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Calling all Newbie Bloggers!

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Welcome to 2009 and your spanking new blog you created at


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What are the next steps you should follow to make blogging an instantaneous and painless experience? How to be a successful blogger using only point and click and some fast keyboarding? Here are some fast tips for the ultra n00b................


The first thing when creating a blog is to select a short and sweet URL or blog address. You can change this afterwards also by login at and then go to Settings>>Publishing>>Blog Address. If the address is not available you can get a Custom Domain Dot Com address for only 10$ US and also get rid of the 'blogspot' in the address.

Do not change the blog address if more than two months have elapsed because you will have to start all over again from scratch with respect to the search engines. You will also lose the traffic going to the old address!


After creating a blog speed up getting it on the search engines by submitting blog to them and verify ownership using Google Webmaster Tools.


Creating posts and inserting pictures in your blog is made easy thanks to Windows Live Writer.


For optimum blogging experience download Firefox browser on a PC with a broadband connection. For checking your emails use Thunderbird. To follow and subscribe to latest blog updates use Google Reader. All are free!


Never delete the account used to create your blog. DELETING ACCOUNT DOES NOT DELETE YOUR BLOG. 


After creating a post open the post page in browser by clicking on the post title. Then from browser menu click File>>Save Page As and save it to a backup folder on your hard drive.  You should also backup your entire blog periodically. Backup your blog template (Login>>Layouts>>Edit Html>>Download Full Template)and widgets in same folder. Periodically record the folder to CD or DVD-ROM to insure against hard disk failure. Invest in a USB drive and synchronize backup folders to it. This will prevent piling up of backup CD/DVD-ROMs.


Keep passwords secure with Keep Pass - a free password encryptor and manager.  In your Google or Gmail account settings enter a secondary email account.


Open a Paypal account and put in some donation links in your blog.

On the Main Page of the blog show only an expandable summary of the posts followed by a Read More link. This makes the main page load faster.


Burn your blog feed at and copy the new feed url and paste it in Settings>>Site Feed>>Post Feed Redirect box and save. Now you will be able to know your full subscriber count. Put in a prominent Feed Icon at the top of your blog sidebar so viewers can subscribe to blog updates.


Lastly add content regularly at least thrice weekly.  Do not make very long posts and add pictures and videos inbetween to break the monotony. Add Labels and social bookmarks to all posts.




Mike Lebreck said...

Thanks for the advice!

Do you have any experience with ScribeFire and/or Scribefire ads?

Vin said...

Mike Lebreck,

Not as yet. What has been your experience so far?

Mike Lebreck said...


I just started using ScribeFire a couple of weeks ago. It`s a firefox add on. It works fine and is much easier to post using a full screen.

I don`t know about scribe fire ads. They have different kinds and I`m not sure what their advantage is.


Rangan Badri said...

Reg full backup incl widgets: If we download template from the layout page, will the blogposts also get downloaded?

Vin said...


No. Blogposts are not part of the template.

To backup blogposts you can use the Export Blog facility OR use Firefox browser add ons OR save each blogpost page after opening it in browser.

Rangan Badri said...

Thank you Vin. You are good as always.


bhatt sahab
ur posts r great as always
hppy new yr
take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin, is there a way to... export more than 1000 posts? Thanks in advance

nice captcha

Vin said...


Go to :

in Firefox browser. Then save that from browser menu.

Unknown said...

Hi Vin
just wanted to say Happy New Year for 2009 and thank you, for all the wonderful advice you have offered to bloggers around the world (including me)

My site is much improved from the initial template blogger offered, thanks to you and my patience, lol

Stevie B said...

Hi, I`m Obviously a Noobe her and I am having trouble changing the Title of my Blog,
Maybe I`m just stupid or I do not see it but can you Please Help me,
I have Never been into this side of the internet b4 but I can pull apart any Computer and Put it back together with my Eyes Closed,
Go Figure EH, lol
Thanks in advance for ANY help,
stenibra at msn dot com

Vin said...

Stevie B,

No problem. Everyone is a noobe at some time or the other!

Login at
Click Settings link under blog title on Dashboard.
On Basic subtab change Blog Title and save.

If you want to change Blog address click Publishing subtab.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin:
I'm the anonymous that wanted to backup more than 1000 posts.
I tried to do what you said and I was prompted to "add a live bookmark" so I left it there... :/
Decided to try again I went ahead and added the feed... =P
So I saw that the first 1000 posts are loaded. Then I changed the url to "index=2" and saw the feed starting in the second post.
So does it mean I need to put 999 there, like this

to start loading posts from there on?
And then, when I have the posts loaded as a feed, what do I do with that?
(Thanks for your time)

Note: Sorry, This is the second time I send it... I'm not sure if there was a problem with the captcha or it was posted. (Corrected a typo meanwhile ;))

Vin said...


Do not load the feed in a feed reader. Open the link in Firefox browser. All posts will load on the browser page.

Then go to File---->Save Page As from browser menu and the entire page with all the posts will be saved to your hard drive.

Anonymous said...

Now I got it...
The problem was I was always prompted to "add the feed"... so I could do that or cancel...
What I needed to do is change this option in the firefox setting.

Well, then, thanks for the help!

Count Sneaky said...

Wonderful! The amount of information here boggles the mind. The Count has already had to have his newbie mind deboggled twice this year! Thank you exceedingly.Count Sneaky

Anonymous said...

I would try to make three column on my footer, would like to help me out..pls

Vin said...


The method is almost same as shown in Three columns in Three Steps.

Just apply it to the Footer.

Anonymous said...

I have removed my navbar and have looked for hours to find a sign in, sign out solution for my users.

I would like to have this work so that when someone entered their sign in info it will just show there email and the word signed in as: There User Name

Once signed in it would have a link to sign out.

If they are new to google, I would also like a link for them to start a new account.

Here is the BIG question/request.

I would like for them to do all this without leaving my blog!

Is this possible or I am in a dream world?

Many Thanks,

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that there are to many (keep in touch) options with blogspots atom feeds, subscribe by e-mail, subscribe to all blogs and comments (gadget), the follow feature (that includes another sign in) Whew!!!!!, the follow option on the dashboard, subscribe to comments by atom feed, blah blah blah.

I have a new blog and will have a lot of users that that are older and not familiar with blogging or the internet.

Do you know of a way to make this simple?

I know one thing, I sure don't :-)

Your input would be appreciated.

I have tried to find videos and spent hours and have not found any kind of a guide or video that simply explains a COMPLETE process (A-Z) for doing this. I am HTML wise also. Have been on the net for years. I Just can't figure this one out.

Thank you again.

This blog has been very helpul!

Frazzled on the East Coast!

Vin said...


The aim behind providing all these methods is that one person may want updates by email, another may just want to see comment updates and yet another may want to 'follow' and be known as a 'follower'.

You can either implement just one method depending on what your readers want or provide multiple methods. Sometimes one method may fail for a period of time and then they will be thankful that you have provided another method.

There is no way to make it simple except to take one step at a time to complete a journey of a thousand miles! :-)

Vin said...


Try the Meta Gadget Login for Bloggers.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to make some changes on my blog. These are the 2 things I would like to do.

1. Change the text in my "Post Comment" button. I realize this may have to be a new image. Can you tell me how to do this?

2. I have commenting permissions set only for members. When you look at the comment edit box, it has the following statement written above.

Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

How can I change the text?

Thank you sincerely with any assistance.

Vin said...

Dan @ J Squad,

1. Make Comments link more User Friendly.

2. Go to Settings--->Comments---->Who can comment?


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