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JSON Two Click Blog Archives Gadget for Bloggers.

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Archives in the real world is a place where we deposit historical records and documents. In Blogger Layout Templates the Blog Archives is a place on your blog page showing all your blog post linked titles. The Classic Templates show only ten previous posts.

Since the default Archives gadget which comes with every Layout template shows only the latest month posts we have used various methods to create gadgets showing all post titles. The latest method uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to extract linked post titles from your blog feed.

It can be installed with two mouse clicks (using the widget installer from Beautifulbeta) and no coding is required...........

How To Install

The installation process cannot get any simpler! Just click on the button below :

You will get a dialog window (disable any popup blocker) :

Click on picture to enlarge it.

Under 'Widget Title' type in whatever title you wish. Under 'Customize Widget' type in your blogspot subdomain (That is the part which appears before 'blogspot.com' in your blog address.) Then click Customize button. The 'Add Widget to my Blog' button will become active. Click it to get the next "Add Page Element' window :

Click on picture to enlarge it.

Here you can select the blog to add it in. You can add this to other blogs also to promote traffic to another blog. Type in a title for the widget and click the blue 'Add Widget' button at the bottom. Then click View Blog to see the result :

If you have lots of posts be ready for a long sidebar. If you want to have an archives widget in a smaller space check out Gadget No 29 - Scrolling Posts Gadget on My Gadget Showcase Blog.

Gadget Features

1. Easy to Install in two clicks only. Native Blogger Gadget/widget.

2. No coding knowledge required.

3. Uses Google Code.

4. Shows all (max of 1000) blog post titles.

5. Post titles linked to Posts.

6. The credit link is generated by Javascript and so does not generate a linkback to my blog. It is only for information for other bloggers who may wish to install it. So please do not remove it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Vin,
I want your some help I Submitted my blog's Site Map But It Shows URLs Submitted only 26 while I have many urls So what i can do to solve this problem

Earth Angel said...

Hey Blog Doctor - I am asking for your help. I deleted a post by accident this morning. Is there any way I can retrieve it? Would be so grateful for your help.

Vin said...

Earth Angel,

Type :


in a Google search box and replace CAPS.

Vin said...

Gurpreet Singh,

183 pages from your blog have been indexed. Just type :


in a Google search box and click Search. So you need not worry.

textureplus said...

Thank you dr.... it was use full informations! i love it!

SerialsUp said...

how do you edit the tabs? i installed colorful-day. there was a broken link for the quotes of the day, but i deleted it. the tabs at the top say “edit’ but i can’t find how to change where they link to.


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