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Beware of the Post Feed Redirect URL Setting!

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Blog Feeds are used to deliver blog updates to subscribers. The new Layout Blog Templates contain a big "Subscribe to Posts : Atom" link at the bottom of the post. However it is better to put a big orange RSS feed icon at the top of the sidebar to attract subscribers.

When Google bought Feedburner Blogger introduced a new setting in the Settings--->Site Feed subtab : The Post Feed Redirect URL (See picture below) :

This is a sensitive setting and due to lack of understanding of how it works many Bloggers are closing down their blog feed by putting wrong links in this box..........................

The Blog Feed URL

Each blog feed has a link or address where it is located. Subscribers have to enter this link in Google Reader or any other feed reader so they can read the latest blog updates. In Blogger your feed URL or link is :

(Atom Feeds)

(RSS Feeds)

Replace 'MYBLOG' with actual blog name. Blogger does not allow any customization of Feeds except for choosing 'Short', 'Full' or 'None'. Also you cannot know number of your subscribers. To customize your feed you have to 'burn' blog feed at

Feedburner Feed URL

Feedburner takes your blog feed and gives the blog feed a new link or address. You can customize this address also. For instance the feedburner feed address for this blog is :

The Post Feed Redirect URL

To get to this setting follow these steps :

Login at

Click Settings link for your blog on Dashboard.

Click Site Feed subtab.

Scroll down on page and paste the Feedburner Feed URL for your blog in this box :

What it does is to redirect all other feed addresses to the Feedburner feed address. So subscribers getting updates through :




are ALL redirected to the Feedburner Feed URL.

Precautions to Follow

1. Do NOT paste Blog Feed URLs in this box!

2. Copy and Paste the Feedburner Feed address for your blog here. Do NOT type it as typing is prone to typo errors.

3. Do NOT enter Feedburner address of some other blog here!

4. Do NOT enter any other URL here! It Is meant ONLY for the Feedburner Feed URL for the same blog. OR if you are using some other service like you can also enter their feed URL here.

Wrong URL Results In

If the wrong URL is entered in the Post Feed Redirect URL box it causes :

1. Prevent blog feeds from updating.

2. Gadgets dependent on blog feeds like Recent Comments Gadget, Previous Posts Gadget, Table of Contents gadget etc. will stop functioning.

3. Loss of blog traffic or visitors.

4. Gadgets on other blogs depending on your blog feed will stop functioning.

5. Yahoo Pipes or other Feed aggregators depending on your blog feed will break down.

6. The Blog List gadget depends on Blog Feeds. If someone has added your blog to their Blog List it will not show the latest blog update.

7. The Reading List on your Followers' Dashboard will stop getting blog updates.


S.K.Roy said...

Hey Vin,
Again thanks to guide about Post feed redirect url setting.These are very important points to keep in mind.

Ashrita said...

Hello Vin,

I recently changed my blog template, and the new template came with a subscribe via email box already as a part of it. I do not know how to use that box, when I activated my feedburner account, I got a new box on my blog. Is there anyway in which I can use the box on my template? Also, there is no edit button next to the box in the layout section.

My blog url is

Vin said...

Satans Darling™,

Go through the instructions on the page from where you downloaded the template.

If there are no instructions try to contact the designer. If both not possible better not use such templates with uneditable codes. They may also contain other hidden Ad. codes earnings from which, will go somewhere else and not to you.

Anonymous said...

hello vin,

two days ago i changed it to, its work. but until yesterday it isn't worked anymore. so i changed it to and its still not work :(

i use feedburner by the way, and my url is, please help me (again)


Anonymous said...

sorry vin,
i got it now, its late respond from blogger, thought.

sorry and still,
thank you :)

Vin said...

Stella Cyan,

The Settings---->Site Feed--->Post Feed Redirect URL box should be either empty or contain the Feedburner blog feed URL.

Anything else and blog feed will NOT work.

Amal Sharifiza said...

Hello! It's driving me nuts that my blog never shows any updates whatsoever in my friends' blog list widgets while other blogs in their widgets show updates and all. I don't understand what I did wrong.

I've already placed at the site feed settings box but still, nothing has changed. I've been trying to get it work for like... *pulls hair out* Really appreciate it if you could lend me a hand, thanks!

Vin said...

A-Sha de Kitty Lover,

You seem to have two accounts and two blogs :

Which one do you want to see updates of?

Amal Sharifiza said...

The :D

Vin said...

A-Sha de Kitty Lover,

What is the address of the blog which does not show updates from your blog?

Amal Sharifiza said... and are 2 examples. Other blogs they link to have updates while mine doesn't...

I'm sorry for doing this but it confuses me why my blog doesn't show any updates when I did update, esp when my friends rely on their sidebar feeds to check whether my blog's been updated or not. Thanks so much.

A-Sha said...

Oh, I thought I've replied to your comment but I'm not sure xD Just in case, the two addresses are:

Other blogs listed in their side widget show updates except for mine. Thanks!

Vin said...

A-Sha de Kitty Lover,

Try burning blog feed at

Amal Sharifiza said...

I need urgent help. This time, my rss feed whatever has made a 180 degree turnaround.

Try linking to me using the new layout feed sidebar whatever and my link will come out like this "[URL TO RSS FILE]"

Wtf is that?!? Not only I'd been having problem with my rss since before this (it was never solved) and suddenly it changed to this!

I tried copying all the html layout from my current blog to another blog and tested it out and the blog turned out to be fine, as in when my friend adds the blog to her sidebar, it updates and all. And if she links to the current one, it will come out with the link above [URL TO RSS...]

Please help me. Yes, I've burnt my feeds with feedburner ( and I've placed the link at my settings. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your great post.

You wrote that "6. The Blog List gadget depends on Blog Feeds. If someone has added your blog to their Blog List it will not show the latest blog update."

I have this problem with my blog because I use FeedBurner feeds. Have you find a solution for it? If yes, could you send me the solution, my email is j1975k at

Akash Tanwar said...

Wow! This might be 1 particular of probably the most useful blogs I have ever arrive across on this topic. Basically Superb.

sravan @ new said...

All my blogs blogs feeds have been indexed by Google resulting in duplicate title issue..How can i 301 redirect them.Could you please help..

Hackingplus said...

Hi Vin
Thank you for this informative post. I use feed burner account for my feeds. And they are working good til now.


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