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Twitter and Increase Traffic to Blog.

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The micro blogging site is in the news with rumors of Google trying to take it over flying fast and furious! Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres have started twittering. It is being used by everyone from revolutionaries storming the Moldovian parliament and Egyptian bloggers to protest an unlawful imprisonment.

Click above picture to follow me on Twitter. Here is how to get started on Twitter and increase traffic to your blog.....................

Get Started on Twitter.

The first step is to open an account on Twitter. Go to and click Join. Fill out the form. For Username enter a name related to your blog. Keep it short as everyone will know you by it.

In the next step you can check if any of your contacts are already on Twitter and follow them automatically. You can skip this step and land up on your Twitter home page. The status box is on top from where you type in your 'tweets' to tell the world what you are doing. Below that are the updates showing latest tweets from people you are following. If you had clicked the image at the top you will get my tweets showing up. Notice that they contain links to my blog posts.

In the sidebar is your profile at top followed by statistics (Number of followers, How many you are following and Updates) and icons of your followers. Now customize your twitter by clicking Settings link at the top of the page. Use the Picture tab to upload a picture. In the Account tab enter your real name and blog address in the fields provided and save settings.

Start Tweeting.

Click the Home link at the top of the page. Type what you are doing in the text field. Only 140 characters are allowed so Keep it Short. Click Update to see your own tweet at top. People who follow you will see this tweet on their page instantly.

Put Follow Me on Your Blog

Now you can use your blog to get followers. Put the Follow Me badge on your blog. Viewers clicking on it will become your Followers and have your tweets delivered to them in real time. To install this image on your blog click the button below :

Clicking the above button will result in this popup window :

Enter your Twitter Username instead of 'YourID' in the box and then click Customize button. This will activate the 'Add Widget to my Blog' button. Click it to get the 'Add Page Element' window as shown below :

Select your blog from the drop down list and click the 'Add Widget' button. This will add the Follow Me on Twitter badge at top of this post to your blog sidebar. No further coding is required. Any viewer clicking on the image will be added as Follower to your tweets.

In future posts I will discuss how to show your tweets on your blog, how to twitter blog posts automatically and tips on how to use Twitter more effectively without spamming.


dogwooddiarist said...

Is there a way to tweet from one's blog without having to go to the Twitter homepage? I am hard pressed to find any motivation for going to the Twitter site, since none of my "real life" friends use it or are interested in joining. So far I'm just following and being followed by random people who I don't know and am not really interested in. And it seems to me that actually having a network of friends on Twitter isn't the point, since so many twitterers have thousands (like 60-70,000) followers! Don't tell me they're actually conversing with all these people! Is Twitter really just an advertising site? A place where, if you post a link to your site, you have a better chance of attracting readers because it's more likely that someone will see you there than through using a google search engine? Is there a way for me to target twitter users who are in my social interest bracket? Or would that be spamming, and frowned upon?

Vin said...

Eva Robertson,

I will be tackling these points in my future posts. Twitter is definitely not an advertising site otherwise @BarackObama and the Head of US Armed Forces @thejointstaff would not have joined it.

If you keep tweeting about your blog only then you will soon be recognized as a spammer. Better to post tweets about the latest happening in your blog subject which you feel would be of use to your followers. These could be about the latest news in your subject or anything you liked on the Internet.

If your tweets cater to your subject you will soon get a lot of followers.

Justin Brooke said...

Twitter is now a powerful tool on how to increase the prominence and the reputation of blogs and websites.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the information but i cant create a label cloud please help

Vin said...


Check out the How to Create a Label Cloud with Technorati post.

Emini S&P system said...

I have been a blogger since a long time until I start with the emini trading. I wonder if using twitter would not make you sound like a spammer ?

I am not talking here of advertising. It is really spamming. I mean spamming is unsolicited stuffs. Well, when you receive thousands of followers and asking to follow them back, it is a kind of spamming, what do you think?

Also, I would like your point of view on whether it is really profitable for a business like mine for example to get a twitter account ?

Thanks in advance,

yours sincerely,


P.S: I will keep coming to check on your new posts, keep it up.

derric said...

I havent any word to appreciate this post.....Really i am impressed from this post....the person who create this post it was a great human..thanks for shared this with us.
Twitter is more effective than email for staying in touch. People can know what you are up to at a given time.


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