using sites which provide this service free.  Copy the code generated in Step 2 and paste it in the box provided at the HTML escape site. 

Click the Encode button.  A fresh code text box will appear lower down.  Copy the code in it.


To add the gadget installer to your blog copy the code below and paste it in a HTML gadget in your blog AFTER :

a) Changing "MYBLOG.COM" to your actual blog name.

b) Copy code given in Step 2 above after the encoding process and paste where it says "PASTE CODE FROM STEP 2 HERE."

<form action="" method="POST">

<input value="All Posts From MYBLOG.COM" name="widget.title" type="hidden"/>

<textarea style="display:none;" name="widget.content">


value"name=" infourl type="hidden"/>

value = name="logoUrl" type="hidden"/>
<div style="text-align:center;">
<input src="" name="image" type="image"/>
<div style="text-align:center;">
<p>Click above button to get ALL posts from this site on your blog</p>
<li><a href="">Click here to Get Similar Gadget for Your Blog.</a></li>

Put the title of the HTML gadget as "Get ALL Posts from THIS BLOG."
Save the HTML gadget. It will look like this :


Lastly test the Gadget installer. Click on the "Add to Blogger" button and you will get the "Add Page Element" window. Select your blog and add and you will see a complete list of your blog posts in the sidebar (upto 1000 posts).



Harry said...

I followed the instructions but Gadget appears twice.

Vin said...


What is your blog address?

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a bug in this otherwise useful script. If the titles of your posts are edited and changed after first running the script, it appears to "remember" the old page title names, not the new ones. A pity!

Vin said...


That is not a bug! The gadget works by taking your feed contents. Your feeds are not updated immediately on changing blog contents. Hence it shows the old page names.

Anonymous said...


That is a remarkably rapid response ... and you are perfectly correct: the problem corrected itself. I am very appreciative!

However, no good deed goes unpunished, so while I have your attention ... :^) Is there any way of inverting the order in which the titles appear?

Once more, my sincere thanks!

Vin said...


The titles appear from Latest post backwards. To change that order Create a Yahoo Pipe from your blog feed.

Put in a sort operator in the Yahoo Pipe to change the order. Save Pipe and get the RSS feed url of the pipe and paste in above code.

Anonymous said...

hi, doc.. lol, hey i've tried all the steps you given but it came out a little bit weird.. the blogger icon in html gadget doesnt show up.. how to solve this? thanks a bunch..

Vin said...


LOL! I will not be able to help much if you cannot give your blog address.

Judy said...

Hi Vin,
Hope you are still reading your comments on this topic.
I want my posts to show titles, not months.
Is this what I must do in order to accomplish this?
Oh, I am so brave, but naive. I struggle and I think this one is over my head. Doesn't Eblogger have a widget or a way of activating posts by name instead of monthly?
Thanks for being here and all you do.
Core Health Coach

Vin said...


You can also try this method to Show All post titles.

HD Wallpapers said...

Amazing... i was always looking to show all my posts till date... but couldnt find it!!! Thanks a lot for the help. :)

Raja said...

Thanks i have implemented in my blog

Raja said...

this link seems not working now. So my recent posts are not listing

Vin said...


Just Google for "RSS TO JAVASCRIPT CONVERTER" and you will get address of other sites offering this service for free.

Anonymous said...

Using the code in section 1 for the All Posts list works great. Using the code generators available on the web only seems to generate a maximum of 25 posts in the list and they are not formatted as well as yours. This is a very useful widget. Thanks!

Vin said...


That is because I have modified the code to show all posts.


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