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Add Google Calendar with Google Web Elements.

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Here is an easy way to add Google Calendar to your blog using Google Web Elements.

As shown above you can add it in a post or in a HTML gadget in the sidebar. You can also choose the Agenda view instead of the Monthly view shown above.

With Google Web Elements you can show Calendar, Conversation (Comments Gadget from Google Friend Connect), Custom Search, Map (Google Maps), News, Presentations, Spreadsheets and YouTube News at present and more will be added soon. They are all built by Google so no worries about third party hacks

You can also earn money with the The Custom Search element which displays Ads. by Google and you can choose to share in the revenue by associating your AdSense publisher ID..........................

Add Google Calendar Web Element

To add the Google Calendar Web Element follow these steps :

1. Login at Google Calendar.

2. Click the down arrow next to calendar name in sidebar.

3. Select 'Share This Calendar' from drop down menu.

4. In right hand pane click the 'Calendar Details' link/tab at the top.

5. Scroll down and click the orange XML button under Calendar Address.

6. Copy the link in the popup window.

7. Go to Google Web Elements.

8. Click Calendar link in sidebar.

9. Paste your calendar address copied in 6. above in the Calendar Address text box.

10. Customize options : Choose Monthly or Agenda view and size. Choose a width smaller than width of your posts column or you will have to increase blog width.

11. Copy the code given below and paste it in Edit Html tab of Post Editor and publish post or paste in a HTML gadget in sidebar.


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Dejta said...

Hi Vin! Maybe it's time for me to explore google apps. Honestly, I'm only using mail and docs... :(

Gurjit said...

Thanks Dear.
Nice Article.
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