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Labels Sitemap Gadget for Blogger.

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The Sitemap Page for Blogger lists all your posts in the order they were posted. What if you want to give your viewers list of post titles under each label? They can then click on the post they want to find under the category or label they are interested in.

To do this I have created a Google gadget using AJAX Google API code. You can see the gadget in action on My Gadget Showcase blog. The Features of this gadget are .......................

Features of Labels Sitemap Google Gadget

1. It shows Post Titles classified according to Label.

2. Post Titles are linked to the post pages.

3. It can be added in a post (unlike a Blogger widget) and in a HTML gadget.

4. It uses Label Feeds to retrieve List of Post Titles associated with each label.

5. Style and size can be customized to fit your blog column.


You can contact me if you want such a gadget for your blog. I will send you the code to paste in Edit Html tab of Post Editor or in a HTML gadget.


Anonymous said...

I have visited ur blog few times and been impressed by the tips. I am not very proficient technically so not really able to implement these things. I want to learn how to export an excel sheet/table to blogger. Tried searching on Google but could not find relevant material.

Vin said...


Use Scribd to show the spreadsheet in your blog.

Unknown said...

I am so ignorant I don't even know what to ask.. When you say paste it in the body,,,,what does that mean? There are so many other questions I can't list them all. Is there hope for me? I want the fluid template but can olny get the 2 main columns to seperate

Vin said...


Perhaps you posted this comment on a different post? What modification are you trying to do?

rangminang said...

Dear Vin
thanks very much 4 u..
i like your information at your blog...i hope i can learning and practise more with you...

nb. if you dont mind...please visit my blog ,and give me your comment..please...


Unknown said...

thanks :)

Trailere HD said...


Jan said...

Would this labels sitemap be the answer to my problem of wanting a dropdown menu to appear under each label with the lists of post titles and the ability to click on the title to go directly to the post?
Does this replace my need for the labels widget?
Do I need to do these steps with each post or just add the code once, and when I create a new post and add a label to it will it automatically appear on the sitemap under the label?
Sorry for all the questions, I'm new and have been searching everywhere for a solution.

johan said...

thanks a lot blog doctor.


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