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Make Sitemap Page in Blogger.

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This post is NOT about adding your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. It is about creating a sitemap page in Blogger which contains the links of all the post titles in your blog.

Such a sitemap page is commonly seen in other blogs and prominently linked to from the Main Page. Blogger does not have such a sitemap page. Instead it has the Blog Archives in the sidebar. To save space these show just the latest month posts and the rest can be accessed through drop down arrows. This hides most of your posts from the noobie viewer. Creating a sitemap page is then the only option to show all posts in one page................


In Blogger there are no specifically designed 'pages'. Instead each post is put on it's own page by default. You should have Post Pages turned on in Settings------->Archiving. The Layouts template has this turned on by default. To create a page in Blogger :

1. Login at

2. Click New Post button on Dashboard under blog title.

3. Post Editor will open.

4. Put title as "Blog Sitemap.".

5. In the post editor type in a few introductory words like I have done in my sitemap post.

6. Publish post.

7. Click Edit Post link to open post again for editing.

8. Click Post Options link in bottom frame of Post editor.

9. Change the date to any date in the recent past.

10. Publish Post.

11. The Post will not appear on Main Page since it has been backdated. This is the only way to change the post order in Blogger.


To create the sitemap gadget see How to create a Table of Contents with Post Preview for Blogger. Follow the instructions under this heading : "TOC for ONE BLOG".

This will place the Contents table gadget in your blog. Use Click and drag on Page Elements subtab to drag the gadget below the posts column.

The gadget is now seen on ALL blog pages. The next step is to place it only on the Sitemap page. To do this first we need to get the permalink of the sitemap page we created in our blog. Look in the Blog Archives gadget and expand all the arrows to see the "Blog Sitemap" title we gave to the post. Click on the ttle to open the post page. Copy the permalink from the address bar of the browser.


To put the gadget on the sitemap page we use conditional tags. To do this :

1. Login at

2. Click Layouts link under blog title on Dashboard.

3. Click Edit Html subtab of Layouts tab.

4. Click Expand Widgets Template checkbox on top of the Template Code box.

5. Wait for the page to refresh.

6. Scroll down to locate the code for the Table of Contents gadget.

7. Modify the code as shown below (Put in the red lines of code) :

<b:widget id='HTML1' locked='false' title='' type='HTML'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "BLOG_PAGE_URL"'>



Replace the CAPS : BLOG_PAGE_URL with the permalink of your blog sitemap post.

8. Save Template.


To link to the sitemap page from Main Page first you will need to create CSS navigational menu in your header. Then get the permalink of the Blog Sitemap post and put it in the code for the navigation menu tabs.


thatryan said...

Thank you very much for this, I
did not think I would ever get rid of the archive widget from main page, so I am using this now and linking to it as an archive. I am brand new to this though so it is a short list. :-) Thanks again, let me know if you have any tips for me, My Blog

MarieDenee said...

Thank you so much for your amazing hacks and tips! You are helping me turn my hobby into a hustle! You rock!

HausFrau said...

Thanks Vin! It took awhile to get the code right, but after a little trial and error, it worked! Just a warning to others: when I would push "Preview" to see if it worked, it broke all the links and some other stuff on the preview page, but when I pushed "Save Changes", it worked. Just an FYI.

HausFrau said...

Hey Vin, the widget hasn't updated since I first put it on my page. I've had a couple of new posts since then, and they don't show up. How do I remedy this?

Vin said...


I can see the latest post in the widget. Try clearing the cache.

Er. Alok Kumar( Alok Sir) said...

You did a wonderfull job.Keeps on!

Boys pro said...

Awesome, thank you

EAL said...

Very helpful, thanks for making this guide. :) As a note, now that blogger allows independent pages to be created, it may be easier to copy and paste the TOC code into a new page's "Edit HTML" tab.

Again, thank you!

Rafi said...

Thanks for sharing about sitemap tools. But bing webmaster do not accept my sitemap


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