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The Blog Archive Google Gadget.

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The Blogger Archive Gadget which comes as default with the official Blogger templates has some disadvantages. It does not show all the post titles. Only the titles of the present month are shown leaving the viewer to toggle the arrows to expand the list to see the other titles.

Here is a Google Gadget incorporating Google AJAX API code to retrieve a list of all your post titles from your post feed (Please wait till whole page loads to see it in action) :

The features of this gadget are.............

Blog Archives Google Gadget Features

1. Shows All Post Titles.

2. All Post Titles linked to their pages (permalinks).

3. Occupies small space on blog. Width and height can be customized.

4. Can be put in a post also (unlike Blogger gadgets).

5. Can be styled to match blog colors.

6. Contains official Google AJAX code.

7. It scrolls downwards automatically.

If you would like such a gadget for your blog drop me a mail at :


Dilip Acharya said...

Thank you very much for this useful gadget trick. I have already used it in mine and it also fully supports Unicode.


masti-mazza said...

I would like to know that How can I "hide certain posts from Blog Archive list". I got from your information to not to show your post in main page , post them with old dates.

Or any way like from particular month, date and year i don't want to show in Blog archive


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